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Everything posted by Zetta

  1. thank you, heh, i just want to assure you guys that we are not hesitating a bit to make you say to your self "some days it just doesn't pay to get out of bed". Some of these maps are arguably harder than AV. We are doing one other thing slightly different than hr, and hr2. We aren't throwing endless hordes of monsters at you (well we kinda are), but instead are adding a more stratigic angle to the game. Also ven, i just want to point out; did hr2 steal the path2 from hr as we are 'stealing' the path 3 from hr? Food for thought! :D Edit: Also wanna point out that plutonia2 did not get permission to make a sequel, we did.
  2. Zetta

    Plutonia 2 - How good do you think it is?

    Excellent detail, dreadful game play.
  3. Zetta

    Civil War Wads?

    AOW is the closest you can get to that.
  4. Zetta

    Doom Survival Kit

    Doom2 GZDOOM, Skulltag Doom Builder2, SlumpEd, Adobe Photoshop, Audacity, Anvil Studio Too many to pick from, i would grab a pile of them and hide them under my shirt... I win.
  5. Zetta

    Collecting Doom Stuff

    Hmm... i am getting a gut feeling that dusty likes doom...not sure why though... ....O Shi-
  6. ok so, lets say you have (lets use small numbers) two sectors,one at 0 and one at 8 floor height.Nowlets saythat i want to lift both of those floors without having to do them one by one (a regular scale version of this would be an entire, or halfof a map) So i want to lift those 2 sectors by 64, so i would select the sectors i want to raise, and enter raise by, then 64, and bam, half hour of floor (and/or ceiling)height changes skipped. Just like that.
  7. Its a Plagued archvile, has a fire melee attack, a paralizing projectile and modified fire. Theres gonna be a new version with quite a few newmonsters comming soon. Some are: Inferno Imp, Behemoth, Troian, and Cryo-demon. Imay post the wad on doomworld, unfortunatly it only works in skulltag. ...I really should´nt do this buuut... heres the troian comeing next version. And yeah that other image wasnt my map. [edit]: Those are the only two purple monsters in the pk3 don´t worry :p
  8. An old screenshot from my wad, Plague.
  9. Zetta

    plutonia 2 wad question

    oh and the other thing about pl2 is its too hard. Not " ohh well you need to practice more...ooooh you must be patiant" NO! ITS TOO HARD! and thats that. glad we could clarify that.
  10. Zetta

    A Touchy Subject

    When i saw thisi thought you were gonna start talking about sex. IDoom is awsome, it plays...o...k, but over all it is very well done.
  11. Zetta

    A few demon drawings/sketches

    Extraordinary, well done!
  12. Zetta

    A strange request...

    Like what? Do you mean flowers with a stem 1 pixel wide with the flower on it? If so that canbe easily done. or do you mean full out plants?
  13. Zetta

    If you could add one thing to Vanilla Doom

    Shame it was impossible, on a more Realistic note, The fist is about the least useful weapon i have ever seen. If i had a say i would make the fists twice as strong and have the player start with fists instead of pistol. I hate that. :(
  14. Zetta

    Creating Vines/Wires/Tech without seams

    Very cool! i´ve got to try that.
  15. Zetta

    Trying to add a custom monster to a doom1 wad

    Never modify an I-wad, NEVER. If you findyou must, make a copy and rename it. Although there is really no point consideringyou can make a new PWAD.
  16. Zetta

    SkullTag Player no bump

    hmm, i´m afraid you must clarify. If i understand correctly your asking whey your doomguy wont take damage. May be a powerup or cheat, err. If you are a editor and you want to make a new damage type, then right above the states add your damage type. Then Below the actor you make the new damage type. its all here: http://zdoom.org/wiki/Main_Page But yeah, clarify your question please.
  17. Zetta

    Animasse.wad - COMPLETE

    It has a nice old school doom feeling but needs more cover. Keep up the good work.
  18. Zetta

    Polyobect height question

    blood said it, try adding some gutters or bordersaround the building making em look more realistic (if thats what your map follows) and it will cover that right up.
  19. Zetta

    Demonic Hordes [+Updatez]

    Pretty, well done
  20. Zetta

    Greenwar 2: RELEASED!

    Im glad greenwar got some more thought put into it this time. Much more varyation in terms of textures and gameplay 10/10
  21. Zetta

    plutonia 2 wad question

    pl2 sucks, no varaity, extremly boring gameplay, etc. even pl2 never had very good gameplay, dunno who thought of makeing a second one