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  1. AlektorophobiA

    The new steam update for doom 1 and 2 are bad

    It's actually fine if you have never played Classic Doom, much better than having an ancient build of DOSBox with bad audio emulation, but idk why to me it feels like those bootleg ports you can find on the Windows Store (not quality wise, it's nowhere near as bad as those), something just feels "off" about them, and i didn't got that when i played the XBLA version, despise being aware of the bugs. The best part though, is no longer having to buy Doom 3 BFG edition to get No Rest for the Living legally, and the music isn't broken for the episode.
  2. AlektorophobiA

    FastDoom: DOS Vanilla Doom optimized for 386/486 processors

    I wonder if it is possible to add support for the 387 co-processor, since it's dedicated to doing floating-point math, it could help with some extra performance. Just speculating.
  3. AlektorophobiA

    Is a GTX 960 2Gb enough for Doom Eternal in a basic state?

    I have seen videos of the 960 and similar older graphics cards that are around the same performance like the 770 2GB (which i currently own), and the game while it runs, the framerate is just too unstable to play it properly, meanwhile the 1050 with 2GB of VRAM runs the game stably, with everything in low of course but it's perfectly playable, so i believe the issue here is drivers and Vulkan support on these older cards, that while technically they do support, but to be honest, it isn't the best, Doom 2016 for example runs smoothly on my machine running in OpenGL but it's much more unstable on Vulkan. tl;dr: NVIDIA has shitty support for Vulkan for cards older than the 10 series.
  4. AlektorophobiA

    Doom RTX On - AKA "Ah, shit, here we go again"

    He's just trolling at this point.
  5. AlektorophobiA

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Probably GZDoom, the map itself is Putrefier and the model lightning looks flat. EDIT: ninja'd
  6. AlektorophobiA

    Doom custom Wads on the phone

    The APKs are protected by Google's DRM, you can get D-Touch from Amazon's appstore, the bad thing is that you'll now have to deal with Amazon's DRM by installing their app on your phone: http://www.amazon.com/Beloko-Games-D-Touch-Port-Doom/dp/B00ZV118YK
  7. AlektorophobiA

    Doom Requirements

    I also have a 750ti and it's just a pain not being able to run the alpha on it, maybe they'll fix the problem for the final release, but i'll probably end up buying a new GPU instead, but i will wait for the next generation of Nvidia cards to see if they improved DX12 performance compared to their current cards (just to be future-proofed).
  8. AlektorophobiA

    Doom remake for idtech4

    Is this the same as that god-awful Doom Reborn mod?, or something different?
  9. AlektorophobiA

    Meme Jon Doom

  10. AlektorophobiA

    PC Doom1 running on a PS2?

    I've tried that one before, it's just a barebones port of SDL Doom, only worth looking out if you are really curious about it.
  11. AlektorophobiA

    Doom Alpha chat brinksmanship thread

    Welp, i got into the latest alpha run, but i couldn't play it because the GTX 750ti isn't supported by the game, i really hope they fix this when they release the game, but honestly, i should start saving for a new GPU instead.
  12. AlektorophobiA

    Why wasn't "Blood" more popular?

    It runs at 60FPS with 640x480 resolution with some minor slowdowns, but anything beyond 800x600 makes the game run very choppy, and resolutions like 640x480 just don't look very good on modern LCD screens. The optimal Blood experience is still a P3/P4 Win98 machine with a CRT monitor.
  13. AlektorophobiA

    *Actual* system requirements

    You'll be lucky if the game runs in your machine at all, Mobile GPUs don't have the same horsepower as their Desktop counterparts (the newer ones are getting very close though).
  14. AlektorophobiA

    BOSS FIGHT! Ode to Id.

    Those look really cool, it's a shame that Kickstarter doesn't accept Paypal though, otherwise i'd pledge for the project.