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  1. In risen 3d, his legs fall forward and his body falls back and he's cut in 2 halves on top of one another, then I saw it again in zdoom and realized that was the animation
  2. wolf739

    lol "racism"

    chocolate rain, made me cross the street the other day - chocolate rain, made you turn your head the other way
  3. wolf739

    impse facebook group

    Probably won't even do it...
  4. I would post a screensgot of Return to Castle Wolfenstein, but, I don't have any, And you guys have probably already played it anyway, who hasn't
  5. wolf739

    lol "racism"

    That's so... REATRDED!
  6. Are you kidding me... HE STOLE MY IDEA!!!, no I'm kidding
  7. wolf739

    UAC Ultra

    Looks really cool, want to trythe finished product
  8. wolf739

    The StickGuy

    that's completely and utterly amazing
  9. wolf739

    donkey kong country tc for gzdoom

    I saw this and Sh*t myself
  10. wolf739

    How to make wad, not a map

    You would use XWE to put you're maps in Doom Builder
  11. wolf739

    The Groundhog

    around march? the ice shacks come off at the end of march... maybe it gets nice in april
  12. wolf739

    Looking for a certain scripting language

    I might just make it a Doom game, then later evolve it to my own theme, then stand alone game, depends on how many people want to play it...
  13. wolf739

    Why is DOOM not considered freeware?

    OK seriously, YOU are upset that Doom costs money?!?!? THAT'S NOT RIGHT! ok first of all Doom is the most flexible, playable, and overall most played game ever (God only knows it might even have more players than Halo) and that is a fully legitimate reason that it costs money! there is many possible thoughts that it could be free but that's why they made freedoom, if you want doom enough then go buy it you cheapskate! If you really can't afford it then get freedoom, so you've got no reason to complain so this was a completely pointless thread
  14. wolf739

    Looking for a certain scripting language

    Thanks everyone, The project I'm working on is more of a free-roaming doom game, sounds weird but I'm trying something new, It will be completely my own resources so it will be legal for an Iwad and will be a stand alone mod. The game won't even be doom, It will be a completely different game
  15. What I'm looking for is a scripting language that will let my WAD work with zDoom and will also make these following commands work - ambushes, such as enemies spawning to places just before you get there (used multiple times in a level) - weapon modification, to make the shotgun turn into a secondary pistol and the BFG 9000 turn into an assault rifle, and so on (I mean along the lines of firing types, not sprites) - enemy modification, such as weapons they have, again along the lines of firing type, and their AI such as taking cover(if at all possible)