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  1. Hooray! My first major injury. I accidentally lopped a chunk off my left index finger while chopping carrots. It hurt like hell and I lost like half a pint of blood. Then I had to go wait 2 and a half hours in a hospital before I could get seen. Bleh.

    I knew I shouldn't have kept those knives so sharp. :P

    Edit: I took off about this much. Not too much but I'll end up with a funny lookin' finger. :/

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    2. Kenny McCormick

      Kenny McCormick

      I work fast food, which by the way you should never work if you can help it, bad for the back and exhausting. Anyways, I keep thinking I'm gonna lose a finger whenever I have to chop lettuce.
      Just my luck it'll happen today....

      ....accidentaly you guys, duh.

    3. Bucket


      Janderson said:

      You might think I'm a freak, but now that I'm afraid of cutting my fingers off I don't stick my fingers through the hinge part of the door anymore, kinda wierd I know :(

      I know from experience that your everyday door isn't heavy enough to pinch off even a pile of cartilage, such as your nose-- even on the hinge side.
      But it can sting like a bitch.

    4. Danarchy


      My mom and dad and their friends were into motorcycles when they were in high school. They had one friend that I met before who decided he was going to save time when cleaning his bike chain. His idea would be that if the chain was moving he could just hold a cloth to it and it would clean it. Well...he did so and th chain tore his thumb right off. The funny thing is that the first thing he said was "hey, now I have a draft deferrment!"

      And now he only has half a thumb.