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  1. th3malleus

    SKY Textures

    Deleting SKY1 was definitely a bad idea for future reference. Just start with a clean, unmodified base and add the texture in XWE by saving as a .bmp with a name like "CSKY", going to the "PATCHES" tab on the bottom bar, double clicking and choosing "CSKY.bmp" in the directory. That should place it in your "TEXTURE1" Lump. Save this new wad with a creative name say, "NEWWAD.WAD" From there, in your map editor, there should be an option to add textures from an outside wad (In DB2 this happens at start up). Choose the wad you made in XWE and then in the texture browser it should list "CSKY" as an option. Or, you have a completely separate issue and my instructions won't help at all. Good luck!
  2. th3malleus

    A little input for an area of mine..

    In The Shivering Isles (Oblivion), one of the equerries to Sheogorath has a garden in the palace. Now, that level of detail can't be approached in the Doom family of engines but the layout *could* work. (I couldn't find any pictures so just follow me here) Basically you expand the area, probably around 640x480, to create the boundaries. Then, make the inner area 512x384. Place the teleporters and items then, at the corners of the inner area have some trees or something to break up the line of sight. Then, create a linedef trap that spawns a revenant or some such creature in the outer ring and a demon or short range creature in the inner area. Players fight both. If they choose to take on the demon then the revenant, their choice and vice versa. Just a thought.
  3. th3malleus

    A little input for an area of mine..

    It could use a tree...
  4. th3malleus

    Visible Bridges

    Which lines?
  5. th3malleus

    Help with changing music

    What I meant was is XWE configured with the doom2.wad (Or DOOM.wad, etc.) as it's main .wad file.
  6. th3malleus

    Help with changing music

    Is your .WAD configured?
  7. th3malleus

    Textures where they shouldn't be...

    I see... The problem appears to be the location of the lines and when they cross other lines, weird things seem to happen.
  8. After looking exhaustively I couldn't find an answer to my problem so here goes. http://s1002.photobucket.com/albums/af149/th3malleus/ These four pictures show a room I made in doom builder, that utilizes some (poor) custom texturing. If you notice, near the right hand wall (Pictures 3-4) there is a point where the textures bleed into each other at the floor. In picture 1, near the waterfall the same issue occurs. However, this one will only occur when looking at the waterfall from behind. For reference the water in the middle is not deep water. This wad is using zDoom as a source port. Any ideas?
  9. th3malleus

    Help please?

    Ahh... I found the problem, the temp file wasn't using the Doom 2 IWAD. Yep, I feel like an idiot.
  10. th3malleus

    Help please?

    So, I solved the problem, it had a non-existant temp directory. However, now when I use the .wad for textures in Doom builder the textures don't show up.
  11. th3malleus

    Help please?

    Whenever I try to add a texture (in .bmp form) using the patches in XWE an error pops up saying it has an invalid file name. This is a pretty noobish question and I apologize if it has already been answered. Thank you.
  12. th3malleus

    A semi-automatic weapon

    Hmm... You mean like the chain gun right? In that it continuously fires.
  13. th3malleus

    Sound-making thing.

    Thanks a bunch.
  14. th3malleus

    Sound-making thing.

    A quick question, Would it at all be possible to have a 'thing', such as a dead body, be scripted to allow for it to emit a repeating noise like a distress signal?
  15. th3malleus

    The DOOM Movie

    Watch it alot. Watch it every chance you get, if it's on TV watch it. Eventually, the scars will disappear and all that's left is a cold, dark reminder that you DO NOT sell movie rights to anything you've ever made EVER unless you keep creative control.