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  1. Budoka

    About You: List 9 important Doom WADs.

    Apologies for those white bars.
  2. Budoka

    TNT Evilution Map 15: Dead Zone question

    A Caco and a Pain Elemental, and strictly speaking it is possible to wake them up. I wouldn't waste my time trying to make it happen, but if you want to see that in action it's covered in decino's walkthrough.
  3. Budoka

    Is Memento Mori 2 any better than the original?

    Meh. If any mapset has ever made the boss brain/spawner combo genuinely fun to play through for me, it's Demonfear. Even then, I'll take a dehacked boss like in Valiant, or even a Scythe-type finale over that any day.
  4. Budoka

    Doom Iceberg

    The placement of Resurgence on Linguica's charrt is silly. No way is it more extreme than Toilet of the Gods, I actually find it more approachable than HR2.
  5. Budoka

    What are the best custom wads of all time?

    Pinning m8f's thread would make more sense. Much of the top 100 has lost its former relevance post 2015.
  6. Budoka

    Is Memento Mori 2 any better than the original?

    MM1 is all over the place. It has some fantastic moments, and some horrible ones as well ("Kinetics", "Cesspool"...). Much like the youngest brother of the family, Requiem, it also makes no attempt whatsoever at any sort of thematic progression. MM2, in contrast to both, is noticeably more cohesive, more polished, and more challenging for mostly the right reasons.
  7. Budoka

    [FINAL RELEASE] Eviternity

    I did, and Drain kicked my ass. Yes, Drain. It's clearly doable though...
  8. Budoka

    Sunder - Map19 Arrives.

    The screenshots in that tweet are from maps 15,17,18 and 19.
  9. Yeah but I can't give them enough points. But that makes sense, I wasn't complaining or anything just to be clear. It's just a reflection and a consequence of just how much classic Doom mappers have accomplished.
  10. Updating mine too: 1. Struggle: Antaresian Legacy - 10 2. Eviternity - 9 3. Ancient Aliens - 8 5. Resurgence - 7 4. Valiant - 6 6. Scythe II - 5 7. Speed of Doom - 4 8. Alien Vendetta - 3 9.Scythe - 2 10. Memento Mori II - 1 Damn, ten entries is very restrictive in retrospect. Well, it can't be helped when you have that much content content to work with, even a lot of really good stuff is going to have to lose. Potential replacements once I familiarize myself with them more: Epic 2, Unholy Realms, Going Down, Sunlust, Sunder, Death in Excess. Couldn't fit in: BTSX E1/E2, Hell Ground, Frozen Time, UAC Ultra, Sacrament,Scythe X, Lunatic, possibly some others I'm not thinking of right now. Also, you can tell this thread's biggest activity boom were before Eviternity's release... I think we're due for a lot of updates.
  11. Budoka

    How to make maps difficult but fair.

    Remember to put at least two spawn points inside the elevator, or else...
  12. Budoka

    Best Short Wads?

    I approve Scotty's recommendation list, add to that Hell Ground.
  13. 2016 beat 2015? I mean, I'm an Ancient Aliens fanboy too, but I'm still surprised. If there's one year I think of when talking PWADs and custom Doom content in general, it's 2015. Just look at it: https://doomwiki.org/wiki/Category:2015_WADs
  14. Budoka

    Worst Maps in Your Favourite Megawads?

    It's my favorite in the set, unrepresentative though it is. Well, my enthusiasm for megawads was rekindled by Resurgence at the time it came out, so I guess I'm extremely biased towards Joshy's encounter setups. I've enjoyed just about everything Doom he's put out, even "The Killing Fields" from 50 Shades of GRAYTALL, which in my opinion does not tarnish the gold pile that is the MAP08-MAP12 stretch one bit. Speaking of which: From 50 Shades, MAP07: Adress Unknown. The ugliest map in the set by far, and just all around annoying. From Resurgence, MAP07: Gauntlet. Just because it's MAP07 doesn't mean you suddenly have license to waste my time with filler crap. Even his obnoxious MAP07 from the prequel is more compelling by comparison. From Ancient Aliens, MAP29: The Ones Behind it All. Hilarious plot twist, but the slaughter setups feel horrendously lazy juxtaposed to Floating Arena. I'm fine with Illuminati Revealed, it's a great time, even if I see why some people might find it too stressful. Regarding Run From It: yes, the execution is horrendous, especially on UV, but the concept itself is fine. Perdition's Gate does a pretty good job with it. The rest of E3 of Scythe besides that map is by far my favorite part of Scythe. Poison Ivy II is also fantastic, although there is that one Archvile near the end that's a step too far beyond the reasonable. That one I'll concede. Stench of Evil is exhausting to go through, but I still admire it as the capstone of what I call "the epic triad" (no points for guessing the other two members). From a megawad that's not quite a favorite but which I still like, Evilution: the entire MAP21-MAP26 stretch. Wait, we all hate that part. Why am I bothering.
  15. I tink Romero's E4 maps, both E4M2 and E4M6, are probably the best work he's ever put out in hindsight.
  16. Budoka

    Ultraviolence = HARD

    True enough in the bigger picture, and it was certainly hard for me. There's a reason why that gradual list of WADs in xvertigox's "skill improvement" thread is as long as it is.
  17. Budoka

    Ultraviolence = HARD

    Well, I don't know about that. In the case of MountPain27 whom you brought up, all he says is that he's not a Doomgod(TM) and won't necessarily be able to tackle every map he reviews on the level of play that's expected by it. And as vexing as that might be to hear for players weaker than he is, I would have to agree with him at the end of the day. Compared to the true Doomgods of this age, he really isn't close to one. Heck, as an example, to give a bit of perspective, I'm no Zero Master myself, in fact I'm far below even decino's level, yet unlike MountPain27, I have in fact beaten Scythe 2.
  18. Budoka

    Ultraviolence = HARD

    On the first point: It's... a video game, you know? Just a video game. Not a big deal or anything. If you have to pick something in your life which you must be among the best people at, it doesn't have to be this. But if you insist on that being the case, you will have to put in the work such an accomplishment entails, no way around that. Even then, it's not as if most of us will ever approach Zero Master or 4shockblast's level of skill. And that's fine, because again, we're not entitled to successfully become number one, or even an ordinary high-tier player, just because we want to be. Things pretty much never work that way, be it with Doom or anything else you can think of. On the second point, if anything, that tells me that Skillsaw did a surprisingly poor job of implementing lower difficulty levels in a way that would reflect the spirit of his design. I mean, he's an excellent mapper, but we all have weaknesses even in our best trades. Then again, that sounds like a very hard job to do right in the first place, so I wouldn't knock the guy over it.
  19. Budoka

    Ultraviolence = HARD

    I'm happy enough to consider UV the complete experience in the sense that it generally does have more content. Doesn't mean I get to experience it for free if I don't actually have the skill required to so. I simply accept that I don't, and must either practice until I do, or simply let it go for the time being. Same principle applies to WADs that are inherently hard even on lower difficulties.
  20. Deus Vult is an odd recommendation to make. It's not a very good entry point into PWADs... I just feel affinity with the first HR, even while acknowledging its increasingly noticeable flaws. It can be hard to explain.
  21. I'm not sure how Cleimos II got away with its silly tank. Was Dehacked available at the time?
  22. Budoka

    The Age of Hell: FPS game for GZDoom - DEMO OUT

    I would rather launch my own independent studio if I had Insane_Gazebo's skills in level design.
  23. Budoka

    What's the hardest map pack out there?

    I feel like this is relevant, so that perhaps you don't have to make quite that drastic of a jump:
  24. It does, but they use MAPINFO and show up at different intervals than the regular ones. You can't see them in PrBoom, unfortunately. The same goes for Ancient Aliens actually. Oh and indeed, MM2 doesn't have custom intermissions. One of the rare things about it that's rather unpolished, but that was the norm at the time.
  25. Same with me. Accompanied with an unsigned mod message that offered so little justification for the sanction that it might as well have been left blank. No trouble otherwise.