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  1. Fluffles

    Aaron "DemonSphere" Emge has passed

    RIP, one of the greatest duelers and a great character. You will be missed ds
  2. Fluffles

    Matchmaking is totally screwed in SnapMap

    I tried doing this today and had the same problem, really hope they add a server browser. They should do it for standard multiplayer too...
  3. Fluffles

    any PC players using Radeon GPUs?

    I've got the r9 290 and it's fine, playing it at high 1080p 100+ fps
  4. Sweet wad, up to map05 currently and really enjoying the gameplay/visuals! Nice one!
  5. Fluffles

    Could you live without multiplayer?

    I think snapmap will make multiplayer great. Someone will customise the multiplayer experience without loadouts, custom speed, no grenades, no melee etc and that may become a "competitive"standard. The current default settings are pretty rubbish. Loads can be done with snapmap and hopefully its truely taken advantage of
  6. Fluffles

    Doom Xbox One Beta Key

    Yeah it's from when I signed up for the wolfenstein beta with a mates code. Only problem is I didn't realise it was only the platform the beta key is for heh.
  7. Fluffles

    Doom Xbox One Beta Key

    Sorry Enforcer slightly too late. It's gone now, cheers!
  8. Fluffles

    Doom Xbox One Beta Key

    I've got an Xbox one beta key if anyone wants it, I'll be giving it away for free. I've got no need for it as I only have a PC. Post here if you'd like it and I'll send it to the first person (IT'S GONE, IGNORE POST)
  9. I'd still grab the PC version with that card, possibly play it at 720p res instead if you end up with problems. Even though it does state that a 660 is "minimum" you could easily get around it especially since a 660 is a pretty capable card for 1080p. I have one and it plays games like alien isolation at ultra 100-120fps 1080p.
  10. Fluffles

    Best players

    Top players ive ever played against when dueling (2007-2013) Zdaemon: Turska, mortal, jkist3, devastation, gyrossman, titan, sniper, welkin, xsnake, sedlo, demonsphere, ilekallio, wabe Zandronum: Ivan, Ilekallio, Xaver, rosking, Nati, johnzombie, metal, watermelon, russiandumbass Odamex: Jkist3, Devastation, ralphis, demonsphere. Just a quick draft of what Ive experianced. Sorry I cant really help much in the last few years as I havent got the interest in dueling like I use to
  11. Fluffles

    Running Doom 4 on laptop

    Why do you need a laptop so badly? You can get intel nucs or gigabyte brix soon which will have a thunderbolt 3 port (external graphics card) if space is an issue. If you really want a laptop though try get one with a thunderbolt 3 port as I stated above you'll be able to hook up desktop graphics cards (in the near future) to your laptop when your at home and still have the portability. It will cost you an arm and a leg though but you'll be future proofed and be able to play doom at whatever settings your desktop graphics card can play it at. http://www.techradar.com/news/gaming/5-irresistible-graphics-cards-enclosures-for-pc-gaming-from-ces-2016-1312763 http://www.gaminglaptopsjunky.com/external-gpu-with-thunderbolt-3usb-type-c/ It'll be worth thinking about when buying a "gaming laptop" considering the graphics chips are pretty shit for the price you pay
  12. Fluffles

    QuakeCon Doom 2 Tournament Results

    Grats Jkist Dev and DS. Glad you guys won n got trophys
  13. Fluffles

    Quakecon Doom 2 Tournament Details Announced

    glad they settled for what they did and didnt just go for doom2.exe or something similar. DevastatioNs got a great chance of winning this now unless maybe Jkist3 if he goes aswell. Wish I could go but even if I did win the tournament then on I'd not be able to cover any costs which sucks ass n ain't payin 20 million squids to go to bloody texas.
  14. Fluffles

    This park looks like a 1994 doom pwad

    Reminds me of Greenwar but white
  15. Fluffles

    Doom 2 Tournament at QuakeCon

    It will be incredible if the tournament was hosted on odamex or zdaemon considering the high amount of skilled duel players from both those ports. The tournament that day would be totally ultimate for the multiplayer community.