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  1. Jonno8825

    Would you want Doom 4 to be this...

    Give me a classic style BFG9000 and I'll be a very happy doomer. Also, ditch the Zsec zombies, they just didn't feel right... must be the total lack of gore (it was like any other fps, shoot that helmeted dude, then that one, then another one, oh look, he's behind a box, better get him too). Another very very good idea... INCREASE OF STAMINA! I mean common, he's a space marine(?) not a fat kid eating twinkies, give him some speed damnit! NOW! I say ditch the tiny little annoying as hell monsters (I know that's wishful thinking, but here's to hoping) they serve no purpose other then for cheap jump scares and a waste of ammo. The cherubs were freaky as hell though, I did NOT like fighting them, they were the one monster that I was scared of, which is why they should stay. I wouldn't mind a bit of a plot, just not too plot heavy like 3, I would like the plot level to hover somewhere around the halfway mark, between 1/2 & 3, a nice happy medium. I think ideally... I want 4 to be inbetween the "classics 1&2" and 3, in terms of gameplay. Sorry about the TL:DR!
  2. Jonno8825

    My First Maps

    They look pretty good, I wanna play them. Man I have to start mapping one of these days.
  3. Jonno8825

    Sunder - Map20 Appears, finally.

    I love Sunder! This coming from me, who normally hates slaughter maps, I'm hopeless at them, but everything about sunder is perfect or near enough not to matter, even if I can only just pass the first level.
  4. Jonno8825

    [Release 1.3] Unloved (GZdoom mapset)

    This looks fucking awesome!
  5. Jonno8825

    Xmas Doom 2009/ 2010: Coming soon!

    This looks pretty awesome
  6. Jonno8825

    UAC Ultra

    I'm almost dying from anticipation.
  7. Jonno8825

    Lucifer's Rising

    This looks pretty sick, I'll be waiting!
  8. Jonno8825

    UAC Ultra

    This looks freaking awesome, I'll be watching this.
  9. Jonno8825

    Return To Wolfendoom

    This looks freaking awesome, looking forward to it.
  10. Jonno8825

    Obhack 006.7 Released

    Yeah, I didn't seem to get any SSG's at all :/
  11. Jonno8825

    Obhack 006.7 Released

    First time I've used something like this, and I gotta say, I love it! Thank you very much.
  12. This map is really horrible and bad. It was a major joy to trek through all of it. I've noticed the map works in Legacy, but not Skulltag. This map would be less enjoyable if there were less demons. ^^ The above stuff confuses me
  13. Jonno8825

    MY FIRST MAP!!!!! :o

    Yeah, I played it this time and went secret hiding, The first one is easy, it appears on the map :/ and the other two weren't that hard to find ether, good job though.
  14. Jonno8825

    MY FIRST MAP!!!!! :o

    Hmmmm, not to bad, small and to the point, just how I like my maps. the cybers at the were a nice surprise, I just grabbed the key and finished the level though
  15. Jonno8825

    My mediocre(?) map

    I liked the map, though there was way to much health and armor (I liked how much ammo there was >:) ) The start arrows on the ground were a little off putting however. I enjoyed the map, I always love a simple straight forward fragfest