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  1. is there a music file for duke nukem music for doom 2 like rise of the triad music? or 2002 a doom odosity music
  2. doomman

    upcoming megawads?

    is there any upcoming megawads simlar to hell revealed, kama sutra, alien venetta etc?
  3. doomman

    dsv wads

    how come dsv1 has a few blank walls in some of the levels i.e. map 05 map 12 etc and dsv4 dosnt work well with gzdoom/zdoom etc
  4. doomman

    map 07 dead simple

    cause i noticed that hell revealed 2, scythe 1&2, plutoina 2, comunity chest 3, the 1024 series, alien venetta, doom 2 reloaded etc had dead simple look alike style on map 07
  5. doomman

    map 07 dead simple

    how many of those levels are they in megawads, single level wads etc cause every map 07 is a dead simple look alike etc in megawads etc
  6. doomman

    megawads music files

    since hell revealed hrmus wad, memento mori 1&2/mmmus&mm2mus wad and requiem/reqmus has musci files. why doesnt other megawads have them i.e. vile flesh, icarus, plutoina 2, hell revealed 2 etc
  7. doomman

    journey to hell megawad

    will there be an update version of the wad?
  8. doomman

    journey to hell megawad

    where can i find journey to hell megawad cause its not in wads in progress site anymore