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  1. I've been playing DOOM for most of the 18 years I've been alive, and I've never once gotten bored with it or thought of stopping. I know there are so many people out there who feel the same way I do, and I put new people on to DOOM as much as I can. So no, I don't think DOOM will ever lose its fanbase.
  2. splatterhouse

    Skulltag sound problem

    Alright, so I downloaded a psx sounds wad and placed it in my skulltag skins folder so I could play with them, and now that I deleted the wad from the skins folder, the psx sounds still play. I even tried placing a different sound effects wad in the skins folder, and it won't even load. I tried uninstalling skulltag several times, and I checked all the sound effects in all the wads I've been using with slumpED, and the original sounds are present within them. This shouldn't be happening! Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks