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  1. Fwoot. 4 tickets to Maiden's only UK show on their Somewhere Back in Time tour. The one where they're recreating the Powerslave tour stage set and effects. Fucking £55 a ticket, but hell, I can live with that to see them play Aces High live.

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    2. BoldEnglishman


      Danarchy said:

      For a metal band, they aren't bad. Run to the Hills and Number of the Beast are pretty sweet.

      Especially considering that this band is incredibly influential in metal. I hear traces of their music in LOADS of other bands material, particularly Power Metal.

    3. Coopersville


      On the topic of buying concert tickets, I bought King Diamond tickets a few months back, and they just cancelled on me =/

    4. AirRaid


      exp(x) said:

      What the hell was that crap they dubbed over a maiden video?