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  1. Smoother weapon sprite animations - Released!

    I love your and per kristians hard work for these smooth weapon animations. They really improve my doom experience :) Just out of curiosity. Any chance you could add a pk3 version with shell casings implemented? I don't know how to edit and casings is the only thing i miss in vanilla. Ty again.
  2. GZdoom + jdtp-20081108 = Problem?

    Thanx a million graf! Textures are working like a charm with the newest svn build. Tried it for fun on my craptop an noticed som grafix bugs when looking out the window in map01 in doom2. Don't know if you are interested in me posting this bug in the bugs section on drd. The laptop is from 2005 with intergrated chip, so might be because of lack of shader support? Again, thanx a lot, can't wait to get back home after work to kick some demon ass!
  3. GZdoom + jdtp-20081108 = Problem?

    My benchmark is now online http://files.drdteam.org/index.php/folder/view/oYqLZt8N Used your settings and played at 1920x1080p My system: Mb:Maximus formula 2 Ram:8gb Geil evo ddr2@900 with 4-4-4-12 timings Cpu:Q9550@3.6 Gpu:Ati HD4870x2 (2gb ram) OS:Windows VIsta 64bit SP2
  4. GZdoom + jdtp-20081108 = Problem?

    Awesome man, you should run for presidency! :P I have some free time this saturday morning, if i get it done i will post my benchmarks in the gzdoom benchmark thread on the drd team forum. Would be nice to contribute with something :) I got both a pretty powerful cpu(q9550@3.6) & gpu(4870x2) Would be nice to see how the latest engine scales. From what i read it seems to be cpu dependent on ati cards.
  5. GZdoom + jdtp-20081108 = Problem?

    Yeah, i guess it could not be that "easy" :P. But ok, then atleast i know there is nothing more i can do to fix it. Thank you zahl for taking the time to give me a fast reply. Really respect that kind of commitment to a project. As long as i know the problem is going to be fixed someday, thats enough for me. Where should i look for news on this, on the drd team forum? Wait for the next release of gzdoom and check the release notes & see if its been fixed? Cheers all, and have a nice weekend :D
  6. GZdoom + jdtp-20081108 = Problem?

    Thank you both entryway and Graf Zahl for your reply. Glad to hear it may be an engine "bug". Maybe if i could remove the lowres textures from the code, so that the engine was forced to run the highres alternative/did not have 2 texture choices to prioritize between.. But hey, i am not a programmer, just a gamer :P
  7. GZdoom + jdtp-20081108 = Problem?

    Really? Strange. From what i see here i downloaded the correct file for gzdoom. http://forums.yaa.dk/viewtopic.php?f=32&t=69 They have seperate links for all the different ports, why would they do that if it didnt work? But yeah, maybe i need to configure it right, need the right trick. Thanks for the reply man, anyone else know more?
  8. GZdoom + jdtp-20081108 = Problem?

    Hey guys & girls :) First, let me say, this is an awesome forum. Really nice to see the doom community so alive and kicking i 2009! Second: I apologize upfront if there already is a thread here with a solution to my problem, but i have looked hard, and found nothing. Now to my little problem (thats starting to drive me insane) I am usually a pretty resourceful guy, and 99 % of the time i figure stuff out on my own (or through my good old unckle google). However, i have tried tons of stuff the last couple of days, but havnt figured it out. So if someone here knows what i am doing wrong, i would be forever greatful. You see i switched from risen3d to gzdoom last week. And i want to play with highres textures enabled. In risen this was very easy, you just install the textures and enable them in the launcher. So i followed the instructions from gzdoom, and installed the latest texture pack for that source port. Its called jdtp-20081108.pk3 So i run this archive with gzdoom and enable highres textures. Now, the problem is that half of the textures ingame are the old lowres and half are highres. Flats (like ceiling and floors are always highres), walls and doors are sometimes highres, sometimes not. This obviously looks awful mixed together. In risen3d all textures are highres with no problems. What am i missing? This is what i have tried so far. 1:Created a folder in my gzdoom root directory called "textures" and unzipped the "jdtp-20081108.pk3" archive there. Read somewhere that this folder is autoloaded when gzdoom runs. It did autoload, but same textures are missing. 2:Figured maybe some highrestextures was missing so went to my risen3d texture folder, and made a archive of the folder called jdtp-20081108.zip with winzip. (read gzdoom can run zip as pk3) Same result, loaded the textures, but half are mising. 3:Checked the original jdtp-20081108.pk3 for gzdoom looking for missing textures. The techgreen textures in level 1 doom2 always are lowres, so checked if they was missing. But they are there all in their highres glory. 4:Downloaded and ran all the older versions of jdtp at the same time: jdep-20060601-1, jdui-20060825-1, jdtp-20071114 & jdtp-20081108. Same result.. Anyone else experienced this problem? If you did, and managed to solve it, please leave a comment (before i run out of hair to pull out in frustration)
  9. Smoother weapon sprite animations - Released!

    Amazing how much this adds to the doom experience. Thank you man :) PS: You should run for presidency!