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  1. Keeper of Jericho

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Plutonia Revisited Community Project

    Given that I base all maps I made around being able to kill everything with the ssg, since that's how I play, I doubt that was the case because I didn't play any other maps besides my own until the project was done and released. But it was years ago and I honestly don't recall much about making TFP, besides wanting to make another map after my map 21 ended up so distorted from the original design due to vanilla constraints, hence why TFP ended up much simpler in design and layout. *shrugs* Either way, I remember finding the vanilla constraint annoying and I never did any vanilla maps since, not my style or strength. Not much of a fan of pistol starts, true, but the map was always tested from pistol start and made ensuring the player would have enough ammo to kill everything if so. I can see how one might find shotgunning everything boring, which is fair enough if it's how you feel, but it's how I like to play my Doom, so having that bleed over into my mapping style is only to be expected. But again, was made years ago and I haven't made a map in at least three years, so it might've looked different today.
  2. Keeper of Jericho

    Five Rooms of Doom: (32/32) - now on idgames

    Things is, I'd have to know if every author would be okay with that to happen to their map. Sure, it was my project, but the maps in it are still not mine (besides Nabataea), so I can't speak for the other authors. Hence why I took the certain for the uncertain. That being said, the project is now on idgames: http://www.doomworld.com/idgames/?file=levels/doom2/Ports/megawads/5room.zip I thought I had posted an update for this before, but my post seems to have vanished into thin air... Weird.
  3. Keeper of Jericho

    Five Rooms of Doom: (32/32) - now on idgames

    Took my sweet ass time doing it, but I've at last compiled all files I got after the last update and have finally sent the complete product to idgames archive for uploading. If I did everything correct, than hopefully the wad will be up on idgames soon.
  4. Keeper of Jericho

    Community Chest 5

    If Community Chest 5 becomes a thing I'd certainly fire up my Doom Builder again.
  5. Keeper of Jericho

    Five Rooms of Doom: (32/32) - now on idgames

    I will make a final, final version including Blue Feena's last update, then upload it on idgames, after which the project will officially and totally be done. It just will have to wait until I have my computer back, since it is currently undergoing repairs.
  6. Keeper of Jericho

    Five Rooms of Doom: (32/32) - now on idgames

    Alright. I've compiled all updated maps that I've gotten since the last beta and fixed the map 07 bug. As far as I'm concerned, this is the final release, but I will give it one more week for any last-minute changes before I try uploading it on id-archives. http://speedy.sh/wCwf6/5room.zip https://www.dropbox.com/s/7j6b1l2z41j4ln8/5room.zip?dl=0
  7. Keeper of Jericho

    Five Rooms of Doom: (32/32) - now on idgames

    Sorry cacowad, for some reason I was under the impression the map 30 revamp was still in progress. *facepalm* My bad entirely. They've been added to the wad now. So, if anyone can help me fix the map 07 bug, then the final version could be out as early as today.
  8. Keeper of Jericho

    Five Rooms of Doom: (32/32) - now on idgames

    Mostly waiting for that final map 30 revamp to be turned in. Once I have that, I'll be putting up a call for all final map versions to be turned in, compile them and release the final version. As for that map 07 bug, I've never made a map 07 myself using those special map 07 functions, so if anyone knows how to fix it, that'd be much appreciated.
  9. Keeper of Jericho

    Five Rooms of Doom: (32/32) - now on idgames

    I appreciate the time and effort you spent making a let's play, Suitepee, but, having watched your playthrough of my map, honesty requires I say I wasn't impressed. A lot of your comments while playing started to come across as whining after a certain point, especially since most of what you complained (endlessly) about was clearly the result of you playing at a difficulty level higher than your playstyle was comfortable with. To each his own, but complaining about getting a brutal beating when playing on ultra-violence is kind of silly, especially since none of the encounters are truly unfair; there's plenty of cover and ammo provided to help you through, as well as some helpful secrets to provide an extra boost. The map might be able to use some more health packs, which admittedly is something I'm not too good at balancing, since I play DooM refusing to lose any health (and I reload my save if I do until I get through unscathed). It's also kind of grating to hear someone smash your maps to bits, especially in the red-skull area, when a lot of the problems and deaths you encountered there could have been easily avoided if you had simply slowed down a bit instead of going in guns blazing and then expecting not to get brutally beaten for that (on ultra-violence, may I remind you). Having seen all that, to then hear you repeatedly saying "I thought this guy was supposed to be good" when the map's punishing you for poor gameplay decisions really felt kinda insulting and rubbed me the wrong way. It's not my fault you decided to play on ultra-violence and then get whooped by archies. Pick a lower difficulty and you'll have less arch-viles and high-level monsters to deal with, that's what the difficulty levels are there for. I'm sorry if I'm sounding harsh here, but that's simply how I feel. In your own words, after watching your playthrough, I was "not impressed". My apologies. =(
  10. Keeper of Jericho

    Community chest 5 start off?

    I would never say no to another Community Chest! I had a mapping idea flying around in my head for months that I wanted to try someday, anyway. =p
  11. Keeper of Jericho

    Five Rooms of Doom: (32/32) - now on idgames

    Was on purpose, actually, as I wasn't sure what to do with it yet. I personally don't think there was anything wrong with the original Infinity Nexus, and it'd be a shame to see it go unused. So I was actually going to ask you if you were fine with one of the two becoming a secret map 33 or something, either the original one or the new one, that's up to you.
  12. Keeper of Jericho

    Five Rooms of Doom: (32/32) - now on idgames

    As promised, with Getsu Fune turning in his fix, here is the third beta of Five Rooms of Doom: http://www.speedyshare.com/EjGs4/5room-beta3.zip https://www.dropbox.com/s/qb3n5e6vnxav126/5room_beta3.zip Changes in this beta include: - All maps sent in with bugfixes have been included - New images for the title screen, the credits screen and the intermission pic - A deh patch is now included so map names will show up on the intermission screen and the automap in non-ZDoom ports You may find the title pic and the credits pic to be meh and you wouldn't be wrong. I'm not a graphic artist, so if anyone has better pictures for those, feel free to share them. I made these because I felt an original titlepic is better than no original titlepic.
  13. Keeper of Jericho

    Five Rooms of Doom: (32/32) - now on idgames

    Alright, I've compiled all the fixed maps I got into the main wad file. Now I'll just wait for Getsu Fune to fix that small bug in map 18, and once I've got that, I'll release the third (and probably final) beta.
  14. Keeper of Jericho

    Five Rooms of Doom: (32/32) - now on idgames

    How odd. Will look into it, unless Hurricyclone wishes to fix it himself.
  15. Keeper of Jericho

    Five Rooms of Doom: (32/32) - now on idgames

    Thanks for all the beta-testing, soundblock, and everyone else for their map-fixing. Haven't been sitting idle in the meantime, either. I've worked on a DEH-patch so that map names will show on the map even in Boom ports, together with making sure the map names will show up on the intermission screen in those ports as well. Speaking of intermission screens, I made a new one for the wad and I must say I quite like it! Hope everyone else will, too. Third beta will be out once I've added the updated version of the maps I've been supplied with and have done the final changes to the DEH patch. I think after that we'll be nearing final release and the completion of this project.