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  1. Well. My day started off by basically not being able to sleep. All night. But it all went uphill from there.
    Went into Uni, had a tutorial on Discrete Math where I basically sat back and did fuck all since the lecturer was trying to get the others to grasp a couple of really basic concepts. So that was fun.
    Next a freind and I meet up with our freind Flic (Felicity) and head to her flat to sort out her laptop which is having problems. Straighten that out, and spend the next hour or so basically sitting around snuggling on her bed and chatting. Score one girlfriend. (Very coarse way of putting it :P but woo.)
    So that's awesome... I get home and find a letter waiting for me. The Student finance company finally got their asses in gear and sent me my Support Verification, and apparently I'm getting a whole shitload of money I wasn't expecting, which amounts to about £1250 in free money. So woot I'm getting some serious hardware upgrades in. :P

    So all in all... probably one of the best days of my life to date. So good it inspired me to ramble on at a bunch of people I hardly know on a random internet forum. Yep.

    Oh and did I mention WOOT!

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    2. Linguica


      do you show your gf your awesome thps2 skillz?

    3. Grazza


      So 28th October 2004 was one of your best days ever?

      I had that day twice, since I crossed the International Date Line just after it had ended (for the first time). The first 28th October was pretty good, but the second one was a bit of a pain.

    4. dsm


      Thanks for a nice thread bud - very uplifting to read.
      And congrats.