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Everything posted by DaMan

  1. DaMan

    Looking for Wolfenstein MUS/MID wads

    Zdoom can play the IMFs which is what AFADoomer's Wolf3D TC does. DRO2MIDI can convert IMF to MIDI. The tracks in WolfenDoom are off of Bobby Prince's website so leave those since there are possibly higher quality.
  2. DaMan

    XWE Tutorials

    You installed this, right?
  3. DaMan

    How can I deactivate a camera?

    Use a lowercase s in print.
  4. DaMan

    Weeds General MIDI SoundFont v3.0

    You don't have 64MBs of EDO RAM on your AWE?
  5. DaMan

    3DO Music wad?

    E2M9=E3M1 The mapinfo will make it play D_E2M9 on E3M1. There is an extra song that I put as the intro. Not sure where its played on the 3DO.
  6. DaMan

    Thing locations

    Is there a way to input the X/Y cordinates for things like vertices?
  7. DaMan

    Thing locations

    Communication fail :P I meant things as in the round things in the editor not as a generic noun. Is there a dialog box like the ones for vertices for things? I like to be precise in my placements and if its not a snap to grid location its a real pain.
  8. DaMan

    any way to contact idsoftware?

    You could email John but ZeniMax owns the IP now so he might not be able to give the ok.
  9. DaMan

    Will there ever be a wad like this?

    This good enough for you?
  10. If your using Zdoom,Vavoom or Doomsday just use PK3.
  11. DaMan

    3DO Music wad?

    JagDoom had music? Any editor that can import RAW audio would work its just Audicity is likely the only free one. Mattfrie1, put this in the program folder. Here's ASPI if it complains about that too.
  12. IIRC you can't share Warhawk,GT5 Prolouge & Burnout so I don't understand the outrage over this except for the lack of disclosure. The use of Ubisoft DRM OTOH is unacceptable and unnecessary. ATM its impossible to pirate PS3 games. You can pirate XBLA games if you have a JTAG Xbox yet that lacks DRM.
  13. DaMan

    3DO Music wad?

    Cybdmn, I used aifc2raw then Audacity to convert the raw to wav. You missed bunny and some random song. Mattfrie1, try using 3DO commander from the above link.
  14. DaMan

    Blood (the game) for sale on GOG.com

    If you want bilinear filtering you can try Glidos.
  15. DaMan

    3DO Music wad?

    Here are AIFCs ripped from the game converted to FLAC. 3DO
  16. DaMan

    'Ethereal Travel in Hexen [zdoom 2.4.1]

    Don't forget the PSX cutscene's. For shits and giggles I added them to Zdoom though movie playback screws up fullscreen but if you're bored. Extract to C, play from the hexen folder and alt+enter to get fullscreen back after movie ends.
  17. Here's Voltlock's DukeTC if you need "inspiration".
  18. DaMan

    Monster Possesion wads?

    Master Of Puppets There's usually a populated server.
  19. Zdaemon has better netcode than ST. It uses less bandwidth per player and if the server runs out of bandwidth ST will try to play catchup (where your likely to get booted) instead of dropping packets.
  20. DaMan

    Why is DOOM not considered freeware?

    If it wasn't for Disney it would be public domain by now. Now you have to wait until 2088.
  21. DaMan

    Maximum line count in DB2?

    Does DB only do that in said situation or is there a button somewhere I can't find. I would like to retire dshrink.
  22. DaMan

    No Skulltag weapons when IDFA is entered

    I'd say a console alias would be easier. alias ImAcheater "give shotgun; give supershotgun; give chaingun; give rocketlauncher; give plasmarifle; give bfg9000; give ammo; give keys; summon impse"
  23. DaMan

    GoldenEye 007 (download link, bottom)

    Not quite GZ but I took the Skulltag mod and combined it with the SP mod. Load this 1st and this 2nd. Play on UV to pistol start every level. I didn't rebalance the levels for the tougher enemies so it might be hard. Unfortunately Zwadconv crashes when I try to convert them otherwise I would add some ACS and patrol routes.