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  1. WildWeasel`

    Storing Wads

    Here's the layout of my doom dir: DOOM\ --BOOM\ <My PRBoom source port. I use it for WolfenDoom.> --DOOMSDAY\ <I use this for just plain ol' Doom.> --ETERNITY\ <I use this for older DEH mods, like GunX.> --EDGE\ <Mod Central. I make all my mods here!> --LEGACY\ <For multiplayer co-op, and the rare map that requires Legacy.> --ZDOOM\ <For single-player, newer DEH mods, botmatches, and Dark7.> After all the source port DIR's, there are the EXE's of all the original games (Doom, Doom2, Heretic, and Hexen) plus the IWADs (including Ultimate Doom and Deathkings of the Dark Citadel) and a copy of GLBSPX. I do the same thing with my Quake stuff too.
  2. WildWeasel`

    "TeleCrisis - Betrayal" Screenie!

    And the significance of that is....? I posted this for a showcase of the fact that I actually do something around here, not for Deathbringer to post pointless things. Heck, we get this all the time over at digitalmzx.net...
  3. Over at Radtard's Place (geocities.com/radtard) is a WAD called "Library et. al." which takes place somewhere in Oklahoma. It includes a library, an exercise place, something else, and a back alley complete with a dumpster and loading truck (the dumpster's got a plasma gun in it if i remember right...WHO IN THE HECK WOULD THROW AWAY A PLASMA GUN?)
  4. WildWeasel`

    "TeleCrisis - Betrayal" Screenie!

    Yes, the exact mod that I was asking for help with has now made some actual progress! I've got 1 fully functional weapon (no graphics though) and 1 item, so here's a screenshot of the item!
  5. WildWeasel`

    Reply to Strife full game

    It's a nice video. Thanks for going through all the trouble of formatting it!
  6. WildWeasel`

    Reply to Strife full game

    I'm interested in something like this. tripod.com gives you about 50MB, and they're relatively fast. Just pop your BINK file in a Zip, put it on Tripod, then hack up an INDEX.HTML that links to the ZIP. Done!
  7. WildWeasel`

    Independence Doom

    Ugh, false alarm. I forgot to do the darn thing all week, and as a result, it's too late to release! I was supposed to put it out on the week of July 4th and I missed it. Ah well, I'll just forget about it (not like it was that good of a mod anyway, it just changed everything into rocket launchers...)
  8. WildWeasel`

    Independence Doom

    A simple DOOM mod created in honor of the USA's Independence Day (July 4th) shall be released tomorrow. Essentially, it's not meant for regular gameplay: just a novelty. What it does is it changes ALL of the weapons in Doom (except the BFG and melee weapons) into explosive items. Keep an eye out for it tomorrow! (NOTE: Doomworld staff, when I announce the release please put it on the news page. Thanks)
  9. WildWeasel`

    BMP and Picture Quality

    Yeah, my preferred method of getting things to Doom is loading the palette on "ERROR DIFFUSION" mode...however, it almost looks worse than if I did "NEAREST COLOR" because of misplaced speckles everywhere. For an example, look at the AK47 view sprites in Weasel's Weapons...it's a good sprite except for those speckles! EEW.
  10. WildWeasel`


    For level testing I would recommend you use either ZDoom or PRBoom in software mode. They seem to be the best non-GL BOOM-compatible Windows ports for map testing, as I've come to realize. For ZDoom, I would recommend the 1.22 stable version (obvious reasons).
  11. WildWeasel`

    Help wanted for Doom TC

    .....oh joy, everything has a price these days X_x
  12. WildWeasel`

    Project name

    Isn't the sole purpose of FreeDOOM to work with ANY Doom source port? If you're using a DEH lump, that would pretty much eliminate most compatibility with EDGE and Doomsday, as well as any other port that doesn't support DEH lumps.
  13. WildWeasel`

    Project name

    How about: Frewad (derivative from "Free IWAD", sorta) Foom!! (as in, the sound of an explosion underwater...nah, that would be for a sub simulator) Mars Siege (I dunno...) Attack of the Demons (hey, if Star Wars could do it, so can we) Despayre (I like it.) Death Apocolypse
  14. WildWeasel`

    Weapons sounds

    I am availible for weapons sounds. I am very good at making sounds that fit weapons, as well as other things (such as weapon pickups and other non-standard sounds, example the item pickup sound). Just gimme something to do and I'll do it! Of course, I might consider redoing the Powerup sound (it drives me mad). Hang on a bit!
  15. WildWeasel`

    Weasel's Weapons Final Release

    Doomboy: What browser do you use? I don't know what my page's compatibility is, but I know it works with IE 6 and Opera 6.03. Try wildweasel4.tripod.com/main.htm if you think the intro page doesn't load, or if you cant get main to load try http://wildweasel4.tripod.com/files.htm .