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  1. Demon101

    Doom Builder 64?

    I realy want to make doom64 maps again, But I can't find doom builder 64 anywhere, Also the links i tried on the other threads are broken.
  2. My computer is an ACER, It runs Hexen 2 without troble, It runs Sims 3 And i have quake 1 to 3. And also minecraft.
  3. It is not that, Its is the GL(hardware).
  4. The title says it all. When i open it, the error window comes up.
  5. Demon101

    Where can I find this mod?

  6. Demon101

    Where can I find this mod?

    Where can i get that?
  7. Demon101

    Where can I find this mod?

    Where can I get the psychophobia mod.(monster vs monster) Google didn't find it. Does anyone have it?
  8. Demon101


    It worked when i renamed it AEOD.pk3 while saving it to my computer.
  9. Demon101


    I have gotten a brand new computer, Installed most of the stuff that was on my old computer but now I need AEoD pk3. The one filefront somehow turned into a zip (wha?) and I do not know how to make zips into pk3s. Does anyone have a file of it? PS: I do not need the AEODfiles.pk3 since I can still download that. I don't want the 3 part packs though.
  10. Demon101

    Does anyone have DeCorEd?

  11. Demon101

    Does anyone have DeCorEd?

    I really want to add DECORATE stuff in my wad, But I hate editing the DECORATE script with Slumped. Does any have DeCorEd? I tried to download from the website but it is not there.
  12. Demon101

    I need a config

    I realy need a Zdoom_Doom1 in Hexen format config for editing use. Does anyone have it?
  13. Demon101

    ZIP of Doombuilder 2

    When the download of the EXE has finshed and when I open it, it says it's invalid. Can someone give me a Zip of it please?
  14. Demon101


    Earthbound is a game many have herd of, but very few have played. Here are a few highlights from the game: •obsessive-compulsive police roadblocks •bribing crooked politicians •saving a girl kidnapped by a cult obsessed with the color blue •solving a town's zombie problem •freeing a race of aliens enslaved by a talking pile of puke •fighting hippies with toothbrushes •wandering inside a psychedelic minus-world ruled by an evil statue •being taught by a talking monkey how to teleport •having your soul transplanted into the body of a robot in order to facilitate time travel I am playing this game for the first time. I will not give you a link to a game rom But here is a link to Starmen It is the bigest Earthbound/Mother site around.
  15. This is a part of a map i drew. Post your map plans,drafts or drawings here. Oh and my pet axolotl now made it since last monday. (in the tank.)