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  1. phlum

    I....really need help.

    Hmm... About the new weapons thing - you will want to use either DeHackEd or DECORATE. If you don't want to replace any weapons, DECORATE is your best bet. You'll need ZDoom, though. There's an article on the ZDoom wiki on it. I suggest you read it. http://zdoom.org/wiki/Creating_new_weapons
  2. phlum

    Recolouring sprites?

    Huh. Well, as good as that is, I can't make heads or tails of it... O_o
  3. phlum

    Recolouring sprites?

    Hi, I've seen many WADs with different coloured monsters - and that's it, just different colours. A good example of this are Skulltag's custom actors - start a random game and spawn a Blood Demon or a Cacolantern, and you'll see. But, how is this done? Surely there's an easier way to recolour a bunch of sprites than going through them separately? And I doubt many mapmakers have the willpower to do that. Hell, even colourising in the Gimp changes some stuff you don't want changing.
  4. phlum

    WhackEd2 Questions

    Well, the MAP01 lump is the map itself according to XWE, as you get a wireframe image of it when it's selected. You actually need to put the DEHACKED lump above everything else; that's how it is in my WAD, and it works perfectly. And for the record, my DeHackEd patch is a .bex file.
  5. phlum

    A semi-automatic weapon

    If I'm thinking right, then you need to have three or four fire states before the refire state on your weapon. I'll explain if questioned.
  6. phlum


    Heh, you're lucky. Here's what it looks like in 1024x600: And there are things hidden that could be useful.
  7. Okay, that's odd. ZDoom doesn't seem to like my BEX file, but if I put the dehacked info into a new lump in the WAD, it works. But it fires much too fast. Should I change the duration of the state, or? --- Well, I've changed the action to FireShotgun but it's still firing plasma. Do I need to make the weapon use shells, because it's currently using bullets. --- Ah, I've found the action browser. In WHackEd3, you have to change the settings to open the action browser when you double-click a state. It doesn't have a sidebar. Anyway, I'll see if it works.
  8. phlum


    Edit: Oops. (look at the date of the above post) *facepalm* --- What you really need to do is make it compatible with 1024x600 monitors, which is what I'm working with. The problem with that is that some of the stuff in the states window is cut off.
  9. I don't quite understand what you mean. Are you referring to DeHackEd? ~phlum
  10. Uh? Can you get "too immaculate and beautiful"? And the last bit makes no sense...unless the reviewer likes Arachnotrons. O_o I just did another one and the map is apparently "horrible and good".
  11. Thanks. But, what I meant was how do I get it to fire said shells, instead of the plasma bolts? ~phlum
  12. Well, it's been three days, so bump. Can anybody shed light on this subject? Cheers, ~phlum
  13. Thanks to myk, this problem has been solved. Thanks! --- Hi, I wanted to get the plasmagun to act like the chaingun, but a little slower and stronger. However, I have no idea where to start or what to search for... Plus, WHackEd doesn't want to load Freedoom. -_- Could anybody give me a brief description? Cheers, ~phlum