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  1. What line changes/defines weapon damage? I cant find it on zdoom wiki? thanks!
  2. support4u

    Custom weapon: Devastator issue

    plz rather download devastator from realm667 plz :D
  3. support4u

    Custom weapon: Devastator issue

    Custom weapon: Devastator issue I added the actor number, now ingame there is a big red sing with a ! in it. so i cant pick it up. but when i use cheats i get them in my inventory. what to do?
  4. Custom weapons Without actor name and Slot code what to do?! hey folks, i tried some things out myself by comparing with custom weapons that have the right values. but i get errors if i add text. Adding a actor code i understand its the same as with monsters! but adding a slot code ( where the weapons pops up 0-7 ) so u can changes weapons ingame. I don't understand what the correct code is and where to write it down. Can anyone help me with this?
  5. Man your good :D thanks again!
  6. For example AgathoDemon ( from realm667 ) i checkt with xwe for the decorate nr, but he hassent any. so he does not show up in doombuilder? what now? do i need to ad it manualy? so yes how?
  7. support4u

    DOOM 1 E1M8 question

    DOOM 1 E1M8 question In this lvl with the first 2 barons of hell, when u kill them both, the wall ( star shaped ) lowers how the hell is that done? i can only find the tag on the wall. but not on the enemies? i wanna know how its done plz :)
  8. Doombuilder 2 v2.0.1.1157 XWE v116 Testing: Zdoom Windows XP sp3 Hey, i watcht a tutorial on youtube about adding custom monsters with XWE from JaundiceJaun But i can't get it to work. when i merged the files ( download from realm667 )i open my map in doombuilder and the added monster are not there. not even when entering the actor name. this pisses me off., i tryd to google on it but i can't find any information about it. can anyone help me?
  9. k no mather thanks allot ffor the help! my question is now complete! thanks all!
  10. ah it f*cking works! sorry for that :D i had sellect the mode doom2 and then added the resources. while u sad 1 post earlyer zdoom ( zdoom in doom format ) stupid me :D now it works i get decoration and all :D awesome! but now the next question. if i finishd my lvl. can i play it in doomsday and does it see everything? or am i bounded to zdoom?
  11. can u show me/tell me how u configured your doombuilder/zdoom zdoom needs original doomwads in his folder ( i copied them there offourse )? and i selected he original doom wads for doombuilder as resources from another folder ( called doom orginal wads ). maby thats the problem? do i need to adjust that and maby put my selfmade wad in the zdoomfolder as wel "?
  12. Allright weird?! i can see the monsters i can kill them 2 ( zdoom as testing ) but when right click in doombuilder 2 there not there? there nowhere to be found? all right! im stunt now. how the hell o i configure it right? ure using doombuilder 2, 2 right?
  13. agreed tried that 2. with new and existing maps. but nothing shows up in doombuilder 2. i don't understand!
  14. When do i get a answer from anyone? plz i wanna add custom weapons and monsters to my lvls
  15. Hey i was wondering. how i can change colors of textures for example a door. i want to make a red key door. how? do i change its color? the reddoor texture does not exist in the doom2 wad. but i saw it in some original lvls. so plz tell me how! btw what is a gradient tool ctrl+g g or shift+g, it doe snothing when i press it in doombuilder thanks!
  16. yes plz here: http://uploaded.to/file/h7wxpr or plz explain me how to do. the video is with doombuilder 1. and im using 2. maby thats the problem? please tell me if there are other ways then xwe? if u cant tell me how to do it.
  17. support4u

    Align floor and ceiling textures?

    Allright thanks man! for replying!
  18. Hey is it not possible to align ceiling and floor textures? like u can with walls? ( arrow keys ) plz tell me how if it is possible! thanks!