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  1. Wait... this just occured to me... (I am a little slow...) You are THE Gusta? If you want to record it, thats cool. I have always been enthralled with Ticket to Eternity. Probably one of my favotite maps. Second to Arch-Violence. Great Maps! But anyways... if you want to record a demo that would be really cool. Lol at my earlier questions... "Have any ideas? Or do you know where the other ones are?" Ha ha ha ... der...
  2. Well one time, after playing the level for some time, I ran back to the beginning to check up on them. I noticed that the second keen had been exposed. I do not remember seeing a keen in the level and I did not pay attention to what I had been doing to trigger it, so I have no idea how it happened. Have any ideas? Or do you know where the other ones are? Thanks again.
  3. Thanks Gusta. So if you find a Commander Keen in the level and shoot it, the corresponding compartment will open? What skull switches are you talking about? The ones behind the Keens?
  4. Does anyone know what exactly is the purpose of the commander keens in Map 29 Ticket to Eternity in Plutonia 2? What triggers their 'compartments' to be opened? What happens if they are all opened? Just wondering...
  5. Ok. I read it all and reread it. I am gonna go out and work on it. When I hit a snag or something else I will post a bunch of questions as they come to mind. Thanks for all the help!
  6. Hi. Long time lurker. Read tons of posts from lots of sites, read up on ZDoom, doom wikis and such. Decided to register here. I like it the most. I have lots of questions. I read the FAQ's and all the 'Read this first you 'tard" stuff. Basically, I want to be able to play Doom with my friend on our lap tops. We have Dell inspiron 3800 and 8100. I want to be able play all the awesome PWAD's and fan made material I have read and read about. Especially Memento Mori and Community Chests. I have a basic understanding of most of the terminology used on Doom forums involving software. Here is where you come in DoomWorld: I scoured the web trying to find a 'step by step' process for playing doom and playing fan made content. I found a lot of "how to's" and stuff like that, but it skips a lot of steps because almost all assume the reader has a compete understanding of the text. Well, I do not. I would like it if the DoomWorld community could come together and help organize a ground up "how to" involving getting the most out of the doom experience, while keeping in mind that I (and other readers) need to have their hand held... probably the whole way. Mods, please do not delete this or refer me to FAQ or something similar. I am just doing my homework. Both lap tops have XP. I am well aware of the deficiencies of that OS in terms of Doom. I am not asking how to run Doom on XP. So... Did I ask too many questions? Did I ask too little? The wrong ones? Point me in the right direction starting at Step Number 0. Ask me questions if you want. I guess to start, a list of things I need to get the most out of doom would be nice... What OS should I use? Programs I need? (MS DOS, WIN9x...? Help me!), A mouse? Cables to link two laptops? Where should I start? Where to get all this? Sorry about the book I wrote. Just trying to cover all bases.