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  1. Cronyne

    Doom Builder 2 Testing Map

    Just to tell you, you shouldn't add Doom 1 AND Doom 2 as resources, cause they each have different textures. You'll end up with missing textures when you play, so if you want Doom 1 textures, you'll ahve to export them, and then add them to your PWAD.
  2. Cronyne

    Max # of linedefs in DB2

  3. Cronyne

    Moon.wad-for ZDOOM compatible ports W.I.P

    Somehow I just love the outright simplicity here. Keep going. Just plain "MOON".
  4. Cronyne

    Check Floor Height action?

    Well thanks stewboy for that action, looks like that's my bet. Problem is I worked it into a script, and it isn't working exactly right. It won't move down, it just clicks and stays in place. script 3 (void) { if (GetSectorFloorZ(12,0,0) < -7) Elevator_RaiseToNearest(12,20); else Elevator_LowerToNearest(12,20); }It's most likely something wrong with the 'if' line, but I don't see what. And sorry GreyGhost, I'm sticking with ZDoom.
  5. Cronyne

    Check Floor Height action?

    I'm trying to make an elevator that can move up and down by using the sector (ala Duke Nukem 3D), but using two Sector Actions things won't work, even when deactivating them. Is there any script command that can check the height of the floor, then move the elevator accordingly?
  6. Cronyne

    My new doom1 map needs feedback

    Hmm... It could be in my interest. SHOUT.
  7. Cronyne

    My new doom1 map needs feedback

    First map? Jesus Christ. Good start man.
  8. If you're mapping for ZDoom-supported ports, make a MAPINFO lump in your wad. This is a textbased lump. First, you tell it to clear all previous episodes (reccomended) then, start defining your episode. IF you wanted your episode to be called "Oh deary me" and have it start on Map11, this should be your code. clearepisodes episode MAP11 name "Oh deary me" I'm pretty sure that's what it is. http://zdoom.org/wiki/MAPINFO/Episode_definition There's the wiki page for Episode defining.
  9. Cronyne

    Feedback needed on map

    Wow... now that's quality. I only played till I died about three times, then noclipped to see what I was missing, and I really like this! The looks and textures all come together well, monsters are properly placed together, and to me, the small hallways provide cover and panic. If I had to suggest anything, it be that inescapable pits are annoying, and try working in some Deaf monsters too maybe.
  10. Cronyne

    Feedback needed on map

    Well I'd like to but, the download link doesn't seem to work. D:
  11. Cronyne

    Skins, standing still sprites.

    Thank you very much, I'll study this as needed.
  12. Cronyne

    Skins, standing still sprites.

    Well, do you have any idea how it did this? Or somewhere I could find this out? The ZDoom wiki isn't helping me in this aspect.
  13. I've seen some skins in wads where a whole new sprite set is used for when the person is just standing still, rather than just freeze them in an awkward running position. I'd like to know if this is possible with just skins (and if so, how to do it?) or if I need to create an entire player class to get this effect.
  14. Cronyne

    Hexen help (GOT IT)

    hexn11rp.exe Is the one I should be looking at right? Although, annoying clicking those downloads brings me to Atomic Gamer which doesn't appear to have it either. EDIT: Found it somewhere, but how the hell does this thing work?
  15. Cronyne

    Hexen help (GOT IT)

    Got the problem done through IRC help.