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  1. All Doomers who is fans of the original Transformers read dis..... http://www.transformers.com/pl/subbrandid.62/dn/browse_products.cfm In japan, takara has been rereleasin TONS of da G1 transformers... bad mofuckas like Megatron, Starscream, Jazz, Optimus Prime, etc. It seems like so far da US is plannin on rereleasin these 3, and if they sell good.... doin a lot more out here. So go buy these mothafuckas in July when they come out at Toys R' Us!!! Also, if any of ya'll haven't heard, in japan da PVC figures of different famous transformers are also VERY popular.... in da US they are comin out with da same thing called "Heroes Of cybertron." But, they will be easier to find, and you will be able to know which figure is in each package (instead of gettin a closed box with a randompic, it's a regular package). These figures do NOT transform, but are VERY detailed, and look almost exactly like they did in da mofuckin cartoons! Here's a link to da japanese ones.... you might be able to find an auction for da american ones on ebay.. http://www.16bit.com/tfpvc.asp Enjoy, hope ya'll like Transformers!! Maybe someone should make a mofuckin Transformers mod for doom! :) P.S. I'm leavin work, I'll holler at ya'll peeps mañana!
  2. Da_Esco²

    My 4th of July

    **Said in crusty the clowns voice** OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh HOO HOO! This one is gonna REALLY cost me! :( /me boils his hand (OW), cuts it off (YOWIE), boils it again (EEP!), dips it in turpentine and lyme (YOWCH!!!!), then glues it back on with crazy glue..... extra IDIOT strength! Mah bad.... but I had heard somewhere dat Kool-Kat was a women... my mistake, no disrespect meant Kat.
  3. Da_Esco²

    51 today

    Happy B'day old man Fod.... you sweet sexy thaaaang! :P NOTE: sorry it took so long... but I just now noticed this thread... I think I need my eyes checked. O_o
  4. Mickey-D's is the grease for me! BLEH!!
  5. Da_Esco²

    Internet Connection

    A 56k, which usually says connected at 112K (which bascially counts for shit), and downloads at an average of 4-5k a second on files. /me looks at poll results Well.... at least it's good to see that I'm not the only one who is extremely "deprived" in life (internet connection wise I mean... heh). :P ........... not quite, Doomboy.
  6. Da_Esco²

    Pants v.s Boxers

    For me: boxers. They good good with my pants, and they are a lot more comfortable. Not to mention some of them look ill as fuck. On my Lady: The Y fronts or the good old thong! If you have to ask why there is truly no hope! :P EDIT: HEY I juts noticed somethin... what about all of us "freeballers" out there? Where is the option for that one?
  7. Thundercats was about a bunch of heroic warrior cats who left there home planet of thundara when it was blown da fuck up. They ended up crash landing on an alternate where the evil Mumm-ra wanted to rule and control the planet. The characters name that I know are: Lion-O- leader of the thunder cats. Used the sword of omens. Mumm-Ra: mummified villain, who could transform into a much more powerful monster. Mutants: servants who fear mumm-ra and do his bidding. Their exact names elude mah ass about now. Cheetara: female thundercat and the fastest one, used a bo staff. Pumyra: another female thundercat and skilled martial artist. Wilykit and Wilykat: twins; juvenile thundercats. se different types of ball bombs as weapons, which have different effects, like gas, explosions, etc. Snarf: intelligent "pet" of the thundercats. A creature that is scared of just about everything bad that happens. Jaga: Lion-O's mentor and teacher, who has passed away, and assist the thundercats in spirit. Panthro: thundercat mechanic... uses a mace, and pilots the thundertank. Lynx-O: thundercat warrior, uses a bollo whip. Ben-Gali: younger brother of Lynx-O, they look very much alike. Ratar-O: thundercat who was blinded when leaveing thundara by flames... an older, wiser thundercat (think of fodders.... but without eyes, HEH!) The Beserkers: powerful, seafairing villains... but low in intelligence. Posses different weapons such as iron gloves, and battering rams. ........... I may have mixed up one or two of the thundercats names'.... it's been a long time since I thought of da names but fuck it.
  8. Da_Esco²

    Ride of the Valkryies

    OMFG! ROFLMFGAO!!! ... speakin of which.... I wonder if this thread will survive to maturity, or be condemned to a fiery and dramatically painful future in an evil, dark place which is marked only by the mysterious letters.... "PH". .......... love the new banner though.
  9. Da_Esco²


    BWAH HA HA HA HA HA HAHAHA HAHAHAA ROFLMFGAO!! I don't see how any of ya'll would let someone come up in your house and jack they dick... drunk or not, that's just nasty as fuck, not to mention straight disrespect! ...... at least make them go out back and shoot they loads in the grass, so they don't stain the carpet! :P
  10. Da_Esco²

    they call it sand fish

    Heh.... if a slug ever bit mah ass, I would drive a pin thru it in the middle of the dirt so it couldn't go anywhere. Then walk in, get some salt, and pour it ALL over certain parts of it's body........ WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE, fun! Fodders: Why is it that salt has this effect on slugs anyways? And why are they so immune to poisons, and toxins of any kind in general? Sephiroth: HELL'S YEAH DAWG! I love praying mantis, they are pretty smart (as far as insects go) too, and they make interesting pets. Too bad that they will eat their own species, so it makes it hard to keep too many of them together.
  11. Da_Esco²

    what else besides doom?

    Well..... this is gonna be a long list... but fuck it, here I go: 1)Playin Video Games: love most capcom fighting games, playin intense shoot-em ups, side-scrollers (super mario bros, Castlevania SOTN, etc), final fantasy and dragon warrior/quest series rpg's, beat em up games (ex. armored warriors by capcom). 2)Collecting certain things: transformers, final fantasy viii figures (almost have them all, YES!), movie maniac figures. 3)Going out and wildin out: going to parties, hangin out at arcades, going to a movie, chillin at the mall, the beach, etc. Just doing different things with mah peeps, buying new gear for mahself, fixin up my whip (car), drinkin, chiefin, etc. 3)Workin at my J-O-B as a CSR (like right now.... heh!), and selling stuff on Ebay. 4)Chillin with mah wifey (girlfriend) Erica.... i've been with her now for a year and a half.... BIG SMILE! :D 5)Workin out and gettin mah muscles toned up more (hard work..... WHOA!) 6)Listenin to music, bootlegging stuff with my cd-rw, workin on updating my computer, and learning more stuff about electronics/computers, posting on some forums, talkin on aim, etc.! Actually..... the one with mah girlfriend in it should be up top.... but fuck it, I'm too lazy to move it so meh! :P
  12. Da_Esco²

    My 4th of July

    AAAAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW.... poor lil kitty kat.... dat sucks yo...... /me rubs the kitty's belly :P By the way... never EVER hold a firecracker in a closed hand. If your hand is open, it will just sting. However, if your hand is closed the force of the explosion could quite frankly.... well.... blow yo fuckin hand open... literally! I usually leave the fireworks that don't go off after they are lit alone, until I throw water on them.. otherwise you could really get fucked. EDIT: isn't Kool-Kat a girl? Or is it a guy..... just wonderin, cuz I've heard a few different things.
  13. Da_Esco²

    Silence is copyrighted...

    This thread is just another perfect fuckin example of how fux0red the usual legal system really is! It's amazin how many peeps use the US' laws against the government every year, and get away with some outrageous shit because of it. Da whole idea of silence being copyrighted is just freakin' ludicrous.
  14. It IS known as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles here in da states dawg. Although I have NO idea why they changed the name to Hero Turtles in the UK. OH and before I forget..... there is also a New thundercats comic series set to be released by wildstorm comics this august. The first will be a 5-part mini-series dat picked up exactly where da show left off. The second mini-series will debut later in the year, and takes place several years after the first one.... in the second series Mumm-ra has defeated the thundercats, with Lion-O bein the only free one left, and being hellbent on freein' his fellow cats from Mumm-ra's evil clutches. In the second series, several characters are set to die, and several things are set to change as well.... ain't dat some shit.
  15. Da_Esco²

    they call it sand fish

    Did ya'll know dat a Decapitated cockroach can survive for an entire month.... and even then da only reason it dies it because it has starved to death! They can be half-squished and still run away... they will of course die from fuckin infection some time later, but they is some strong little mofuckas! Dan: Da roaches yo ass is thinkin of are probably called "Palmetto Bugs" dawg. They are actually a larger variety of roach, which can release a rather acrid smell out of their abdomens.... they can also smell nasty as fuck when you crush them. You could also be thinkin about a common waterbug.... although those things are mean as fuck, and bite hard. They actually kill minnows in da water for food, dawg.
  16. Da_Esco²

    Life = Shit

  17. Matt: I don't know anythin about what they are gonna be playin in da UK dawg sorry. As for all of ya'll RID fans, all Target stores nationwide are having a HUGE clearance sale on all Robots In disguise transformers. The $5 figures are going for $3.84. The $10 figures are goiing for $6.90 The $15 Figures are selling for $10.30 The $20 figures are selling for $13.90 I actually got the target exclusive piece named CRYOTEK (a blue version of the transmetals 2 megatron red dragon) for less than $15!!!! If ya'll peeps are into RID transformers, go to target and clean them mofuckas out while you can! The Transformers armada series is set to release in august, so RID will be dissappearing VERY soon! Toys R Us, is also selling the TRU exclusive RID version of Optimus Primal! Get him while you can... they will also be da only ones with the G1 rereleases! The G1 Ultra Magnus and Rodimus Prime are set to release on august 15. The G1 Optimus prime is going to be released in september.
  18. Da_Esco²

    4th of July

    Heh.... I second dat dawg! /me drives up to NY and scoops up BBG...... /me and BBG drive down to the newbie's city, knock on his door, wait tills he opens it, then procede to drag him outside to da nearest port-a-potty and perform the ancient "Swirly" ritual upon him for disrespecting grandpa Fod. /me and bbg then drop the newbie off in the middle of Harlem in NYC with a sign on his back dat says "SLAVEMASSA!" and drive da fuck off! ............. do ya think he's learned his lesson dawg? :P
  19. Da_Esco²

    Silence is copyrighted...

    Aight ya'll............... now I'm fuckin scared! Dat shit is fucked up on so many levels! O_O
  20. Da_Esco²

    they call it sand fish

    ............... and you've never seen dat before? You obviously ain't ever lived in NYC dawg! I've stomped some of them medium sized german cockroaches 6 or 7 times with a boot, ON HARD CONCRETE, and they STILL managed to run away! Hell, in da ghetto.... we start namin them mofuckas! /me looks down and sees "pookie" scamper by again. Da fuck? It was only a roach dawg... I'm surprised the owner there didn't tell you to go fuck yoself when you said that you didn't expect a bill. Don't you know dat the roaches run dat mofuckin city dawg!? :P ........ notice da :P dat I casually placed in there you communist bastard!! (Just like below) :P
  21. Da_Esco²


    What........ da......... hell?
  22. Da_Esco²

    Castle Wolfenstein 0.3

    VERY TIGHT WORK DSM! Dat story would fit perfectly into the original wolfenstein! It makes me feel like I'm watchin an Indiana Jones movie for da first time again or somethin dawg! VERY NICE!!
  23. Da_Esco²

    Who's your favorite stooge?

    HEH! Still though..... he was technically a stooge dawg. But, most peeps don't even know he ever existed. Some peeps don't even know dat shemp was a stooge. Never heard of him yo......... info or link please, dawg?
  24. Da_Esco²

    they call it sand fish

    Perhaps Mr. Footman has a deathwish? :P Fodders: dat looks a LOT Like it dawg! Except that it was a little larger and shaped like a honeybee, EXACTLY. I know da difference between a wasp, a honeybee, a bumblebee, a hornet clearwing (a type of moth), etc. I used to read a lot of shit about insects and animals, but I COULD be mistaken. Da one I saw, looked just like a normal honeybee..... maybe it was some kind of color mutation. Except where the orange markings would be, they were white. It also had "bee shaped" wings, and da abdomen and thorax connection was different and fatter. I have also seen a bright lime green oriental cockroach which lived in mah house for quite some time... I'm not sure what da fuck was up with it, or if it was poisened or some shit. **shrugs** ........... and NO!! I was not stoned you fuckin fairies!!! :P
  25. Da_Esco²

    4th of July

    I HATE da new X-men cartoon with a passion that would rival the hatred that da US feels for the american government or afghanistan.... the characters are poorly animated and drawn, the voices sound NOTHING like the originals (which were ill as fuck, used in the tv show, AND the games), and the storyline is utterly ridiculous. There is almost no relation at all to da original x-men comics! Sorry dawg, but dat show is pathetic, IMHO. ........ and captain america WAS originally found frozen by the Avengers. He was frozen by falling into the ocean at da end of WWII, and found 20 years later.