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  1. Viewtiful-Chris

    Danger regarding DOOM 4's title

    Todd Hollenshead: If id software decides to go the route of Wolfenstein 2009 and call DOOM 4 simply "DOOM", I will be extremely pissed. It irritates me like all hell when I refer to, say, DIABLO and people assume I'm talking about Diablo *II*. This trend of sequels being named after the originals needs to stop.
  2. Viewtiful-Chris

    Beautiful screenshots

    I recently impressed someone on another forum by posting some of the fancier RealGuns screenshots. Now I'm wondering if people could supply me with screenshots that show just how beautiful DOOM can get. Only thing I can think of is Deus Vult II, and I'm having trouble finding good high-res screenies of it.
  3. Viewtiful-Chris

    Post your Doom picture! [post in Part 2 instead]

    Oh god, could you please explain to me how to record Chocolate Doom? I've tried both Fraps and Camtasia and they fail horribly. Also, it's harder to force YouTube videos onto an unwilling audience because they get to read the title before they click Play. With GIFs, that is not so.
  4. Viewtiful-Chris

    Post your Doom picture! [post in Part 2 instead]

    Well what's up with that? DOOM in motion is much more attractive to look at than in screenshots. Not like it's that hard to make a GIF, either.
  5. Viewtiful-Chris

    Skulltag Co-op Online Help

    Is this your server or someone else's? If it's someone else's, they may have it set that way and there's nothing you can do about it. If it's yours, check the DMFlags in the server config menu and look for something like "Keep Weapons on Level Exit".
  6. Viewtiful-Chris

    Post your Doom picture! [post in Part 2 instead]

    What? Why was my thread merged into this? There are practically no animated GIFs in here, and my thread was specifically about animated GIFs.
  7. Pretty self-explanatory title, there. Yes, I am readily aware that it is unfinished and "a bit aids", but seeing those sexy YouTube trailers has me hell-bent on obtaining it somehow that I may witness it with my own Skulltag. Can anyone be of assistance in this regard?
  8. Viewtiful-Chris


    I'm going to sound tasteless and unsophisticated here, but, UDMX. Absolutely fantastic, but skip the Sonic level. It will piss you off.
  9. Viewtiful-Chris

    Limitations breed innovation

    A great number of us never started with Vanilla Doom, and perhaps weren't even born when it came out. Thus, we should not be expected to give a shit and would prefer to take advantage of the incredible enhancements offered by modern sourceports. For example, how do you think my vcdag.wad would have worked in Vanilla Doom? It wouldn't. It wouldn't even have the Doo Dah Doo Doo dance playing in the background, which is vital to the atmosphere of the level. And silent portals are the greatest thing to happen to DOOM since the invention of bridges. I don't want to go back to a time before silent portals, unless I'm playing the Darkening Episode 2.
  10. Viewtiful-Chris

    Post your Doom picture! [post in Part 2 instead]

    Here's one from Epic.wad, MAP01, starting area. https://dl.dropbox.com/u/5169586/DOOM/doomfla160.gif I don't know why but that first image just entrances me.
  11. Viewtiful-Chris

    Where can I get the Alpha Version of Cutmanmike's Megaman DM wad?

    Cutman, you're awesome, but you seem like kind of a perfectionist. I'm happy if I can see Megaman sprites and characters on my screen, be they broken, clunky, or otherwise. Someone's gotta have it. I believe in you, Doomworld!
  12. DOOM is a game that should still be sold at retail outlets! And I imagine if promoted properly, it could still do well to this day. If only id were as good a publisher as they were a developer. Then again, Blizzard's publishing sensibilities (among other aspects of their trade) are somewhat evil. Thoughts?
  13. Viewtiful-Chris

    Will there ever be a wad like this?

    Yes, which is why nobody likes them :P Also, I'd say that the Zelda games repeatedly represent themselves. :P Much like the Pokemon games, Nintendo rarely seems to be preoccupied with delivering an original narrative without gratuitous use of cut-n'-paste. Except with Metroid, however, but their plots are minimal. When Zelda stops feeling like Zelda stops feeling like Zelda, I'll be interested. Which reminds me, I should play Majora's Mask again. That was probably the best one.
  14. Do you have a picture of yourself posted anywhere? I want to imagine a grown man doing that :D
  15. Viewtiful-Chris

    Will there ever be a wad like this?

    Doom does not have puzzles. Especially retarded ones where you LIGHT ALL FOUR TORCHES AND A MAGICAL TREASURE CHEST APPEARS! Perform random arbitrary meaningless feats of nothingness and a MAGICAL TREASURE CHEST APPEARS! Inside is a COMPASS! Now you can see all the treasure in the map without having to use your own eyes!
  16. Viewtiful-Chris


    The answer to your first and third questions: http://www.doomworld.com/idgames/ Go crazy.
  17. What? I first mentioned my age in response to (I believe it was 40oz) calling me "Gramps" in the TF2 thread I made, which he was responding to me proclaiming DOOM to be the greatest game ever made. That's not obnoxious, it's just a minor clarification. No, wait, maybe it was Quasar. Whatever. Since this thread is apparently now about Doomworld's stance on adolescents or maybe just me in particular or some shit like that, how about we just Hell this and give me a three day ban? I don't think I deserve an IP-block / permaban / loser or whatever people are foaming about, but it would be nice for people to chillllll the fuck out, me included. I'd also like to be able to view the board still if that can happen. Also, for those who can't detect (blatantly obvious) sarcasm in text, my last post was entirely bullshit written to amuse myself. To those in doubt about this, the TEC-DC9 I referred to? Columbine. So yeah, three-day ban. I don't think I deserve a perma, but I deserve SOMETHING.
  18. Viewtiful-Chris

    My first demo

    It's a UV-Tyson run of E3M1 (Hell Keep). Tell me what I'm doing right and wrong, both in my playing style and how to write up threads / text files for this sort of thing. It was recorded in Chocolate Doom 1.3.0 and is therefore Vanilla. Also, I'm curious: how can you distinguish between a Vanilla demo and a Chocolate Doom demo for COMPET-N purposes? Also also, since COMPET-N is dead, is there any "new" COMPET-N?
  19. Viewtiful-Chris

    Explain the photos thread

    Actually, Pic 1 is fairly self-explanatory. The sign is useless, therefore, not in use. Maybe they tape paper over it or something.
  20. Viewtiful-Chris

    Explain the photos thread

    That doesn't explain why the dorky-looking college graduate is holding a Cuisinart.
  21. Viewtiful-Chris

    The beginning of the end of bitTorrent

    Great. Let's see them try to arrest 148 million people.
  22. You know what, fuck this thread. I have no idea what the fuck I'm talking about and I can't speak two sentences without contradicting myself, requiring everyone else to either: (a) shrug, ignoring thread. (b) ask for clarification, emphasizing how confused they are. (c) react violently in a number of colorful ways, which they have every right to do to reinforce the fact that I am a childish imbecile. Being a minor, I have no right to post on this board, and I'm glad that there actually isn't a rule or a notice in the FAQ against minors posting on this forum so I could figure out the hard way and waste everyone else's time in the process. This is a Learning Experience, and it will help me on forums later on when I am an adult, and therefore worthy of having an opinion. This experience has taught me that being in an early state of physiological development, which has absolutely everything to do with this forum and my actions on it, renders me worthless as a human being and I should make haste in terminating my existence. I mean, why not. All I do is play DOOM and obsess over it. You guys have Real Lives with Working Jobs and are altogether commendably average citizens. Me? I'm just some teenage DOOM geek. None of you guys ever were like that, hell, that's a disgusting thought. Actually, screw suicide. That TEC-DC9 I saw at the local gun show looks pretty fucking sweet. Also also, I'm a terrible troll.
  23. Viewtiful-Chris

    My first demo

    So uh... Did anyone actually view it?
  24. When did I flood anywhere with anything? I've made no more than three topics in any given board. That's called "posting", not "flooding".
  25. As in, not promote the original, creaky, DOS executable as "modern" and instead MAKE IT A MODERN GAME and promote it as such. You people are way too literal.