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  1. jon_infektion

    Which is the easiest control setup for PC Doom?

    WASD or ESDF are the two most common layouts in terms of preference, i'm used to WASD as default
  2. jon_infektion

    There is a possibility that Rage will require STEAM to work

    Thats definitely not even possible
  3. jon_infektion

    Warning: hackers might use your blender against you!

    All I can say is, thats Fox news for you.
  4. jon_infektion

    Stupid things you done in Doom 3

    That sounds epic
  5. jon_infektion

    California is such a shithole

    "Are you f*#king kidding me?" Is the only possible thing that comes to mind.
  6. jon_infektion

    My grandma

    I dont know why I immediately expected this when I saw the name of the thread. Sorry man, my best thoughts
  7. jon_infektion

    Blasphemy is now illegal. (in Ireland)

    This really needs to stop. I mean this is something created in a time where people thought the Earth was still flat for christs sake
  8. jon_infektion

    Megaman 10 coming in 2010

    I never got biggg into the series, but I did get a fair share of fun with Megaman X on SNES
  9. jon_infektion

    Top 10 Best and Worst Films

    Woah what?!?
  10. jon_infektion

    Batman Arkham Asylum 2

    Holy mother of god.
  11. jon_infektion

    Dead Space

    Cant comment on the controls as I have it on 360
  12. jon_infektion

    Doom Amusement Park

    My thoughts exactly.
  13. jon_infektion

    Crazy Doom 3 computer case

    Thats sick. Im sure if some were made available the members here would buy it up
  14. jon_infektion

    Top 10 Best and Worst Films

    ^ Probably would have helped. I still fail to see how it was MNS's first R rated movie (and was promoted as such)
  15. jon_infektion

    Dead Space

    Finally ended up picking it up this year on Halloween to get into the spirit, not too bad but becomes predictable quick. How many times does an enemy playing dead only to jump out have to happen before you expect it? Once