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  1. Archfile

    Have you ever considered using WADs with doom "unethical"?

    I don't care about the "ethics". I just play the game how I feel to play it. If I want to play DOOM with DOSBOX, or with GZDOOM, I don't care. The main reason that I play DOOM is for fun.
  2. Archfile

    Very odd texture bug...

    Ah, they work now! Thank you! :D
  3. Archfile

    Very odd texture bug...

    sup. I have a odd bug with the mappack i'm making. When I stuffed there some new textures, something odd happened. First, trying with ODamex: http://oi50.tinypic.com/11ttpxy.jpg Yes, theres some HOM's there. Then, ZDaemon http://oi45.tinypic.com/2afg7zm.jpg ZDaemon changes all the textures to bricks. PRBoom doesn't let me in game at all. Anyone know what is going on here?
  4. Archfile

    Very odd texture bug...

    "That Odamex screenshot is very trippy, definitely something wrong in the TEXTURE* lump. Could you upload it for inspection - with or without maps?" http://www.speedyshare.com/VRFG4/textures.wad
  5. Archfile

    Doom: Mutation V2.1 Released! 6/6/12

    I like the new guns alot (esp. Plasma rifle) yet still, I hate huds where is only text, can you able the "bigger hud" also?
  6. Archfile

    New Year's Resolution?

    This year I'm gonna try to be more happier, and try to finnish atleast one project. :P
  7. Archfile

    Back to work!

    I'll try get my map done 'till then.
  8. Archfile

    How do you like your MIDI?

    I usually dont have musics on. I listen music from CD's. If sometimes I do listen MIDI's from the game, I use deafult.
  9. Archfile

    Doom II is actually pretty great :-)

    I loved MAP28... (Spirit World) It has an epic name and is great Hell level. I still remeber when I first time played it, scared the crap outta me many times.
  10. Archfile

    E1M1 and MAP01

    If I remember correctly Protox is working in new E1M1.
  11. Archfile

    Another weapon in doom?

    On vanilla, you lose fist when you get Chainsaw. Once you get Berserk, you can use both fist and Chainsaw again. Also, I don't think Doom needs new weapons. Expect SSG is everything on competitive.
  12. Archfile

    Difficulty setting names (possible trademark issues)

    I think we should use these.
  13. Archfile

    Map suggestions

    I am working in a new MAP32... But im currently out of ideas. :(
  14. Archfile

    Flat submission

    Those look pretty good. We could make them as GRASS3 and GRASS4 though. I like the old ones too.
  15. Archfile

    Medikits shouldn't use the Red Cross emblem

    Nice medikits/berserk! :D But try to put a fist in the berserk pack. Would make it look like a power pack.
  16. Archfile

    Music and Sounds

    I really like the sounds we have in Freedoom already. They are pretty funny. They have their own style.
  17. Archfile

    Scary Moments in Doom 3

    I am not scared anything in Doom3 expect those damn spiders. :S
  18. Archfile

    Dissatisfied with modern games?

    I dont like modern games and I have a reason: Todays everygame is so realistic. I cant see anything beautiful in realism. Thats why Doom ftw (and just being so fucking good game.)
  19. Archfile

    Flat submission

    I really like the old one. Freedoom has its own style, and we should keep it, since we are this far already.
  20. Archfile


    yea good joke man :p
  21. Archfile

    How you map

    So, how you do your mapping? This is thread to give your advices to those who need help/tips on mapping.
  22. Archfile

    Big fight tactics

    The best thing to come a master, is to go there, fight the Hell, and learn from your mistakes. Thats how im now less stupider player :)
  23. Archfile

    Strife: Deathmatch!!!

    Hi everybody, I have started a new wad: deathmatch with Strife! If you want to see the screenies, go over here: http://www.skulltag.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=13&t=23977 Leave comments.
  24. Archfile

    Shorter Days? (8.8 Chile Earthquake)

    You never know when NASA is wrong.
  25. Archfile

    Hexen: Rise of the Fallen Rider

    Wow, we sure need more HeXeN wads, and i must say, that is one of the greatest.