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  1. ChAoS PsYcHe

    Nintendo's biggest data leak ever (aka GigaLeak)

    Is the source code for Super Metroid in any of what was leaked? I'm super curious!
  2. ChAoS PsYcHe

    What do you think of the C-family programming languages?

    Of course you can but the bulk of documentation, say trying to learn OpenGL, uses C/C++ code examples! I'm interested in C# because Unity makes use of it...
  3. ChAoS PsYcHe

    What do you think of the C-family programming languages?

    I really need to learn C and then C++. C because I love Linux and need to be able to understand code bases. After learning Python and now being able to 'think' in Python, damn it's hard. Pointer syntax is like uh. I need to double down and learn it though... C++ because OOP just feels natural to me and I want to learn OpenGL to do basic graphic stuff. I wonder if Python is going to be able to handle map editing? I dislike pygame. Pyopengl is like WTH. I really need to learn C++....
  4. Python! If you need help with concepts I'll even lend a hand. And a ear, lol. The transition into classes can be daunting. Stay with functions untill you fully understand them. How to define them, argument passing, and you must grasp scoping rules early! It's imperative. :-) Before functions understand the type system.
  5. ChAoS PsYcHe

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    Been playing a lot of No Man's Sky on PC. It can sweep you away at times but the "grind" can get to ya at times as well. I've heard alot about Metro: Exodus. Gonna have to check that one out. I recently beat the DOOM2 mega-wad, Whispers of Satan. Enjoyed the hell outta it...
  6. I've tried so many I can't even remember them all. Alot of "hobbyist" OS's and such. I love Linux/GNU variants. Ubuntu 10.10 was first foray into Linux. I'm comfortable with a CLI/Shell. I'm into programming and Computer Science all which came about because of loving video games and wanting to create them. Most of the time I run them in Virtual Box when checking them out... Haiku BeOS ReactOS and a ton of other hobbyist OS's There's a site dedicated to OS development and they have a forum where people share their OS's they are working on. Interesting if you're into programming and comp science or OS's in general... https://forum.osdev.org/
  7. ChAoS PsYcHe

    Which difficulty do you usually play on?

    Apologizing for being inconsiderate is fine. I can provide no further articulation in the interest of not derailing the thread. lol I play on what ever difficulty I'm in the mood for. I rarely play on the first two. I mostly play on HMP. I play on UV sometimes when I'm feeling hyper alert and energetic and REALLY crave combat...
  8. ChAoS PsYcHe

    What's your opinion on Reddit?

    @RonnieColeman Ok that just takes the cake. Damn.... The part on the "internet phenomenon" is very interesting...
  9. ChAoS PsYcHe

    What's your opinion on Reddit?

    Yup. Kinda clever how their marketing touts "infinite scroll" though. It's kinda funny.... I bet some users are like "infinite scroll?! Yeah I need that! Cuz this web page sucks and I can't scroll.." lol
  10. I grew up in the 90's so I'm a retro gamer. I have an old Super Nintendo. About a few years ago I discovered how great the Genesis library is. So many great games on that system... I remixed a few Ninja Gaiden tunes years back using FL Studio. I remember not being able to do MIDI composition for some reason so I just used the native plugins . Besides games, I have old CRT TVs and old computers. I use the CRTs for old gaming consoles. Great thread btw OP! Cool read.
  11. ChAoS PsYcHe

    What's your opinion on Reddit?

    I do alot of web browsing on a mobile device. Here's my opinion of Reddit... "Download the app for infinite scroll.." Infinite scroll? Wow, just.......wow Lotta good info on Reddit but....yeah....that one just made me resent that site. I mean I might just get the app to get away from chrome. God damn it's so annoying.
  12. ChAoS PsYcHe

    Which difficulty do you usually play on?

    You know, not to go off topic but I just gotta... Why do you feel the need to apologize? Your comment offended an earlier poster so they lay a guilt trip on you. So what, who cares. It happens all over the world, every day. If someone is offended, oh well! Politics has infested every aspect of human activity. It's a cancerous disease. It's also perpetuated as an aspect of "Divide and Conquer". So yeah...a lil rant..... 😊
  13. ChAoS PsYcHe

    A fun challenge for those that are bored with Doom 1

    Sick! I'll play around with this for hours!!! Edit: ZDoom has a "Summon friend"...This is wild.
  14. ChAoS PsYcHe

    A fun challenge for those that are bored with Doom 1

    Which port can bind in-game cli commands to keys? How?
  15. ChAoS PsYcHe

    What's the most annoying thing in the classic DOOM games?

    I also hate how the screen turns red when you pick up a Berserk pak. A flash would be better than a fade...