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  1. I hardly ever blog anything but I feel like splooging a bit tonight.

    Firstly... what got me really excited... I rarely ever have much money to spend, usually not more than £10 at a time, and yet, right now, I just got given £50, perfect timing to go pre-order Doom3. w00tage!

    And while I'm here, I'm going to splooge (word of the day: Splooge) a little on RTC-3057 too, since Shaviro put out a new beta of hub 1 for us lucky lucky people to test the other day. Having played through the thing 3 times already, I fucking love it. Seriously the best piece of Doom I have ever played. The detailing in the levels is incredible, and not one of the effects used looks out of place. The level design is godlike, there isn't a single section of the entire hub which I would question the placement or existence of. As for the gameplay... it's awesome. You rarely meet any large enemies in the first hub, but he really does put the fear back into a couple of shotgunners. The whole hub is oozing with atmosphere and the story is awesome, and really well played out. The scripting across the hub is also incredible... by far the best I've seen to date. The new textures and sounds are all top-notch, and Julian has made some fantastic music which really fits well and adds to the atmosphere. It's a decent length too... playtime is in excess of an hour for me, and I know what to do and where to go. ;) None of it is boring though, even though it's probably the most non-linear first person gaming expereince I've ever had. The hub is very polished, but I'm loath to use the word 'release' in this little splooge. I'll leave that for shav, I think, when he's ready for it to take the community by storm.