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  1. ptoing

    graphic assets license

    Heya, I am the one who did the art for the EE hud. I would be fine with a CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 license being applied to it.
  2. ptoing

    Are there any German mappers out here?

    Calling me a mapper is very generous, lol :D
  3. ptoing

    We have lost...

    I like Doom Eternal, but let's see how things look in say like 5 years or so. We will still be here, but most people who have played it wont go back to it repeatedly, like people do with stuff like the OG Dooms and Quake, because modding and all that.
  4. So nice to see stuff for EE. Keep up the good work. Played up to mid of map03 so far. Great stuff, even though I am getting my ass kicked even on HNTR.
  5. ptoing

    Plot holes

    Maybe demons work differently and can absorb certain stuff from other demons into their genome. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  6. Nothing special would happen, because it is the sector floor that also kills you. So you would still die and end the episode.
  7. ptoing

    Cant Perfect Perfection Milestone

    I think you can use more than one token, as long as you activate only one of the perks.
  8. ptoing

    Cant Perfect Perfection Milestone

    The suit perks are the stuff you upgrade with those praetor tokens. I think you can pick up the tokens all you want, just not cash them in. And the crystal things you only get when activating those crystal pillars, so you only do that once and then never again. Sounds easy enough to me. I think you can upgrade your weapons still. Has nothing to do with the challenge. I did not get it yet, but from the description it seems pretty straightforward.
  9. ptoing

    What was the first Doom source port you have used?

    Doom 95, which was in 2002 when I randomly found the Doom Collector's Edition at a Virgin Megastore in Vienna, which made me get back into Doom again after quite a while and also made me find Doomworld. After that I PRBoom quite a bunch as well as ZDoom. Now I mostly use Eternity for everyday Doom needs.
  10. That is the whole thing about good will being messed with. I am not a fan of cancel culture, and I am not advocating for cutting Torm out of the community, but I would not be surprised if it took a while before people trusted him to not do this kind of thing again. What he has done is shown in multiple occasions that he does not care to even give credit or ask people if he can use their stuff. Why he does this, when it seems that he can actually come up with maps by himself (or so I hope at least), is beyond me. All I am saying is that I understand why people would think twice than to collab with him for the foreseeable future.
  11. I would say that "ruining someones life" would be the end of the spectrum. When it comes to art there are gradients to plagiarism. For example there have been many instances where art has been stolen by some dodgy online stores and put on shirts and other merch, making a profit, and the original artists getting nothing. That is pretty shitty, IMO. What Torm has done might not be quite that shitty, but I would not hold if past people if they would not want him to be part of future community projects, etc. There has to be a certain kind of a good will in a community to function well, and it seems to me that he has violated that good will not just once.
  12. ptoing

    game stuttering a bit

    The reason might be cases where there is a lot of texture data needing to load. Also keep in mind that your GPU is below the recommended minimum, so that does not help. Have a look a this video, maybe these console settings can alleviate the issue. Good luck.
  13. ptoing

    BAFTA Games Awards 2020 - What a fing joke!

    Have you looked at it? Everything in the game that one could file under technical is very well executed.
  14. ptoing

    BAFTA Games Awards 2020 - What a fing joke!

    So you are saying that Death Stranding is not a technical achievement? That would be rather silly. You don't need to be a fan of the game (I am not for example), to realise that it is technically very accomplished.
  15. ptoing

    PS1 cover art in HD

    This cover never really appealed to me, the composition is just too noisy and unfocused. Doom and Doom 2 covers are a lot better on all accounts, imo. Decent job on the upscaling though.