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  1. Heh.

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    2. Bloodskull


      Danarchy said:

      I challenge anyone to beat me at Heroes of Might and Magic 3.

      I do recall having the game, but stradegy games are just not my bag for playing online.

    3. Bucket


      Grimm said:

      . . . I thought the Master System was the older one.

      The older SYSTEM, yes. But it took them a while after the first Sonic game to figure out how to port it to a simpler system, i.e. the Master System. You know, like Street Fighter II for Game Boy.

      P.S. I challenge anyone to beat me at chess.

    4. Job


      Numbermind said:

      P.S. I challenge anyone to beat me at chess.

      /me prays for Numbermind that Grazza doesn't read this...