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  1. Terminus

    The Top 100 Memorable Doom Maps of All Time

    This was a great read. I've played most of these and will definitely pick up those that I haven't. With the exception of some maps that don't really appeal to my gameplay preferences, but yeah! Jade Earth and some of my favorite Ancient Aliens maps were there, with some gems such as Void, Void and Rainbow, Struggle MAP29 and more. Would love to see more of this kind of thing.
  2. Congrats on the release! Will definitely check this one out soon, always loved your wads. :)
  3. Terminus

    SIGIL - New Romero megawad for Feb 2019

    I'm about as hyped as anyone else in here, but why pick an article that bashes on said project? They keep whining at how they're disappointed that Romero's big announcement is "just a megawad".
  4. Terminus

    Doom's 25th Birthday - What will you be doing?

    Studying for the next 6 hours, and then going back home to read the Cacowards and That Other Thing (TM), and right afterwards jumping into Eviternity.
  5. Terminus

    What are you playing now?

    Flotsam wasn't my piece of cake. I'm not a big fan of slaughtermaps and hellish platforming. I do appreciate it visually though, there were a lot of beautiful maps in there. Bloodspeed was really fun, it got progressively better as it went on. The final episode stood out a lot. Especially loved StormCatcher's map. DyingCamel's Demons #2 was very solid, a lot of great maps in it (Favorite one being MAP12 - Moonshrine), the quality was much better than the first pack IMO. The Rocky Islands map was quite unfun IMO, for the same reasons I disliked Flotsam. I was gonna play Spooktober Community Project next, but since Eviternity comes out tomorrow it takes immediate priority. :) Happy birthday, Doom! \o/
  6. Terminus

    Bloodspeed (Beta 2)

    On Map05, in this area, if you climb on the machine all the way to the left, you can get stuck between it and the wall. Other than that I haven't encountered any bugs whatsoever. Very solid and fun pack, the maps by Pinchy, Obsidian and StormCatcher (and the last episode in general) really stood out for me. Keep up the great work :)
  7. I don't recall posting a beta, other than that one map I finished early on. Feedback on that map would still be greatly appreciated :)
  8. Terminus

    What are you playing now?

    Plowing through ExoMoon right now. At Map16, playing at UV Spicy Plutonia difficulty. Real fun stuff, I'm usually not a big fan of non-linear maps but there's just something about this wad that keeps my interest and I can't stop exploring every corner. Finished Deathless last week. How in the hell did Jimmy make this thing in 9 days?! Plowed through the whole thing in 4 sittings, 2 of which in one day. Great maps, nothing too challenging but ain't a piece of cake either. Very, very solid for the timeframe it was built on. Next on my list: - Bloodspeed - Spooktober Community Project - DyingCamel's Demons #2 - Flotsam
  9. Terminus

    The Official 'Trying to Find a Specific WAD' Thread

    That's Armageddon Invasion 2. Very commonly found (well, not so much anymore at least) on most Zandronum invasion servers. This takes me back, I actually made 4 maps for this project. :) Here's a link: http://static.allfearthesentinel.net/wads/armageddon2v63.pk3
  10. Terminus

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Crossposting from the NaNoWADMo thread. This was a fun challenge, will definitely release this mappack sometime in the near future. Hope you're not sick of Hell Nobles by the time you're done playing this map.
  11. Finished most of the map, only a bit of detailing left to do. I'll definitely continue this pack and shoto for a near-future release. Congrats to everyone who managed to hit the goal, and everyone else who's like me - what matters most is that you made things and had fun with it. :) Here's the editor shot of 'Endless Night''s Hell Noble Spam Map Night of Knights.
  12. I'm at 3 maps and currently working on the fourth. My primary goal was six maps but I don't think I'm gonna reach that. However I'm still going to keep working on the project beyond the November deadline, as NaNoWADMo sparked the mapping interest in me after 5 years of not making a proper map. As per project rules, I'll post the RC of what I have finished by the end of the month, but that won't be the final version. ;)
  13. Terminus

    What are you playing now?

    Playing through Io Complex right now. I highly appreciate wads that add their own custom stuff without relying on R667 things. Gameplay's a little easy and maps look very 90's-ish, but it has a charm and I'm having fun, so that's important. Finished Djinn. It got progressively better and you could feel how the author was improving as each map was better than the former. It's not bug-free and there's a lot of things I'd have fixed, but it played well. Deathless and ExoMoon are next on my list.
  14. Terminus

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Crossposting from the NaNoWADMo thread, I've finished another map.
  15. MAP02 is done! In-game screenshots: Editor shot: Very pleased with how this one came out, albeit it being a techbase. It's a bit of a toughie too. Now which should be the next map I make....
  16. Terminus

    Best Single Map WADs

    Seconding Jade Earth and Miasma. The recently released Order of the Odonata is also a treat with plenty of visual candy.
  17. Terminus

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    I'm flattered! This is my currently in-progress mappack for NaNoWADMo, called "Endless Night". It's not a community project but something I'm working on through the month as a bit of a self-challenge. Speaking of NaNoWADMo... Just finished MAP01. Should hopefully make these at a faster pace.
  18. 13 days, 2 maps. I still feel myself getting faster though, so I should hopefully hit 6 or maybe 7? haha. Anyway, here's MAP01 of my map pack.
  19. Terminus

    What are you playing now?

    Almost done with Golden Souls 2. Man this wad is a whole lot of fun! Afterwards I think I'll catch up with stuff like ASS 40, Deathless, Djinn or Exomoon.
  20. +Order of the Odonata +The Golden Souls 2.
  21. Terminus

    Deathless - an Ultimate Doom megawad (Final!)

    You absolute madman. I'll find time to play this sometime soon. :P
  22. Began working on the next map, or rather, the official Map01 of the pack. Not much progress but I made a small cabin. Plus, this is my first experience with 3D Floors (Thanks for helping out, @Dragonfly!) The rest of the map will be outdoors, on a much smaller scale than the previous map I've made.
  23. Terminus

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    I'm done with this map, finally. Time to start a hopefully shorter one. :P
  24. Thanks! I consider my mapping pace slow because whenever I make a room I have to make sure to fully texture, detail and add gameplay to it before moving on to the next one. The rest of the maps will be somewhat smaller in comparison, I plan on a small mappack with this being one of the latter maps.
  25. It took me 7 days to finish one map, but it's fairly large so I guess it can't be helped. Gonna playtest it tomorrow and then move on to the next one :)