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  1. E.J.

    About cyan in sprites

    Over the last couple of years, I've literally installed hundreds of different packages from the Arch Linux AUR. These two were some of the handful that have never compiled for me. http://aur.archlinux.org/packages.php?ID=51577 http://aur.archlinux.org/packages.php?ID=38295 Can anyone verify?
  2. E.J.

    About cyan in sprites

    Except that the Linux support blows, and XWE works great in WINE.
  3. E.J.

    My Internet browser sucks

    Why would anyone run Win7 on anything less than 4GiB? I'd use XP before that. Seven is a modern bloatware Windows after all, and was designed more for the growing Quad-Core(+), 4GiB(+), market
  4. E.J.

    My Internet browser sucks

    Another way to troubleshoot if it's your OS, or browser settings, vs the router settings would be to try out another OS on the same PC. Maybe you need a reformat, and reinstall of Windows...? Create a live Linux cd-rom, or usb, to test out the same browsers. Something like Slax, Porteus, or Puppy should do the trick.
  5. E.J.

    My Internet browser sucks

    I've never had a stable build of Firefox crash on me regularly without tracing it back to a specific plugin, or because I had too many of them enabled. Isn't there some type of debug console for these browsers? You sure this isn't a proxy, or DNS error of some sort? Have you attempted to reset your router to the factory settings?
  6. E.J.

    Help finding last XWE beta...?

    Many thanks. This seems to be the only decent Doom editor that runs fine in Wine, or at least for what I need to do.
  7. E.J.

    The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

    As my current PC is a POS, I went ahead with the PS3 purchase a while back. A word of advice towards PS3 owners, don't bother. There are some pretty major game breaking bugs, and that's outside the generic ones that plague all platforms. The PC version would be optimal of course, but I hear the 360 version is also acceptable.
  8. Hello. Can somebody help me find the last XWE beta executable that was released once upon a time? All I'm finding are dead links. (even from the WBM) I'd appreciate an upload from anyone fortunate enough to still have it. ;-)
  9. E.J.

    DoomWiki.org is now open!

    Is it just me, or are more people still editing the old wikia site?
  10. E.J.

    Recommended Linux Distro

    If your willing to find a little balance of ease of use, and time spent setting it up, I'd pick Arch. That's why I chose it. If you need only one extreme - ease of use vs performance due to tweaking - you have Debian and Gentoo. Debian really is the universal Linux operating system. On the other hand, I'll pull in the latest Svn/Git package optimized to my exact system with no user intervention other than a "yaourt -S foo" by using Arch. This includes chocolate-doom, and ZDoom. BAM, up to date with the latest features, or bug fixes.
  11. E.J.

    Doom 3 Source Code Released

    Cool. Something else to throw out there... Does this cover the Xbox version? Could the Xbox version hypothetically be compiled as well?
  12. E.J.

    Would you date someone who is transgendered?

    I don't see anything relating to homosexuality in these examples. But yes, I've already admitted my biases from the get go. "I'd have trouble seeing ...", and blah blah blah. Everyone has biases to overcome. What actually matters in the end is regardless of whether there are genetic factors, or purely environmental factors involved, I've never said they actually had a 'choice' in the matter. Some people arrogantly think that the decisions they make aren't already decided before they are 'consciously' aware of what's been decided. In other words, you've already made your decisions before you're aware of what those decisions are.
  13. E.J.

    Would you date someone who is transgendered?

    Okay maybe I did wing the number, but it's probably lower on what I stated. It was referencing the percentage of people from the following category who actually had a reason to say that they were. 'People who claim they were actually born the wrong sex'. This is what the ambiguous percentage was referring to. Sex and gender are two separate, although maybe not completely removed, categories if you look at the issue from a reductionist viewpoint.
  14. E.J.

    Would you date someone who is transgendered?

    Perhaps you're unaware of how rare these specific types of chromosomal opposite developmental paths are...? In fact they can be straight up genetic as well, ie - non-developmental, but predetermined at conception. I have yet to see this data you're referring to. With the exception of a study of birth defects created by exposure to a specific environmental pollutant back in the 60-70's I believe (higher incidence of female homosexuality), the general scientific consensus is that homosexual behavior is perfectly natural, and caused by a variety of factors including genetics. Maybe you should do some reading on the Kinsey scales? Just because certain people have learned to be exclusively Gay, or Straight, doesn't mean that they don't have a certain level of non-contiguous behavior to their self-identified sexual preference grouping.
  15. E.J.

    Doom 3 Source Code Released

    Have there been any attempts to start building resources for the game engine yet?