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  1. Hi everybody! I have recently discovered (thanks to the Doom 2 in Spain Only thread) that there is a sizable community of Spanish speakers in Doomworld. Last year I finished my translation of Game Engine Black Book Doom into Spanish, with permission from Fabien Sanglard. I has been proof read by three friends of mine but I think this is not enough. My idea was to open up the Github repo under the same conditions than the original one and also create a hardcopy version in Amazon along with the digital one, no profit from it. Fabien Sanglard liked the idea to have a cover done by a professional illustrator and so I arranged for it. The process lasted enough to make Fabien Sanglard to lose interest and since I had no more proof readers and no logo for the cover (the Doom logo is under copyright, so we needed one to replace it. The illustrator is still open to do it, but I did not know and still not know how to make one that does not put Bethesda over me). Fact is, if any Spanish speaker here wants to read it, please feel free to contact me. Take into account that I am native from Spain, so many translated terms will not suit your taste, but I am open to hear suggestions to make it less local to Spain. Thanks for reading!
  2. LordMeow

    Favorite bits of [REDACTED] Doom History?

    This revisionist history has made its way to the Game Engine Black Book Doom, I wonder why they insist on it both Romero and Carmack. I always saw it as a progression: Wolf3D was cracked into, Doom provided ways to play external levels with little fuss and Quake allowed a great deal of modification outright. It's even logical, since you're walking an unknown path and don't know beforehand the consequences of opening your game so much. One step at a time. Why the revisionism? I don't know...
  3. LordMeow

    Current tools for mapping

    Never heard about JeuTool... last time I used DeuTex was almost 19 years ago!
  4. LordMeow

    DOOM Memory Management Question

    Doom had by design a requirement of 4 Mb of RAM, this should be enough to play any level of the game with all assets needed for it, including menus and such. That said, it uses a caching system, loading assets as they are needed and marking them as purgable once they aren't needed anymore (or are expendable at the moment, i.e. the data of the immediately previous level). The 4 Mb are not reserved at start (except for the NexTSTEP version, which did this to ensure Doom never asked for more), they are allocated as needed and in modern computers the entire game fits BUT Doom will never try to load everything up front. As stated in the Game Engine Black Book Doom:
  5. LordMeow

    Current tools for mapping

    Now I see the Doom Builder lineage and why I was confused about GZDoomBuilder... So to be up to date, better check both GZDB and DBX, which also seems to be active. And let's not forget SLADE3, three editors to check out is better than five or six. What about nodes builder? BSP was the cream of the crop back when I fiddled with mapping, along with ZenNode which was quite novel back then, how has this evolved?
  6. LordMeow

    Current tools for mapping

    So GZDoomBuilder is not GZDoom-specific... I was under that impression, thanks!
  7. LordMeow

    Current tools for mapping

    Some days ago I feel the itch to map again for Doom and took a look at the current tools. Last time I looked Doom Builder 2 was the Tool-to-go, with a GZDoom branch aiming for GZDoom development. Which one is the current build/fork of Doom Builder? What map editor would you recommend for: * Vanilla * Eternity Engine * GZDoom I also saw some evolution in node builders, which one would you recommend? Thanks!
  8. LordMeow

    Documenting the history of Doom community

    It's obvious that such a book would be a labor of love, not for profit.
  9. LordMeow

    Documenting the history of Doom community

    It should be written in a friendly way, along the lines of 'Masters of Doom'. A great deal of raw data is there, in the wiki as have been pointed out, it's just that the sequence of events and the way they are presented would have to form a cohesive narrative.
  10. LordMeow

    Documenting the history of Doom community

    Problem is, as the community endures it becomes much more difficult to trace its origins. There have been many important milestones, but not everybody would agree on them. Maybe a detailed timeline, a sort of table of contents for an hypothetical book, will start things rolling. Or focusing on some aspect, such as editing and editors, source ports, map making (this topic will even be more divided, before and after the source release, etc.), demo making and even demo editing, source code analysis, history of Doom development... There are SO many topics... Doom was a pioneer in many senses.
  11. LordMeow

    Documenting the history of Doom community

    Maybe the problem lies in the difficulty of getting it straight, in an orderly manner. Biggest problem is narrowing the subject, I would like to have something about the first steps of the community.
  12. I have been recently reading a lot about videogame history and this took me to the Doom wiki, particularly about source ports, and that got me to the 10-years of Doom special about the genealogy of source ports... It dawned on me that a book or a set or articles, or anything about the history of the Doom community is in order... In my mind at least, this is the first community formed around a game, that has survived for almost 25 years, evolving the game after its release thorugh source ports. How where the first days? How it was to see released DEU? And when DEU 5 could finally build nodes? How about the time when the source code was released? The first wad? The history of the Doom community is so full of landmarks, it has helped shape other communities, this was the first time a game could be modded on such scale, it was this game which got me into game programming, which allowed me to see its innards... Maybe I am rambling, but I really think this should be documented, but it is a task that I hardly could do alone... To sum it up.. does any of you think the same?
  13. LordMeow

    Eternity Tweaking [Catnip Engine]

    Even with all his tampering, such a book would have been a great read. And yes, John Carmack should have release the DOS code with all the sound stuff stripped, and the code in an uncompilable state. In a day or so, everything will have been taken care of.
  14. LordMeow

    Eternity Tweaking [Catnip Engine]

    Kreimeier should have written that book on Doom source code... Maybe we should coordinate to write it. Very few people would read it, but the ones who did will find a fascinating reading.
  15. LordMeow

    PRBOOM Graphical Glitches

    Quasar once told me that not everything in Cardboard had made its transition to Eternity... though I may be wrong.