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  1. This was originally made for a friend of mine, anyone thinks she will like it? ;) http://img61.exs.cx/my.php?loc=img61&image=CDdeath.jpg
  2. Feronth

    A PREVIEW of Doom II!

    It's not exactly the same. I have the "Replay" edition of Doom II by GT Interactive...it's a yellow box with inside, the original Doom II box. Well on the shot on the back of the package you see 2 chaingun dudes teared down by the chaingun.
  3. Feronth

    Mmorpg doom?

    What about a RTS Doom? Someone back in I don't remember which year, made a pic with photoshop I guess, showing a battle RTS style. Implying marines against one or two cybies and some mancubuses (or mancubii). It appeared on the late Doomnation.com. I think I have the pic somewhere, if I can find it, I'll scan and post it here.
  4. Feronth

    What's your favorite Monster

    My fave is the CyberDeamon, it's always frightening when they are in numbers. Otherwise the Bull Deamon (ssg fodder) and Chaingunner because of their aggressivity and escaping them when they surround you when they're more thant 10 is really challenging.
  5. RTC and Millenium. The 2 others I haven't checked them yet heh.
  6. Feronth

    Signing off

    Best of luck in your future Ling, thanks for Doomworld and everything.
  7. Feronth

    Other games doomers play

    I re-immerged myself into Operation Flashpoint (and found a copy of its add-on : Resistance. It quickly ran out of stock when the shops got it, heh). Lot of America's Army (yeah, I love realistic FPSs), MOHAA and of course Doom (not as much as before tho, but still remains my favourite game of all times). In general I play more FPSs than anything. But I like playing other game genres except Space RTSs. I don't find anything attracting in them.
  8. Feronth


    I registered when Doom 3 forums opened for the first time.
  9. Feronth

    JDoom problems

    Plus, change your graphic card, 'cuz yeah...Voodoo cards suck.
  10. Feronth

    new zdoom map

    I can't wait for those 3 weeks to pass until you complete your map. And I prefer Software mode too....memories =)
  11. Feronth

    Doomworld Forum Community DM Maps!!

    This mapping thingie sounds like a good idea. What about creating a "deadnail's mapping forum"? =)
  12. Feronth

    Windows + Compaq = Hell

    [quote][quote]I've heard that the GeForce 3 only has 2 or 3 more options than a GeForce 2 Ultra. So, better take the GF2 Ultra, 'cuz it's cheaper and is an exellent card A freind told me that...but I don't believe him. I would go for GeForce 3 too honestly, even if the lower price of the GF2 ultra interests me more.
  13. Feronth

    oh crap...

    it was Esco. He killed AndrewB with a HUGE strap-on dildo. Nah, it was Feronth who did it. Like if I cared about AndrewB.