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  1. the_bookman

    The MARBFACE Textures

    its obvious that one is the arch-vile, the other is the baron of hell/hell knight, and one is the icon of sin.
  2. IGN plays Doom with John Romero! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YUU7_BthBWM
  3. I say someone takes chocolate doom and adds a high resolution option to it. That would be perfect for people like me who want the authentic doom but who are "picky" about screen resolution. I know I cant be the only one. They could give it a different name too like "dark chocolate Doom" since "regular chocolate" doom's sole purpose is to preserve dos doom in every way, right down to it's flaws. How time consuming could such an upgrade be? and the doom wiki needs to add a page about OPL emulation if they already haven't since the question about dos doom and doom95 music has been beaten to death. But overall, for what is out there right now, Eternity appears to do the best job at being as true to dos doom as possible but with hi res. So this will satisfy me until someone decides to upgrade chocolate doom with a hi res mode option.
  4. or just get rid of the options menu altogether. Who needs all those faggy options? people should be thankful the improvement would even offer them an inconvenient option menu.
  5. I have tried PrBoom+ and Eternity. And I must say, Eternity is waaayyyy closer to DOS Doom than PrBoom+. I think Eternity does a great job. My recomendations for improving it to make it even more Dos Doomish would be the following: -get rid of the big sophisticated option menu and put back the same one found in the actual doom games. All those fancy options should be part of some setup menu that you would launch seperately from the game launch. -Put the dos doom music in, not the doom 95 music. -take out any annoying source port references such as the credits screen. I think what would be ideal for me would be a high res chocolate doom source port. maybe they could call it "dark chocolate Doom". I like the idea of chocolate doom of making it as true to dos doom as possible, it's just the crappy resolution is not easy on the eyes.
  6. Is prboom+ the best source port to get as close to dos doom as possible (with the exception of good resolution)? if there are any better ones, please list them.
  7. alright, so basically I need to get some kind of source port to play the dos doom in hi res since the real dos doom looks like sh*t. that doom wiki needs to update it's page that discuss the differences between dos doom and doom95. In bold face letters, it needs to point out the following difference between dos doom and doom95: "DOS DOOM LOOKS LIKE ASS COMPARED TO DOOM95 BECAUSE IT'S SCREEN RESOLUTION SUCKS AND DOOM95'S DOESNT"
  8. after looking at some more images from that site, I cam across this one: http://doom.wikia.com/wiki/File:Map08_spectre.png This image is clearly from the dos doom because the spectre's partial invisibility is correctly rendered. It is a known fact that doom95 cant render spectres correctly(they look like refractions instead of shadows). This is proof that this is a dos doom image, not a doom95 image. yet, the picture quality is crisp in that picture. I play doom2 on dosbox and goto that same level in that same room in that same position and I am unable to even see the existence of the characters on the UAC panels in the background of the room(this gives you an idea of the crap resultion I am experiencing). Yet in that image, you can clearly see that there are characters on the UAC panels in the background because they have somehow managed to play dos doom at a high resolution. HOW CAN I PLAY DOS DOOM AT HIGH RESOLUTION?
  9. toTheDarkAction: yeah, doom95 does look wider than dos doom, but that is not what I am refering to when I say it "looks good". Im refering to the crisp clear pricture quality that doom95 makes when I play it on my comp. much better than the dos doom that I run on dosbox. also, if it is true that dos doom is supposed to have poor picture quality compared to doom95, then how do you explain this: http://doom.wikia.com/wiki/Aspect_ratio this link will take you to a page that discusses the different aspect ratios between dos doom and doom95. however, in the bottom right side bar it has an image of map01 from doom2. in it's caption it offers a link to "how this appears in the original Doom." which is a link to an image of how map01 in doom2 supposedly looks in dos doom. In that picture, the picture quality is very crisp. Much better than how it looks when I play doom2 on dosbox. the picture quality in that image matches what I see when I play doom95 doom2 (aside from doom95's Horiz stretching not seen in that image). So either A) this website is telling a lie by showing an aspect ratio corrected image from doom95 claiming that it is a dos doom image or B) there is a way to play dos doom with high picture quality as seen in that image. so which is it? if it is the later case, I would like to know how to make the correct configurations so I can play dos doom in hi def.
  10. so what you are telling me is that dos doom is supposed to have a lower picture quality than doom95 doom? because there is a big difference when I run the two different versions on my computer (doom95 doom actually looks good)
  11. Alright, so I have been able to successfully run doom in dos box. Obviously I am dealing with the dos doom, not the doom95 version. I run it and everything is fine except for one thing: the screen resolution looks crappy. It is no where near the crisp picture quality that I get when I run my doom95 doom. It's all pixelated compared to the clean crisp image I get in doom95. I have already tweaked with all of the dosbox screen resolution parameters and such. I have also tweaked the Doom option menu for screen detail which is set on "high". nothing has done a thing to improve the picture quality. so what is going on here? why does doom look like sh*t on dosbox? is the dos version of doom supposed to have a lower picture quality than the doom95 or is dosbox just flawed in this department? does anyone know what is wrong and how to fix it? please help!
  12. Okay, so this is really irritating me. I have doom95 saved on a CD rom, I am running doom95 to play doom off the CD rom, I have not saved or installed it to my computer. Now, as you all know, doom95 lets you choose the starting level. But here is where things start to defy the laws of physics. I will choose my level to play, play it, then eventually exit the game, and then remove the disk. Then I will come back the next day, reinsert the disk to run doom95 and magically it some how remembered what level I chose to start at last time. because that very level is in the choose level pulldown menu. How the phuck does it do this? In order to remember this, it must save some file somewhere in the same directory doom95 is running, yet doom95 is running of a CD rom and there is no burning or files being burned to the disk. The disc is finalized AND my cd drive isnt burning anything when I run doom95. How the phuck is this happening? IT defies the laws of physics! can someone explain this to me? Also, when I beat a level on episode 4 of ultimate doom, where it shows the finished level stats, instead of showing a wall of skeletal faces like it is supposed to do, it instead shows the map from episode 1 (the moon with all the stations and buildings on it). and it says "Hangar finished" instead of "hell beneath finished" like it is supposed to. Like what the hell is going on here with this doom95?