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  1. DuCT

    The Official 'Trying to Find a Specific WAD' Thread

    I have a simple one. It's a slaughtermap whose main primary level geometry are yellow honeycomb type sequences. For some reason I want to say it's Sunlust but haven't been able to confirm. Can't someone help me out?
  2. DuCT

    OptiDoom, my Doom port for 3DO.

    Finding goods dumps is insanely easy nowadays, especially with sites like archive.org hosting most of the ReDump series. But still, up to you!
  3. It's not because of drivers. I get the same thing, and I know for sure that I have my drivers installed. It's been happening for a while now too.
  4. DuCT

    Doom Streams

    http://www.twitch.tv/ducttt Getting into streaming Doom by going through the Top 100/Cacoawards. Will also stream MTGO every once in a while, and maybe some other junk.
  5. DuCT

    [ZDCMP2] RC1 released (yay, it's not mordeth'd)

    The one behind the metal pillars where the Cybruisers spawn? I believe I've tried that one, but I guess I'll have to try it again. EDIT: Well, I tried it again, and it worked. You really have to be precise with that one.
  6. DuCT

    [ZDCMP2] RC1 released (yay, it's not mordeth'd)

    Oh man, this wad is excellent. I'm loving every moment of it. But I've gotten stuck. How do I lower the three flesh pillars that block the exit in the Engineering Bay? I've gotten rid of the Mancubus, the massive swarm of Flesh Swarm, and the 2 Cybruisers. What's next?
  7. DuCT

    How Well Does GZdoom Run on a Mac Mini?

    Oh, I didn't know that, guess you really do learn something new every day.
  8. DuCT

    How Well Does GZdoom Run on a Mac Mini?

    I do believe that ZDoom and variants are only compatible with Intel Macs. There are source ports compatible with macs with the older PowerPC processors, but none really spring to mind right now.
  9. DuCT

    The Beginning

    As the topic title suggests, this is The Beginning, my very first WAD. No source port required (I think, it works in Choco Doom), as I don't want to get overwhelmed by all those fancy features just yet. Screenshots: The beginning of The Beginning, hurry! Right outside the starting room. The other side of the room in the above screenie. Past the door, were could it lead? Well, the screenshots basically show what I have done so far, three rooms, two not counting the starting "closet." I plan on having the theme start from Base to Hell, which should be fun to design. C&C is greatly appreciated.
  10. DuCT

    Door Texture Alignment

    Thanks Gez, it did help. I've looked over that before, but not in much detail.
  11. DuCT

    Door Texture Alignment

    Note to everyone, this is my first time mapping, and I use Doombuilder 2, so go easy. So here's my problem, I have a sector that I want to turn into a door. The sector is 96 units wide, and door textures don't stretch right. Is there a way to auto-align the texture and make it fit? Or would I have to rebuild the sector so the size would be a factor of 2?