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  1. A Drowning Mind


    i think it would be cool if you encounter only few humans, most of them already gone completely mad, watch em babble strange stuff, smear words on the walls in their own blood, watch em commit suicide...whatever! but one thing i don't want is a place where u can relax and get your missions, info or whatever....it has to be dark and depressing the whole time, u gotta have that feeling that you are on your own, no one will help you....also, i hope for the mood to be at least partially like doom1 was....episode 1 being fast paced, semi-realistic (in case of doom3 very realistic) settings, episode 2 being very strange, architecture and mood wise, (btw. shores of hell had excellent music, using it for some pwads of mine) and episode 3 being pure horror, difficulty / action / setting wise...also, i hope they don`t make hell too dark..not some twisted dark dimension or something quakeish, rather red, and bright in places, dark in others....i wanna see that infernal sky, those pentagrams and stuff! i like it old school! :)
  2. A Drowning Mind

    Doom 3 music

    exactly. the only thing NiN has got to do with goth is that many goth ppl like darkwave and electronic music also, which includes nin.
  3. A Drowning Mind

    Doom 3 music

    wonderful selection of songs :) nice to see someone like the older stuff, no "digimortal" and "obsolete" (except shock timelesness) here... also worth mentionable: crash test hunter / killer crisis desecrate i think fear factory would be great for the soundtrack, rhys fulber is involved with industrial, thus making him as good as trent reznor in doing this..the only prob i had with an FF soundtrack was for messiah..i'd have liked to hear more of ff..not just that short piece of music when your health drops to a certain amount :(
  4. A Drowning Mind

    Doom 3 music

    mike patton, trent reznor, some metal ppl (nothing cheesy, anything related to death metal would be fine). opeth would be extremely cool, but some might consider em too "goth" (they aren't, but many would). mixture between ambient and real music would be fine. the doom 64 soundtrack had its moments (crying babies in the backgrounds, sounds that grew more and more loud...freaky)..but overall it made me too sleepy... i hope id doesn't rely on the "fright factor" with doom 3 that much...if the grafics become obsolete in about 5 years, no one will ever touch that game again..if it has some solid action, then the graphics aren't *that* important
  5. A Drowning Mind

    The Doom Movie, For Real This Time?

    ok, if you can't imagine a PG 13 doom, think about this example: doom the game = starship troopers starship troopers --> starship troopers animated movie (if u haven't seen it, imagine a movie made for kids without a single hero dying along the way..and then think about the real starship troopers) doom the game -- > -l- R.I.P. should this movie really happen it would be very, very bad for my sanity..this is sad
  6. A Drowning Mind

    The /newstuff Chronicles #90

    I just thought I'd mention that "blinded by fear" is a song by a swedish metal band called "At the Gates" which was kinda important in the scene..I bet it's no coincidence that the author of the wad has got a swedish sounding name? ;) ok now kick me cause i spam but stuff like that is important for me to say :)
  7. A Drowning Mind

    What about good ol' Hell?

    well, it's a possibility for ID to prove they truly are the gods :)
  8. A Drowning Mind

    future of DOOM

    this whole discussion ( doom 1,2 community vs. newbies through doom3) kinda reminds me of how people that are tied to a special kind of music react when suddenly the artists they listen to get a lot of attention and now those folks are pissed off by little kiddies not knowing left from right but saying they are "fans"... well, thats kinda common nowadays, and some people may consider it childish..but i think that just shows the community really cares a lot about what will happen to doom and themselves... i wanna have doom3 at all costs, and i won't sleep for a long time once i'll have it....and i will play it through over and over again, but i'll switch back to doom 1 or 2 sooner or later, thats for sure..even the best remake can't beat the original
  9. A Drowning Mind

    What about good ol' Hell?

    'course it isnt...but then again, nothing they did with doom3 up to now seems to be easy to program :) i just hope the trip istn too short and hell isn't as dark as the base is..just a bit of hellfire here and there
  10. A Drowning Mind

    What about good ol' Hell?

    i don't know, when i read all the interviews with ID representatives i get the feeling the Hell - levels might come a bit too short...they always say doom 3 mainly takes place on that mars base...which isnt a bad thing, but i want my living tissue to walk on, pentagrams made out of blood,people on poles, living trees, burning skies...sulfur...brimstone...you name it....there should be a contrast to the constant darkness of the mars base...maybe a nice thing would be an intersection like episode 2 was between the real world and hell...leading to inferno :) i mean, just imagine a modern (or old fashioned) hell made with the doom3 engine...all they need is fantasy and the game could be even more frightening... maybe i'm just an old fashioned purist, but i need those things... if there won't be any (or too few) hellish maps i'm gonna jump from a roof or something
  11. A Drowning Mind

    favorite doom midi song

    most episode 2 songs rule..especially the moody ones, always make me think..
  12. A Drowning Mind

    Teleportation comes in real life

    wow, creating atoms from scratch? hey everybody lets create some huge thing, call it universe and let some dumb heaps of atoms worship us as gods... now seriously...no one knows what could happen to atoms IF they could be teleported...maybe they would get so hot that we would melt away..maybe we would die everytime when we got teleported...who knows, what the hell..that light - beaming success isnt that new anyway, heard of it a couple of years ago..and it will never work on living beings, there is no computer that can keep track of all the atoms a human consists of
  13. A Drowning Mind

    How to remove lyrics from Midi files?

    thanks for all that feedback, i think i'll try the soundrecorder before i dig for other progs......kind of a shame that it's so difficult making songs for doom to use....hell, i'd love to have 213 by slayer for my opening map =)
  14. A Drowning Mind

    E3 M8 Music Revealed

    you were right, sorry.. that drumming is obvious...this is south of heaven. but the riff is way off anyway
  15. A Drowning Mind

    E3 M8 Music Revealed

    south of heaven rules..and i know which part u mean, its kinda close, but i wouldnt say its an exact match. no way. btw splitting up my posts is kind of a habit, im using stuff like aim and icq all the time