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  1. gvozdevik

    Ukraine and the current situation

    Demonologist already replied you. I rode the topic. And for the credit, Crimea is doing what they must to do, a lot of people knows that Khrushchev's gift of Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic in 1954 is a joke, because Khrushchev is complete joke as a ruler
  2. gvozdevik

    Ukraine and the current situation

    Sicamore Stop posting non-sense bullshit that never happened. Thanks. I'm from Ukraine and I'm totally with connecting with Russia. Eastern Part doesn't need connection with Neo-Nazi region (except Uzhhorod, they don't give a fuck at all) If you'll read Euro-Integration documentary you may notice some sadistic things that doesn't fit into this country. But hey, you don't give a shit, because it's tl;dr. Best deal for Western Ukraine is Poland (like in WWII). I don't think that EU needs piece of country w/o any industry. What do you mean by "good"? UA is poor country to feed NATO and we don't need gay marriages. BTW, Euro Integration requires rebuilding every railroad, because EU have smaller rails. That's a lot of money.
  3. gvozdevik

    TNT 2: Devilution (Texture Pack in OP)

    whoa, You didn't erase me , thanks :) I was gone to university for a while. Map is almost ready ;)
  4. gvozdevik

    TNT 2: Devilution (Texture Pack in OP)

    Hey, I'm not inactive, I did 1/3 of my map ;) Here some screens: http://img192.imageshack.us/img192/911/screenshotdoom201203151.png http://img690.imageshack.us/img690/911/screenshotdoom201203151.png (I did them on skulltag)
  5. gvozdevik

    TNT 2: Devilution (Texture Pack in OP)

    Hey, Can I join and create map26?
  6. gvozdevik

    DoomWord v1.3 bug?!

    FIXED I turned off 3D drive and all worx Thanks !
  7. gvozdevik

    DoomWord v1.3 bug?!

    Mithran Denizen Uhh .NET Framework , I have setup iZ3D . Maybe this is problem P.S. Worst thing is : There is no source code ! Decompile is impossible
  8. gvozdevik

    DoomWord v1.3 bug?!

    Maes I'm using XP SP3 for sure , and this works previously =\
  9. gvozdevik

    Battlefield TC (version 6 is out!)

    I can say only two words x] : Epic Win
  10. gvozdevik

    Any Good wads with kickass Music?

    Plutonia 2 , Hell Revealed 2 , Memento Mori , Memento Mori 2 , Turbodem (Turbo Changed Arcade )TurbotTwo (TurboChanged arcade 2 ) , ZPack , UDM2 , UDM3 , UDMX , Whispers of Satan , Community Chest 3 , Speed of Doom . Also Music from old games : Blood , Duke Nukem , RoTT
  11. gvozdevik

    DoomWord v1.3 bug?!

    Hello there maybe It's wrong topic but anyways here's my problem : We all know program DoomWord (what creating big\small names(by using default doom letters)) http://www.tienerdisco.net/aap/DoomWord.zip Previously this program works for me , but different way , now It's isn't working :\ (I tried reinstall , reboot etc.) Screen: http://i1.fastpic.ru/big/2011/0226/9c/1eac0d0a42b9055d82c9153803d32b9c.jpg
  12. gvozdevik

    The DooMed Speed Demos Archive returns!

    I am really sorry about SR50 . I didn't submited in any compet-n's and I didn't know about recording options .
  13. gvozdevik

    Scorching heat - release

    Erm, I finded glitch or something, when I press F1 (help) there is old Help screen eh?
  14. gvozdevik

    Scorching heat - release

    Very big map maded by community it's pretty awesome work can anybody speedrun it or something ?
  15. gvozdevik

    Heretic: Contention - Release 02/22/11!

    Awesome screens . I shall download it