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  1. Alright I'll have a look at it. Check your PM's too. ~Jake
  2. Hm, well that will be easy to change. I play using gzdoom. I put that in the readme, i should probably also mention it here.
  3. Hm, I can't seem to get that to happen. You're saying its because those sectors are double sided? ~Jake
  4. Hello everyone. I have updated the first post. I have posted the demo for my mod. Check it out! ~Jake
  5. Thanks for the kind replies. I'm excited to show you guys my newest wad. Not too much longer. ~Jake
  6. Thanks for giving it a look! I thought I wasn't going to get anyone. I appreciate the comments, and my levels will end up being much more intricate. I have made so many changes since this wad I have posted here. It hardly looks like the same game. Hopefully I have something to show for it soon, but I plan on doing atleast 5 levels first. ~Jake
  7. jxeboy

    Player start Items

    Unfortunately zDoom doesn't do this, but I have just decided to go with a pistol start anyway. After all, who likes to stab people? ~Jake
  8. Hello again! Over the last few days my editing skills have grown immensely and I am ready to show off the demo for my first wad. This demo is again themed off of Wolfenstein, but is not an exact copy. Included in this demo is the first level of the game, and a second level which is just a set of test rooms in which you can try out all of the different guns and fight against the enemies I have made so far. I play this port with GZdoom, the latest version. It may work with other ports, but I don't support any of them. I am releasing this for mostly feedback so I can make it the best mod possible, please let me know what you guys think, and what I should change. Here is the updated download link. http://rapidshare.com/files/328527595/Rettung_DEMO.zip.html Below is the original post Danke ~Jake
  9. jxeboy

    My first wad-check it now!

    hello, I am also new to wad making, but I tried yours out. I like the layout a lot, and how you descend from the center when you start. There seems to be quite a few missing textures, especially when I went past the first white door. Overall it was pretty difficult, I suggest putting more health, I could hardly make it through. ~Jake
  10. jxeboy

    Player start Items

    Thanks for the help again. I'm not actually making a conversion, just making interesting levels with the wolfenstein theme. I have played the Wolfenstein TC, but my mod is looking more like the wolfendoom series. I've been able to give myself less health, and ammo using wacked2, but i haven't been able to figure out how to start with the knife(fist) instead of pistol. ~jake
  11. jxeboy

    Player start Items

    Thanks for the information. Sorry I am so new at this, but you have to start somewhere! Hopefully I will have something to show everyone sometime soon, I hope the "wolf-theme" has some fans. ~Jake
  12. jxeboy

    Player start Items

    Hey, thanks for the quick reply. I'm not totally down with the lingo yet, but I think you're asking what I use to run the mod? I have been using GZdoom. For editing I have used Doom Builder and XWE. I'm not sure what else you need to know. Let me know if you have more questions. Thanks again! ~Jake
  13. jxeboy

    Player start Items

    Hello everyone, First post here. I'm in the process of creating my first mod. I can't seem to find it anywhere, but is there a way to change what the player starts with? I am creating a Wolfenstein style wad, and want to have the player start with just a knife, and maybe less health. I was wondering if that's possible. Thanks! ~Jake