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  1. Young Cyberdemon

    32in24-12 - It is here. Ready your buns... for burgers.

    Incomplete and underdetailed, however it's getting late here in Britland and I'm exhausted. The link to my CTF map so far http://www.2shared.com/file/MhY-s-oK/32in24mapdevon.html The link to the music I want played with it (You probably wont need this now but I've already uploaded it so why not). It's a .ogg file. http://www.2shared.com/audio/_viF1d38/D_Suspense.html Have fun, tell me if the layout's good. PS, I'm Devon, I made this account before I came to SkullTag :v
  2. Young Cyberdemon

    Sky Issues

    Oh DB2, I have set my configurations to Skulltag (Doom in hexen format), and have also added many resources to get many different sky textures. The only one that looks like a sky and not a celing is F_SKY1, and all the others don't work. How can I get them to work?
  3. Young Cyberdemon

    Advanced Levels (Jumpmaze)

    Ummmmm... all that is still very confusing, do I just put all that text somewhere? If so, where? And this will work for Skulltag (Doom in Hexen format) Even though all these links push me to ZDoom sites? Please, if you can, explain it to me in long but simple chunks, the complexity of this I cannot grasp as well as you it seems and it is frustrating.
  4. Young Cyberdemon

    Advanced Levels (Jumpmaze)

    How about these, I still want to know how to do. Make text appear when I reach somewhere Make something appear/disappear when I reach somewhere Make the music change when I do something
  5. Young Cyberdemon

    Advanced Levels (Jumpmaze)

    When I'm setting the level up, do I set the game config to Doom 2, Skulltag (Doom in Doom format) or ZDoom (Doom in Doom format)?
  6. Young Cyberdemon

    Advanced Levels (Jumpmaze)

    Oh, and what do I need to complete this? (Wads, whatever)
  7. Young Cyberdemon

    Advanced Levels (Jumpmaze)

    Imagine I have a basic knowledge of DB2 and have played maps with complex features. Ple..Well, I do have a basic knowledge of DB2 and have played maps with complex features. Anyway, these features include: Evergoing textures (Eg - Water stretching to the horizon) Deep Water Wind (Pushing forwards, sideways, backwards, down, up, anything!) Moving floors (Conveyor belts etc) Death on contact of ground (Falling down and either just dying or making a bloody mess when hits ground, not just teleporting into yourself). Trains (Like MAP04 on Jumpmaze or ZE04 on zombie horde, a train like scenario where everything moves backwards and you stay put on the train but move backwards on the ground). Have features only on jumpmaze (Like 1st place (Name) (Time) and things like record time and a timer). Have powerups like high jump. Format my level into a jumpmaze wad (So others can play). Very complex looking things like doors that need to be opened with numerous switches in various locations or switches that lower a block, then it raises again and becomes a teleport. Have any other extras that I haven't already mentioned? I've wanted to make a jumpmaze level for ages, but they have features far beyond vanilla doom, maybe it's time for my triple-chocolate mint chunk doom!! Oh, and thanks. Any links to tutorials or pre-made levels with explanations/help would also be greatly appreciated.
  8. Young Cyberdemon

    3d flooring, lighting and stuff

    Heya, have you seen zombie horde? If you have, then you'll know what I'm on about. How do you get those 3d floors and stuff used with opengl into a doom level on doombuilder2? Thanks
  9. Young Cyberdemon

    Arrghh! Skulltag Update v0.98D!

    Simply, I was playing on doomseeker when everyone has that new version, downloaded it, installed it into the folder, nothing came up. I tried to configure it on the doomseeker. Doesn't work? Help? PS please don't use techie words, those are the best I know!
  10. Young Cyberdemon

    Max # of linedefs in DB2

    Strange that's the same number of rows on an excel spreadsheet minus a million... or DLL = XSR - 1x10^(6 Lol sorry just came to mind
  11. Young Cyberdemon

    Making a custom monster

    Ok, I know i've already asked about this, but I've discovered Realm 667 and I want to make my own. My three questions are: 1. What do I need/requirements to do this? 2. How do I execute this? 3. How do I get it onto their site, this site and then is it playable? I'm only posting again as i'm getting really confused and I want a separate thread to work this out on.
  12. Young Cyberdemon

    Extras in Doom Builder 2

    Ok ok ok... screw that. I looked in google for help aswell and found XWE and got all monsters merged onto doom2.wad, but I can't make maps with the new monsters with that wad. I followed the instructions on the video. Any suggestions? The guy used doom builder one, I have two, so I installed the first aswell and tried it on both, but still I don't get that extra icon list at the bottom of things mode.
  13. Young Cyberdemon

    Extras in Doom Builder 2

    Oh wait wait wait wait wait... do I need windows 7 for this??
  14. Young Cyberdemon

    Extras in Doom Builder 2

    Well, I clicked it and it said either to repair or remove it. Nothing installing. I have Slade.exe, vcredist_x86.exe, audiere.dll, FreeImage.dll, msvcp.dll, msvcr.dll, SLADE.pdb, slade.pk3 and readme.txt. Is that right?
  15. Young Cyberdemon

    Extras in Doom Builder 2

    I got the 2010 one. What should be in my folder? Should I have doom builder, zdoom, installed MS-DOS 1994 version doom II aswell or what? I have the slade stuff +dlls +microsoft 2010 thing (vcredist_x86.exe).