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  1. The title is only temporary ... suggestions are well accepted. This is a zdoom map which uses jdoom textures, with some little additions. Plutonia iwad is required. I've always played this map with GZDoom and the Brutal Doom mod. Some degree of non - linearity at the end. Some use of slopes. I've taken some fun with long range battles, using the Brutal Doom rifle. With the classic pistol you will have some trouble, I fear. http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/191/island1e.png/ http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/138/island2j.png/ http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/171/island3y.png/ http://wikisend.com/download/435932/island.pk3
  2. johnfulgor

    Difficult jump

    Well ... your demo does not work ... Anyway I tryed with the latest zdoom version: it was very easy to made the jump. I do not understand... there is some reason why this jump becomes impossible in gzdoom, hardware acceleration, always run and mouse freelook; I'm using version 1.5.6... don't know whether it means something or not. Also tryed Zandronum with default settings: I can jump even longer that zdoom, landing on the pillar ... John
  3. johnfulgor

    Difficult jump

    Hello! I'm literally getting mad trying to make this jump: http://img607.imageshack.us/img607/5223/screenshotdoom201302042.png in A.L.T. wad map 23 I should be able to jump to the lower gray wall sectors... Tried a thousand times without any luck. I HATE cheating! Is there any change in jump maximum distance using ports? I'm using GZDoom. Some compatibiliy flag to set? Thank you!
  4. Hello! English it's not my mother languange and I can't understand what the zombie do say, save "Sector clear!" and "I smell human". What are the other sentences? Thank you! John
  5. Hello, I will gladly test the map with Brutal Doom. Can I have the link? Thank you!
  6. johnfulgor

    Cobweb decorate

    Hello all! I need some cobwebs to attach to ceilings here and there... Is there any wad or resource I can get them from? Thank you! John
  7. johnfulgor

    GZDoom lights

    I've disabled the faked contrast option and now the problem disappeared. Thank you very much!
  8. johnfulgor

    GZDoom lights

    Hello, this is the screenshot. I'm using hardware rendering mode, standard sector lighting mode. John
  9. johnfulgor

    GZDoom lights

    Hello all, I'm editing a map with very low light levels. I've noticed that some walls are completely black, or have a brightness unexplanably lower than the adjacent ones. I've tryed to change the light mode in the options, but the problem is always there. It seems there is something about brightness calculations that I do not understand. Can someone give me some clarification? John
  10. Hello all, is there any high-resolution texture pack for Plutonia? I've made a map using heavily based on A-BROCK2, but the high res conterpart I've found in the dhtp pack is ridicolous ... Thank you. John
  11. johnfulgor

    High resolution textures for Plutonia

    It's an auto-extractable archive with a collection of jpeg images. Maybe creating a wad from them would be of some use ... Ah .. solved it.. I've imported the pictures in the zd-dhtp pk3 with slumped, and put them in the (incomplete) Plutonia folder. It works! John
  12. Hello. Is there a high resolution texture pack for Plutonia, like the ones for Doom/Doom II? (GZDoom) Thank you! john
  13. johnfulgor

    Brutal Doom version 18a

    Hello all, I've experimented a bit about the shotgun and plasma reloading mechanism. Now it works like so. 1)The shotgun fires ShotgunAmmo 2)The shutgun contains a maximum if 6 ShotgunAmmo 3)Every time you load a ShotgunAmmo a Shell is removed from your inventory 4)The reloading process ends if: - You have 6 ShotgunAmmo loaded - Or, you have finished the Shell - Or, you press Fire and fire the just inserted ShotgunAmmo As to the plasma rifle: 1)Uses 1 PlasmaAmmo x shot 2)Contains a maximum of 30 PlasmaAmmo 3)If it contains less than 30 PlasmaAmmo, a PlasmaCell can be loaded, charging it to 30. If the original PlasmaAmmo was more than zero, it is wasted (is is contained in the old PlasmaCell, which is thrown away) 4)The original Cell gives you 1 PlasmaCell, and the CellPack 5 PlasmaCell The HUD now display the ammo loaded in the weapon. http://uploadingit.com/file/1vwj3p6h8dmmrlon/brutal.pk3 Is it worth to spend time going on with this? Let me know. John
  14. johnfulgor

    Brutal Doom version 18a

    Hello, what about this? When you use the alternate fire the minigun is mounted on a mini-stand and it starts to rotate. You cannot move, but your fire is more accurate. John
  15. johnfulgor

    Pickup state in a decorate weapon

    Hello all, I have a modified shotgun weapon like this: ACTOR Shot_Gun : Shotgun Replaces Shotgun { ... states { ..... ..... Pickup: some code stop } } But the pickup state is never entered. What's wrong? I need to execute a script every time a shotgun is found. Thank you. Patrick