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  1. XAwful

    Slanted 3D floors

    Is there any trick with these? I've gotten them to work a few times by chance but I still don't really get it.
  2. XAwful

    Palette Editors

    Well, I do lurv me some command programs, so colorgenie or DoomCrap will probably do it, thanks everyone!
  3. XAwful

    Best free hosting site for my doom related stuff

    Maybe Wadhost, though there isn't specific pages for files. And it's really just for wads. http://wadhost.fathax.com/
  4. XAwful

    Palette Editors

    Inkworks for Vista? Is it available? Or is there something besides DeepSea that can be used to edit PLAYPALs and COLORMAPs?
  5. XAwful

    ACS Help - Sewage Mixer

    I'm trying to make a big sewage mixer type thing for a wad, basically being a giant right side up propeller. script 2 open { Floor_RaiseInstant(2,0,192); ChangeFloor(2,"METAL"); Floor_RaiseInstant(12,0,256); ChangeFloor(12,"UACMETL1"); Delay(1); Floor_LowerInstant(2,0,192); ChangeFloor(2,"UACTRASH"); Floor_LowerInstant(12,0,256); ChangeFloor(12,"UACTRASH"); Floor_RaiseInstant(3,0,8); ChangeFloor(3,"METAL"); Floor_RaiseInstant(13,0,256); ChangeFloor(13,"UACMETL1"); Delay(1); This is the script that'll make it turn, simply raising the sector briefly to make it seem like it's spinning. This script, however, isn't working quite like I want it to, and I want to know if there is any way to shorten it. Like for instance, I've heard it to be done with For(Initialization, condition, iteration);
  6. XAwful

    Opening Cutscenes...

    Ok, the cutscene is short, and after you teleport and the real gameplay starts, it autosaves. But because it's so short, I could probably make it into images.
  7. XAwful

    DECORATE Request

    Yeah, I followed the link but it was in the GP format. If you could rip them, that'd be great, but would I need permissions from Falken? Otherwise, thanks to everyone else, I didn't expect as much feedback.
  8. XAwful

    DECORATE Request

    Wondering if anyone knows of any helicopter sprites, In a wad or otherwise. Not completely sure this belongs here, but I don't see anywhere else to ask it.
  9. XAwful

    ACS not working

    Oh, that happened to me a lot of times. It's the ")" right before the "2" that it's not recognizing.
  10. XAwful

    ACS not working

    I assure you, I haven't the slightest clue what this "Alsch" is. And check the line that has the camera texture on it. Is the variable right?
  11. XAwful

    ACS not working

    Do you have any camera scripts? If DB is still testing it correctly, then the ACS scripts might be messing each other up. Is there anything else using that variable? And, what exactly isn't working? The ceiling change, right?
  12. XAwful

    The monsters don't show up!

    Ok, well because I can find nothing wrong with my wad, I am assuming that it is the other wad it's being run with, as I have found that my wad by itself works fine. Thanks for the help, all.
  13. XAwful

    The monsters don't show up!

    Ah, yes, It's skulltag, and all monsters - custom and not - that are affected. They just don't appear. No "!" or anything.
  14. XAwful

    The monsters don't show up!

    Using Doom builder to make a level I find that the monsters are missing when I play the level. What is this?