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  1. Tyler23

    Question about the Macworld 2001Doom Video.

    No I am not asking for the leaked E3 2002 Alpha! I think we all know the places to get it ;) I just asked for the video that was shown at the macworld 2001 in a better quality than the crappy one which is available on youtube for years now. That was the first ever shown Doom footage with our friend Birdman:). I just can't imagine that there isn't a better version laying around on someones harddrive:) It looked simply awesome back then and still does today.
  2. Hello Guys, Do you know of a version with a better video quality, instead of the poor 240p one wich is floating around in youtube for years? Or if this "Techdemo" was ever leaked? I still get exitetd when I watch this video:) And I still know exactly what it was like when I first saw it in 2001. How do you guys feel about this video today? Best, Tyler
  3. Tyler23

    Any link for the DOOM 3 Spidermastermind?

    Are you guys looking for this? Kenneth Scott is an amazing artist. Too bad he isnt longer with id.
  4. Tyler23

    Doom Posters

    Nice! Never saw such a good version. Adrian Carmack is amazing. From where did you get it?
  5. Tyler23

    Master levels background?

    Oh yes I know about his sketchbook. I have a Anthlogy. Some really cool stuff in there:-) Here is a picture of him infront of his desk with the origianl drawing hanging on the wall. http://img813.imageshack.us/img813/4599/15510596.jpg Too bad that he is lost without a trace since he left id in 2005. It would be awesome if he releases a book of his art some day.
  6. Tyler23

    Master levels background?

    Does anybody know who has drawn the original pencil sketch? Was it Adrian Carmack or Kevin Cloud? Its an amazing piece of work!
  7. Tyler23

    DOOM artwork / concept sketches

    Pictures of the clay and latex models are very rare. I think i have most of them on my HD. There is one photo in the PC GAMER issue 11/1994 where you can see Adrian with his three claymodels. I am looking for that issue for a while. But i can't find it. You can see it in here at id software http://img685.imageshack.us/img685/4548/228h.jpg
  8. Tyler23

    DOOM artwork / concept sketches

    This could be a sketch of the Revenant. Larger version
  9. Tyler23

    DOOM artwork / concept sketches

    Cool! Thank you. Yeah,looks very similar to the Caco. Is it safe that id took their inspration from that pic?
  10. Tyler23

    DOOM artwork / concept sketches

    There is a sketch from the archvile in the book of id: http://img689.imageshack.us/img689/2559/id011b.jpg That's right! I heared that before but i didn't knew if this is really true. Have we got a picture from that book cover? I would like to see it. Claymodels were made from the Cyberdemon,the DOOM-guy and the Baron of Hell by Adrian Carmack. Latex/metal models were made from the Spider Mastermind,Revenant,Mancubus and the Archvile by Greg Punchatz. Thanks for the replys so far!
  11. Tyler23

    DOOM artwork / concept sketches

    Yes, i know these pics. I'm looking for artwork and stuff for quite a while and have all the pics from clay and latex models i could find on my hard drive. But there must be more. Imp Cacodemon Pain Elemental Lost Soul Demon Former Human Heavy Weapon Dude These monster sprites were all made from concept sketches.
  12. Hi, I'm a new member. I have a question that maybe was asked before, but i didn't read every single thread in this forum. So sorry if this is the case! My question is: Are there any concept sketches or artwork existing which Adrian Carmack and Kevin Cloud made during DOOM and DOOM2 development? In the Book of id you can see sketches from the Baron of Hell, the Cyberdemon and the Archvile. I would love to see some of the others (Cacodemon,Revenant,Imp,Demon...) if they existing? Have fun Tyler23