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  1. Zetta

    Hell Revealed 3 Beta testing?

    aand that's why we stopped posting here :P
  2. Angry shooting in random directions always helps!
  3. Zetta

    Hell Revealed 3 Beta testing?

    Funny I found this thread considering I hardly ever go on these forums. The HR3 project is still being worked on, but very slowly. I can't easily say how long it will be till the project is released, but it won't be any time soon.We have been working to ensure that these maps live up to their expectations. As to what DeathevokatioN said; This is still HR3, just think of HLS as a subtitle. There's no need to bother updating these forums with the progress of the mod since it just takes too much time out of our hands. But I assure you we are still working hard. :) ----- UnholyMessias "This afternoon I saw a server on skulltag called Hell Revealed 3 Beta Testing and it had hr3beta.wad as pwad. " Yep, that's us!
  4. =HLS= What is HLS? --------------- Hells Last Stand is a sequel to HR and HR2 which explores many new areas which had not been previously explored. By this I mean things such as making an effort for high detail. More and nicer looking textures, and more creative maps. More creative maps, yep, play through countless new maps and experience the side of HR that has not been seen before. :) How can I help? -------------------- While we are looking for mappers, we are only looking for those who can make good maps and keep up to par with us. The way this is going to work is we won’t be taking anyone in who asks with nothing to show. If you want to be a candidate for the HR3 team we ask that you post a link to a wad you have made in this topic. Why not screenshots? Because although detail is important, we care more about gameplay. We prefer if you share a wad in doom2 format so we can see what you can do with limited resources, if you don't have any, other formats are fine. Along with the link you may want to post what map number you would like us to look at. If it doesn’t matter just leave the link. Doom2 ---------- Now I know that when you guys see the screenshots the first thing we’re gonna hear is “why is there still so little detail”. So I want to clarify something. We decided to stick with the original format – Doom2. The reason why HR2 had so little detail was because Doom2 has a limit - in this case meaning only 256 linedefs can be in the players FOV at any time. HR2 played it safe: they stayed in the 100’s. Not us, some of our maps are so well done that some areas are in the 240’s. Graphics ------------ We are also going to be looking for some help with a titlepic and backround for it. But one of us will make a new topic for that. Also, we are looking for someone who can help us out by making textures and flats. Lets see what you guys bring to the table. Music -------- Yes! We are looking for you crazy music makers out there, just post us some samples to listen to. HR3 ----- As you can see from those screenshots, many maps we haven’t hesitated to make a challenge. Yet some maps do have a more concentrated gameplay. We started this project almost a year ago, things went very slow. But we were not planning on taking anywhere near 4 years (lol), but depending on how much help we get it won't take to long. Current members ----------------------- -FOUNDERS Zetta Set Abominae Pottus -MAPPERS Chroz Tib -Musicians Forty-Two
  5. So a question has come up among the team and we seem to have a difficult time deciding. So we need your votes. Here it is: "Should we bother putting in DM starts and DM ammo/health/weapons? Take note that it's a survival wad, no one is going to play DM in it. If anything putting them in will simply be a waste of time and effort. On the other hand, it was, implemented in HR, HR2." My view on this is despite it being a 'tradition' in ways there is little point considering I have never seen HR/HR2's deathmatch features used unless it's a special gamemode.
  6. As promised here are the screenshots! As you may notice we have revisited many of the classic maps adding better more exiting gameplay and new areas to explore. There are also many new textures most of which have not been shown yet, since most of them are new they are being focused onto the maps that are currently in progress, yet of course they still keep the HR look. We have decided to replace some of the maps which we were not satisfied with so only the best maps get in. The ones that were not up to par were trashed and rebuilt from scratch. A demo should be expected some time in the near future. Good progress is being made but we still need musicians! Any other help is of great use too.
  7. Wondering how things are going? Good. Gotta love the sky.
  8. Most likely. I say that because that was the original name that we were going to use. But you never know.
  9. Always, just as said in the first post show us what you have worked on and if we like what we see you may get on the team. [EDIT] couldn't help but to notice that this is yours: http://i957.photobucket.com/albums/ae57/El_phelix/Screenshot_Doom_20091122_043251.png Check your PM's :)
  10. That doesn't mean that I will make my maps easy at all. What i meant was that there are parts, beginning of maps for example where there is a cyber and hordes of monsters around you with little cover. In other words spawn rape. I try to avoid that, another thing can be tight areas which make multiplayer difficult. Though of course difficult traps and scenarios are appropriate. Being able to strategically place monsters without throwing hundreds at a time is also a useful skill. People seem to like that more.
  11. sorry for exploding, but do you have any idea how agitating it is to see a lot of hard work be mocked in some pathetic topic? Arguing against it is one thing, but this (http://www.doomworld.com/vb/post-hell/49534-hell-revealed-v/)is just ridiculous. Some people are acting as if what we are showing in our screenshots are some garbage. Even though it is obviously not. (btw i forgot to fix the pic. link, i'll do that now.) We want to wait for a response, we have already sent many e-mails to many ... e-mail accounts, we'll see if we can get to him. [EDIT] Link on first post should work now (http://s957.photobucket.com/albums/ae57/El_phelix/HR3/)
  13. this isn't a joke, thats why [EDIT] I saw the thread, Ralphis, grow up.
  14. Actually no, someone said that earlyer. or inferred it in a indirect way.
  15. I don't see what being new to doomworld has to do with being new to DOOM. The three of us are all very experienced players and mappers, nothing noobish or inexperienced about us. Btw i'll get that picture link fixed for you guys in a minute.
  16. As we said before, we will do our best to find Yonatan Donner. We are hiding nothing, just try and lay your accusations aside for just a little while, and try to see what we have to offer.
  17. Yeah, what we do is we test our own maps on online servers. Basically, HR3.wad doesn't leave the possession of the HR3 team. We are doing this for two reasons, 1) Someone can leak the maps. 2) While playing our own maps with others we easily notice errors that someone who didn't make the map wouldn't. BTW, i know there is some concern about what 'I' am working on, so... http://img64.imageshack.us/slideshow/webplayer.php?id=screenshotdoom200911190.png
  18. Well, finding the original founders would be near impossible (we tried btw). But we thought that it would be very nice if HR were put to its full potential. It is the name, yes. But a sequel seemed appropriate. Chroz has been trying to find old HR2 members who once worked on HR, so if he finds some in the near future we'll see what we can do.
  19. Yeah, i hear ya. We are also looking for texture and flat artists whom may be able to help us get some more variety in there.
  20. Forty-Two welcome to the HR3 team/Musicians!
  21. Thank you Wilou, as for your questions: -Mappers can only use Doom2 textures, and textures from the hr3res pack. -Some maps will have new skys, although there has been little discusion on it, we are thinking (THINKING) of making a hr3 expansion pack after the wad is made. but it is too soon to tell. - As i said in the first post, we will come to you if we think you could be a valuable addition to the team, we are doing this so we don't get inexperienced mappers walking in and ruining stuff. So if you are intrested in helping, post a link to your wad in this thread, and if we like what we see (Pottus Set and I will vote) you're in.
  22. It's ok zap, I see where you are coming from and i get it. Although i am making an effort to make these maps better by not rushing them and going for better gameplay. I'm thinking of getting out a demo with parts of a few maps to get out there- At some point in the near future.
  23. At the begining chroz tried to find him with no luck. Basta con los pajaros. Thank you guys, we appreciate the concern that you are all showing and we will be extra careful just for you guys. We have no intention of screwing this up, our mappers have been selected very carefuly. Maybe we will try to get a trailer out there sometime. And where are my maps you ask? They are in HR3.wad. Don't worry bout it, if i wasn't up for the job i think i would kick myself out. :p