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  1. (spoilers if you haven't seen it)

    Having watched this again recently, I have a peeve about the ending. Gene Gray (Or however you spell that) goes outside, lifts up the jet, and then gets hit by a huge wave. Now. I don't see why Iceman couldnt have just frozen the lake. Or at least enough of it to prevent the damn breaking. Much simpler solution, no-one dies. They didn't even think of it. I thought it would have been blindingly obvious... It was just one of those movie moments for me when you really just want to yell at the screen, because you can see something is about to happen, and they're so oblivious.


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    2. AirRaid


      Epyo said:

      They bring her back next movie, didn't you see the phoenix in the water before the credits? That was a little hint that the phoenix force will revive her. Duh!

      That much was obvious, but meh it all seemed unnecessary.

    3. Cyb


      I don't think iceman's powers were developed enough to freeze all that moving water (key word being moving, since moving water is a lot harder to freeze than water just sitting there) at that point, and nightcrawler was told to go grab her, but he said she was preventing him from doing so

    4. AirRaid


      I meant before that... before the dam even broke fully. Before Gene went outside.