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  1. Harder to work with, my ass. The composition displeased me until I finished the cloud highlights. I still think it looks a little flat when not lit up. But it's more elaborate.
  2. I know the feeling. Well, yeah. I have a bunch of layers grouped as "BLU storm" that I turn off to make the default sky. These turned out fine. The mountains are kinda rough. I see you've used the old version as a base. What I posted earlier was pretty much the first palette conversion - it turned out better than I thought it would, but worse than I'd like. I made a lot of small adjustments since then. Maybe I'll have a go at this myself today. The new clouds always gave me a strange feeling, like they didn't look ominous enough. I only asked for them because I wanted to use your lightning without the pains of trying to fit it to another background, but I ended up enduring said pains anyway. The old ones have a weird perspective, which makes them interesting to look at, but at the same time harder to work with. I'm still not sure I got the lighting right on them.
  3. Why though? I can see some problems with them, but they're minor, and I'm not sure it's the same problems you see. I may still attempt to replace them later, but it's gonna be low priority for now. Here's my current (finalized, more or less) PSD just in case: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1-l4jsCIh4wP0D3dlIn-ZbKkVjzHy5Z-Q Its organization leaves a lot to be desired, but it was easier to finish it like this than to redo it.
  4. I already made adjustments for the old clouds when I got the new ones. When I tried to replace them I ran into problems immediately. I dunno. No, I'm talking about ZDoom 2.8.1. Here's how it looks with SKY2: And here's how it looks with SKY2TALL: It's not recent either, I remember running into this way back. I vaguely remember 240 being optimal.
  5. The height of 256 seems to be too much in ZDoom. Everything is shifted downwards compared to the short skies in vanilla. I recall 240 working well.
  6. My idea involves an object that explodes constantly instead of a barrel. Arch-vile should be awoken from the first room so it can run around for a bit - otherwise its position probably won't be very random. In the BK room, the BK switch would open a shootable button in a wall. Shooting it would wake up the arch-vile (if it went dormant again), and also release it to open one of the four doors separating voodoo dolls from the exploding objects. One of the objects will then damage one of the dolls; ideally, the latter should descend a step to avoid any further damage, unless the distance it traveled is enough. I can see how this can be set up either way. It would require: - One spare item slot. - One spare state with a codepointer.
  7. The idea was that if you can't hide the side effects of a hack, you may as well turn them into a feature. ZDoom pickup message explains it better, but in general the player is presented with a loose system - you pick up a weird bottle, it hurts you, things are happening. In the case of the BK switch I got lazy. This is actually a serious issue, because if you don't have the arch-vile running around at the right time to open a door, no waking it up afterwards will fix the broken script. I guess the least you could do is to wake it up from the BK room instead of the start room. I have an idea for a different voodoo setup to minimize the risk as much as possible, but it would involve yet another item being cannibalized. Weird, I didn't think of visplanes at all. I was just messing around with timings and actions, trying to subtly improve the sequence. I moved the hammers to the side because of vanilla collision issues - the floors wouldn't move, or the door wouldn't close, that kind of stuff; and after I put more space between the moving parts it was just easier to do what I wanted. Anyway, it's been educational. Some things I didn't understand: why do you use multiple unclosed sectors in voodoo rooms, and why do you damage the doll diagonally?
  8. I came up with a dopey idea for how to lampshade the usage of voodoo dolls. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Er3yQuhGS_hvtjCZPd1yvlJg1sx6tyIc I used MAP02 as a test bed. Also tried that arch-vile simulacrum.
  9. Well, it needs a Shootable flag, and it needs an Obstacle flag (otherwise ZDoom won't recognize it as crushable) - in theory. This needs to be checked out, of course. There are other flags that control clipping, IIRC. I thought those sounds were hardcoded in the actions. By the way, I broke the red door in Terraformer. It won't close until the barrels are dead.
  10. MAP24 Breakdown I'd rather test a finished version when it arrives. MAP25 Pitfalls Some more automap cleaning perhaps. An occasional grey line. Computer, etc. MAP26 Playground https://i.imgur.com/a52Y7js.png It's a bird! It's a plane! I have no idea how he got there, but he wasn't alone. MAP27 Burnt Offerings https://i.imgur.com/icWrmzs.png https://i.imgur.com/dhi3yiG.png Weird and/or insufficient automapage. MAP28 Unholy Temple https://i.imgur.com/6VvjL2f.png No light source. I'm thinking maybe set some block monster flags on 3D bridges? I didn't run into any problems (aside from one line skip), but if a monster wanders somewhere at a wrong time, a segment might not ascend. I think the midtex trick near the exit is nice, but I didn't notice it until the editor, and after that it was hard to unsee its side effects. I made a few edits and made it look good in vanilla, but freelook still ruins it, arguably even worse. https://drive.google.com/open?id=10CsZwJbCeO4T53BZaM2moOXFVvSA_o15 I think the easiest way would be to just discard the midtextures and leave it simple and clean. MAP29 No Escape Automap shenanigans. MAP30 The Absolution Maybe some automap work. Lines 2063, 1909, 2019 = 1-sided? Can't you also crush the monster spawners so they don't spawn anything anymore? You'd have to alter their properties in DEHACKED, of course. The "empty" sounds of the spawner are not empty. In fact, the popping they make is pretty loud. --- I'm getting tired of this (I CAN HEAR YOU SIGH IN RELIEF) so I skipped testing of some of the late maps on all difficulty settings. Which means I only made one run, not three. Which is regrettable, but maybe I'll do it later. I didn't write anything about MAP14 not because it's perfect, but because I'm still deciding on what's worth changing and what isn't. When I looked into it, small issues kept piling up until I put it aside to do other maps.
  11. MAP19 Blood Keep Line 1108: should be marked as 1-sided. Lines near sector 334 (skylight): a lot of sky lines that aren't hidden. MAP20 Hardcore Line 779 was visible in my playthrough, but nothing around it. Teleporter lines are revealed, if it's important to you. MAP21 Watch Your Step Needs some serious automap cleaning due to the presence of a computer powerup. Line 2134 has a redundant action activating the opposing door. Only slightly later did I learn that it's supposed to be activated by a switch nearby. I'm not sure how I feel about some imps teleporting to the start area immediately after you shoot the switch. It's a little distracting, and being distracted with backtracking breaks the maps's flow somewhat. Secret teleporter line 224: automap makes it very visible in PrBoom+. I don't know if it's useful, but I'm mentioning it just in case. I managed to get the berserk 31 without activating the trap. The only problem would be, of course, if I was going for 100% and wondering where the last monster is hiding. Why do we need to bring the baron out the floor if we can just teleport it? We don't need a gunshot anymore - that switch takes care of it. MAP22 Spawned Fear Sector 274: lines need to be flagged. Line 1074: I suggest to change the action to 71 so that there's still some justification for the thin ray of light after the passage has been opened.
  12. Reposting things not related to Mechadon (which is not a lot, apparently). MAP06 Outpost Omega https://i.imgur.com/WV2IqM1.png Not very fond of when it has to tile, but nothing too bad, I suppose? https://i.imgur.com/htmKMZI.png https://i.imgur.com/xsdmMae.png https://i.imgur.com/89sh1yB.png Some lines in need of a 1-sided flag. https://i.imgur.com/jqi6dkj.png Brown tekwall - not sure if intended, reporting just in case. Maybe the red door should lock the player again, but unlock somehow after the exit is reached. Maybe a switch would appear, or something along these lines. That secret corridor at the end is a decent candidate. Just an idea. https://i.imgur.com/a1Pi2NI.png Probably not a big deal, but such repeating elements make this unaligned texture more noticeable. MAP12 The Bleeding I'd work on marble alignment in the starting room, but this is a very minor nitpick. Sector 221: SR instead of DR, which makes it impossible to reverse the direction of the door mid-movement. The only reason I can imagine is to prevent monsters from opening it (they can't open fast doors, but this one is slow). MAP31 Hectic Hidden switches in need of sound effects. 8/5 secrets? Maybe don't add secret effect to the 4 damaging sectors. I understand the desire to show off a neat trick, but in this case it blows up. Would be better to just have it pre-set on sector 220. Launching the soul sphere crusher reveals the health potion nearby. Looks slightly broken. Could make sector 222 match the size of the potion, then it will stay in place. Having an empty, rattling DM layout open up in SP is confusing at best. --- Posting new things. MAP32 In The Void Automap. Line 1249 has ROCKRED1 on it. Should be ZZZBLACK, otherwise looks bad when the exit is revealed. I liked the previous exit more, too bad it was broken. Maybe the map could use some darkening to simulate the fog. https://i.imgur.com/me4WnD9.png Black foundation occludes part of a baron cube. MAP17 Eye of the Storm I'm thinking maybe sectors 90 and 127 should be activated at the same time, and then there won't be need for lines 2892 and 2893, that do nothing unless you come from the other side. MAP18 Dark Entries felgro will love this map. :) I'm still concerned about the big spawners, but for a different reason. If someone fails to spawn, what happens? Isn't there a little too much space to tumble around? Four small spawners on the western side are still broken. Testing with -complevel 2 revealed some floors can't lower. I think the ending would be funnier if the arch-vile teleported into the middle of the hall. Though I think I already did that too many times. Impassable lines in front of pain elementals - intentional? Will this work in all engines? I'd stick some imps on lower difficulties in those alcoves. It's weird when they open dramatically, but there's no one there. Inaudible secret buttons. And I'd make those sectors in the start room instant. And you can see their pickups through the floor from outside the room. https://i.imgur.com/UIf6Dj2.png I don't like SKINMET1 here. Tag 9 bars could be made silent. They lower off-screen anyway. But they make a loud sound afterwards due to the presence of a DM-specific line.
  13. Rename it to ZMAPINFO and make something simple that ZDaemon can understand? I noticed a long time ago that MAPINFO wasn't working, simply because the custom skies weren't working. I just assumed that ZDaemon was obsolete like that.
  14. I think first impressions matter. MAP01 is when people are going to notice new stuff like status bar, and it's a techbase. By the time hell comes, most people will stop paying attention. updates Alpha Quadrant - mostly gameplay-related changes. I thought this map was harder than 9 and 10 combined. Probably still pretty hard, but I added some supplies and removed the nastiest threats (or moved them to coop). I almost liked its KNOW WHERE STUFF'S AT OR DIE attitude towards pistol-starters, so I was almost sorry to optimize some of the less desirable routes. But taking a detour to grab the RL is still very important for the pit room, especially on UV. The central platform will lower now, but the pillars stay. Holding Area - removed the gibs from under the soul sphere. There was no symmetry with the stock sprite offset. Nothing I stuck there looked particularly great. Research Lab - threw in some more keys, because why the hell not. Also ultimately decided to repaint those doors. Final Outpost - some texture alignments and a couple of lines. I planned more, but changed my mind. --- Forgot to say that Alpha Quadrant requires compat_sectorsounds 1. Actually, considering that (I'm assuming) a lot of rattlesnakes were fixed, this might be useful for the entire mapset. --- And of course I forgot to hide some lines. update2
  15. It's mostly detailing. When I finished revamping Holding Area, I said I thought I was going overboard. By the time I finished Research Lab, I thought Holding Area was fine, but Research Lab was too much. Now I think Research Lab was decent, but boy did I mess up Alpha Quadrant. It'll probably pass. I hope. Anyway, thanks. I was afraid of that. One way to fix it would be to make the switch lines block monsters. But I added a fourth imp spawner right on top of it - I'll probably have to go with three again. Unfortunately, it uses stacked linedefs to activate multiple tags at once. I did it specifically to avoid voodoo. I figured a locked room with just a health bonus will look suspicious enough to not leave right away. I actually wanted to do that. I will now. Outer walls are already marked properly. There is, and I tried it. When I tested it, the lift action on one of the tags didn't finish yet, so not all platforms lowered, and I removed the feature as a result. But I think I have an idea for how to do that semi-elegantly, I'll need to see how it goes. Thanks for the feedback!
  16. We'll burn it down, burn it down, they won't even recognize your corpse. alpha quadrant Gameplay was hastily cobbled together with barely any testing, and no coop, so it's not final (maybe tomorrow). Watch the loading order, because: - There's a DEHACKED lump and a bunch of sprites. Based on v7. Fixed that height. Also changed the non-blocking flaming barrel into actual flames. Maps that stuck barrels into holes in the floor will break, of course. - One additional texture. Jesus, what a mess. If you think there's something wrong with how it looks - it's probably because there is. Chocorenderlimits keeps telling me that monster closets outside the map are close enough to make audible sounds. I don't know how far I need to move them. They're silent in PrBoom+.
  17. Can we maybe unfuck the non-blocking one-legged hanging dude in DEHACKED? It seems to have wrong height which makes it half-buried in the ceiling.
  18. I think I'm just not very sold on the idea of combining radically different themes in one bar. It's distracting. Maybe if it was all marble. The previous one was a good middle ground, because the gradient texture allowed a smooth transition between two parts of the bar that looked different. It was simple and clean. Fun idea, considering that I apparently love to connect shit that wasn't previously connected. But I don't think I'll be making any serious changes at this point. MAP08 had a few of those. But it's being reworked right now. Thanks!
  19. You mean the EXITDOOR door?
  20. I finally listened to the leftover tracks, and I didn't find a lot of them very fitting for my maps. Then again, it was to be expected, since I mostly imagined something like this when making them. Kinda hard to find that in MIDI format. Some impressive tracks though. Sanity Decay sounds a bit like a Christmas adventure movie to me. For some reason I feel like going the opposite of dark and mopey for MAP04 with something like Gunfire or Blackness Ahead. Probably the latter, to not overdo it. It has some great moments and satisfying percussion. Agree for MAP08. Not sure if the track really belongs there, but it's a great track and I want to see it in the wad one way or another. I was never quite fond of Dark Halls. It's my least favorite E1 track. I'm thinking maybe Dark City. Not sure about two tracks of roughly the same mood and by the same author being so close together, but, like with Zephyr, I really want this track somewhere, and it sorta fits MAP09, more or less. I like Suspense. I wanted Waltz there, but I don't want duplicates. I wanted to stick something from Evilution somewhere, but MAP10 isn't a very fitting destination, and certainly not at the expense of Viscra Maelstrom's tracks.
  21. Out of memory: Main Engineering, Even Simpler, and Watch Your Step. Well, you know my opinion - I really like it. Moon sky: maybe add some smaller structures to the mountains and/or tune the brightness of the existing ones. I think they're sticking out a little more than they should. Aqueduct sky: I think the structures are uncomfortably high, breaking the perspective somewhat, but maybe I'm just hallucinating. In any case, I wanted to just take a look and make sure I can't make anything better. The Eye of the Storm sky in particular needs some reflections on objects when the lightning strikes, I think. Looks a bit dry as it is.
  22. I have a challenging location ahead of me. Then it's gameplay tweaking and coop. And I'm tired. When I'll finish, I would like to: - Go over the skies. - Go over all the levels and nitpick them to death again. I'm sure I'll find something to complain about. I always do. - Go over the texture set. I have a few candidates for minor tweaking. The hardest part will be remembering them all. These are the realistic ones.
  23. I will not click that link. I will not.
  24. Since I won't be able to finish anything important in the following days, I decided to: holding area Replaced MP cacos with elementals on a whim, and set them free by removing impassable flags. They're typically useless in vanilla, but I doubt many people would use vanilla to play this in coop. research lab Scattered some MP-only blue keys in accessible areas. Changed some lines around the original blue key - it's easier to pick it up without triggering the bridge, but I was concerned about the opposite.