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  1. I can see a misalignment right there on the wall.
  2. I vote yay for the current version.
  3. Isn't that what basically happens in these videos?
  4. I don't know, I really like the new bumpy look. AMMO is the only one barely readable because of the blood. Maybe the rest could use more contrast, but that's about it.
  5. Nice! I'm not sure about the flesh part either, but the rest looks great. You're seeing the FRAGS panel through the holes in the number. The solution is: make the ARMS and FRAGS panels as similar as possible. Or you could make it so the numbers lack any holes.
  6. The Quake way isn't that dissimilar to a screen recorder, it seems. It only acknowledges things that are relevant to the recording player. Which is also its biggest limitation, since you can't just detach the camera and go see what was happening in another part of the map. In Doom, the demo file only contains input, but since everything else is deterministic - having a demo file means knowing everything that happened in the map.
  7. It's essentially a bunch of network packets, IIRC.
  8. I was wondering when you'd mention that. And I think it's a very good thing that such a forum exists. The fact that you seem to be actively advertising it to disgruntled Doomworld members is also useful. If they go there, it means they probably won't try and creep back in here. I only hope that they can get along with each other, at least.
  9. PS1 version of Doom wasn't that different. It had a weird renderer that probably used GPU for some things, but essentially mimicked software renderer for its perspective correction. The benefits and the drawbacks are all the same, except they were lucky it didn't reach unplayable.
  10. Like "Would you like our malware to infect your browser?"
  11. D_RUNNIN can't be better than anything.
  12. Must be good to have a manor.
  13. Chainsaw ruined blasting pinkies with SSG for me.
  14. I'd like to clarify: what makes you think that the current situation is inadequate? Especially considering that you're not advocating for anyone in particular.
  15. If being able to create a forum thread (where you can't even talk) would make a difference, I'd be pretty surprised. The sheer negativity of being kicked out and/or shat on is a much more important factor in someone deciding to stop making Doom content. Which brings me back to my fallacious point, oops.
  16. Even now everyone can post a project where it's gonna be noticed. You're still excluding the author from the community, which is apparently bad.
  17. And you're forgetting that asshole removal is there to keep the aforementioned community together. Toxic people tend to drive users away. The same users who contribute to discussions, as well as making content. So if it's important to you that people are making Doom content instead of something else - well, there are things to consider here. So did other things made by other people. It's occasionally slippery slope time. Funnily enough, Hitler again!
  18. Any estimate on how many Beethovens were banned lately? I can see talent in this community, but not exactly on the irreplaceable prodigy scale. No need to suck up to anyone in exchange for content just yet. What kind of artist are you anyway, if being shown the door on a forum stops you from being a creator? Slippery slope time: should we also restrain ourselves from arguing with "important" people? They might get upset and it will affect their mojo.
  19. I'd understand the passion if we were talking about a legal system in some country, but this is an internet forum, privately owned. It's kinda like being a guest somewhere. If you take a dump on the carpet, you should probably expect to be disliked for some time, and you don't get to demand anything. Eternal patience sounds nice in theory, but it's not free. When you give someone another chance, you risk them taking a dump again, this time on another guest's foot. At some point you should probably start caring about everyone else.
  20. Is it flowing water?
  21. I knew there were some fun stories to share. Why were the others kicked out?
  22. I'm genuinely curious about the ideas you fear you can't express without being permabanned.
  23. ZDoom can't emulate Boom perfectly, it only covers the basics. So Boom is still more restrictive. Which is why it's not recommended to test maps in ZDoom unless they're made specifically for ZDoom.
  24. Videogames as a medium may be too young. What's possible changes every year, so it's hard not to be excited about new possibilities. This in turn clouds people's judgement when it comes to using techniques that have been there for a while. Hence the amount of people still not being able to see through "obsolete" graphics. On the other hand, low resoultion is kinda hard on eyes when it's about a moving picture with no anti-aliasing, so I'd say at least some dissatisfaction is justified.