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  1. ptoing

    Your first Doom experience..

    Sometime in early 1994 (13 at the time) at a friends place. And funny enough I played Inferno first. I remember that at the place where you are in the thin hallway with the pinkies, I got freaked out a bit by the pinky, walked back, and then tried to physically look around the corner. Good times.
  2. ptoing

    Linedef numbers

    How exactly does one do that? As in specifically swapping 2 numbers?
  3. ptoing

    Linedef numbers

    I guess the trick I was doing where I needed this (changing floor texture without actually moving the floor height) relies mainly on linedef number, but maybe the sidedef numbers are somehow inferred from the linedef ones? I have no clue.
  4. ptoing

    Linedef numbers

    He implemented some other stuff that was mainly vanilla/boom related which I brought up recently. But I don't know enough about GZDoom to know if this kinda trickery would even be needed there, I guess not, what with actual 3D sectors and all that.
  5. ptoing

    Linedef numbers

    I think the main issue is that most people don't use that much hacky stuff anymore, or even map for vanilla/boom. I dunno. But yeah, it would be super nice to have something to generally renumber things which can not be renumbered atm without a lot of hassle.
  6. ptoing

    Linedef numbers

    essel informed me that you can also "just" cut and paste the entire level, sans the linedef you want to change to a lower number. That works pretty well actually. Ideally GZDB could have some kind of function to select a linedef and bump it up or set its linedef number by hand directly. Would be very neat for certain vanilla hacks esp.
  7. ptoing

    Linedef numbers

    Is there an easy way to edit linedef numbers? I mostly ask this because there are some hacky tricks that rely on the linedef number of a dummy sector pointing into another dummy sector being lower than any of the ones of the non dummy sector. Does not seem like this is possible in GZDB. Is there any easy way to edit this stuff?
  8. ptoing

    Shotty vs SSG

    SG = 1 shell = 7 hitscan points SSG = 2 shells = 20 hitscan points And I think each point has the same base damage value. So basically you almost get 1 whole shell for free when shooting with the SSG and making most of the pellets hit. It's really good for close combat/against big targets, as others have already pointed out.
  9. All I can say is, thank you very much. This is awesome. The small lines disappearing issue is not that big of a deal IMO. Would be nice if you could somehow circumvent it, but I wouldn't worry to much.
  10. ptoing

    Bloodstain finally out!

    Just played the first 4 maps and like it so far. There are a few things I noticed, though. In map 3 I think, there are places where you got former humans in little rounded cages in the corners of the outside of buildings. Those cage lines should be marked blocks monsters, because atm it is possible for them to slide through the cage and fall down when shot. Just looks a bit goofy, minor quibble. Another thing which I found a bit annoying is that you do not seem to silence the sound of instant raising sectors (the ones you use for stuff like 3d bridges). So you walk around and get these chunk chunk sounds which should not be there. Easy enough to fix by placing some small sector a long way away and making it the same sector as the self referencing one that gets raised/lowered instantly. Other than that, no complaints so far.
  11. ptoing

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    That looks pretty epic, floatRand. Could just put a Cyberdemon behind every pillar and it's cool, lol.
  12. ptoing

    Gotthard base portal

    Hah, that makes sense. Thank you :)
  13. ptoing

    Gotthard base portal

    I am aware of both those things, and they do not apply. The RK door is very small, like 72 or so units wide and I think 16 thick. And the lift is also not overly huge. I sent the map to essel yesterday and he did not have a clue what was going on either. :(
  14. ptoing

    Gotthard base portal

    Btw, there is a weird glitch in this map and I have no clue what causes it. It happens in both choco and crispy, but not in Eternity for example. Have not tested others. The problem is that the RK door makes no sound. And the lift by the Revenant makes no sound depending on where you are relative to it. From the front it makes no sound, the right of it it sometimes makes sound. Would be really nice if someone knew what that is about, because there is nothing weird going on in terms of geo as far as I can tell.