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  1. NightFallKiller

    Different player sounds

    Hey guys. I was just wondering how to change player sounds, and also, can you make it so the player says something after killing an enemy? Thanks in advance for any help (:
  2. NightFallKiller

    Continuously changing cameras

    Hello everyone. I've been wondering how to make it so when it's showing a camera (by going up to something and using it) i can make it so if the player presses use once more it shows another camera, I haven't been able to figure this out, so if someone could please explain, that would be great. *I'm mapping using Doombuilder, Zdoom in UDMF format if you need to know*
  3. NightFallKiller

    Thingcount not working

    Hello everyone, I have a problem, every time I try to use Thing count it says "Runaway X script". I use the "While(Thingcount(0,X));" script, does anyone have any other ones that should work, or is there something wrong with the one i'm using, and I've also tried "If" instead of "While" but that does the same thing. And sometimes it doesn't runaway but it will ignore the thingcount and go straight to the thing i want after all the enemies with that tag are dead. I'm using ZDoom (Doom in UDMF) Format, I use to use doom in hexen but it didn't work in that either. So any help with my problem would be greatly appreciated, thanks (:
  4. NightFallKiller

    A few questions

    Hey everyone, I have a few questions, so any help with either of them would be great; 1; Is it possible to make an enemy dormant if it is spawned in? 2; Using ACS, is it possible to make an enemy die? And my third question is more of just an opinion thing. 3; What do you think would make a wad look more futuristic? Thanks for any help, it would be greatly appreciated P.S. If this information is needed im using Doom Builder 2 and am working in Doom in Hexen format
  5. NightFallKiller

    PolyObject Swing Doors

    Thanks, I've got my polyobject door in now, but it won't work, I go to use it and the game stops and says skulltag has encountered a problem and needs to close, I'm pretty sure i've got everything where it's meant to be, and I have the action to open it and all the numbers are in, the correct poly numbers as well, and it is set to activate when i press open on it, but when i try to open it, it fails and comes up the the error (Skulltag has encountered a problem and needs to close).
  6. NightFallKiller

    PolyObject Swing Doors

    Hey everyone, I've heard about and seen polyobjects that swing open, but I have no idea how to do this, so if anyone has a good guide to it that would be great (maybe an example wad as well, those seem to help me a lot) Thanks in advance
  7. NightFallKiller

    Fading out and in

    Thanks for that, I had the intensity and speed a bit wrong, but it's fixed now, thanks
  8. NightFallKiller

    Fading out and in

    Hey everyone, I was just wondering if there's a script to make the screen slowly fade out to black (kinda like someone is fainting and slowly loosing sight) and then fade in from black in a new map, so it fades out, goes to a new map (I know how to do this) then fades in, i've tried FadeTo but that doesn't really seem to fade slowly, so any help would be appreciated, I'm using Doom In Hexen format btw.
  9. NightFallKiller

    HUD Not showing up

    The HUD in the game. I'm using skulltag (that is the engine right? Sorry if it's not im still kinda new) and I wasn't sure where exactly I should have posted this so I'll know next time I'm having porblems with something like this, so yeah, i mean the in-game hug and i'm using skulltag
  10. NightFallKiller

    HUD Not showing up

    Hey all, for some reason my HUD is not showing up, i'm currently using one my friend sent me that he made, but i've tried the normal one, it was on for a while, but then something happened and it's now gone, i've tried the "-" and "+" things but still nothing happens, does anyone have any ideas of why it doesn't appear and how i can fix this? Thanks
  11. NightFallKiller

    MAPINFO - how does it work??

    Hey, i need help with MAPINFO, I'm wanting a different sky, and i know I need to use MAPINFO for this, but i have no idea how to use this, i've looked around, but i still don't get it, can someone please help me with this, thanks
  12. NightFallKiller

    Looping Scripts?

    Hello, everyone of Doomworld, and thank you for taking the time to look my post, I'm wanting to know if it is possible to make a script loop? Because I have something that I want to go up, then after a delay it will go back down, but i need it to always do it, so is it possible to make a script loop? If so how? Or is there an easier way get what I want to happen? Thank you for any answers
  13. NightFallKiller

    I need help with something in a room

    Okay, thanks. Now, what script would i use to teleport the player, would i just use "teleport" or something a bit different, thanks.
  14. NightFallKiller

    I need help with something in a room

    Hello, world of doomworld, I'm wanting to make a room where there will be a conversation between 2 people, and then the room goes black, and then the player is in a new room (through teleporting or something), i was just wondering is this is possible, and if so, how? Thanks and any help would be greatly appreciated P.S. I use Doom in Hexen format