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  1. Well, I've started my map with Zdoom definitions... Let's hope for the best :D
  2. I'm going to start making some new maps, but I'm curious as to what's preferred as far as engines go. Should I make the maps in ZDoom format with a few extra little features, or should I keep the wad in vanilla doom format? Also, what's the most popular (flamesheild:not best) engine these days?
  3. The link to the wad on the site doesn't appear to work.
  4. Back when I last made doom levels, I used DEU3.2gcc, or is it 2.3gcc? whatever... Now that I've been tinkering again I tried the old WinDEU32 but found it buggy. I tried Doombuilder and now I'm in love :D
  5. awesome, she works, thank you :)
  6. I've started on this map in doom builder, and I came across the skybox picker. From the sounds of it, it seems like a neat object, but alas I cannot use it... Anybody have an idea?
  7. Like I said, it's done... but I could use some moderator permission to post it because it does have doom textures in it... No, I'm not going to retexture everything with freedoom textures, I'm done with the map.
  8. Well, the map is done but I don't know if I can post a link to it since it does contain doom textures :(
  9. OK, I might just make a single player map, that's be kinda cool...
  10. I've been amusing myself with learning how to build half-life maps for the last couple days... in my toil I've decided to try something, I'm sure it's been done before, a Half-life map with doom textures... It feels like doom kind of, but not doom, I think it's kind of cool. Too bad I suck at the map making, heh... [linked for size] http://sa-rpg.aslplz.com/images/hldoom1.jpg http://sa-rpg.aslplz.com/images/hldoom2.jpg http://sa-rpg.aslplz.com/images/hldoom3.jpg http://sa-rpg.aslplz.com/images/hldoom4.jpg Really just for my own amusement...
  11. Well, it's not bad, it's not great either... I think the map is too big, there's supposed to be a little less space between you and the cyber. in this one you can sit a few miles back and dodge all of his rockets.
  12. Actually, I think the loss of the kill counter will seriously reduce the number of single player maps. The kill counter always signified the end of the level, hence the end of that persons created adventure... Then again, I'm just a crazy man.
  13. uhhh, you forgot to send the file...
  14. here, send it to me and I'll host it for you if you want, otherwise, send it anyways, I'd like to take a look... atarkus@telusplanet.net
  15. I'm curious why the original Doom BSP program didn't make good reject maps in the first place...