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  1. Yep, I heard about it. LOL :) But do any of you really need sources of hacx classic?
  2. Relax: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/1400234/hacx-classic.zip Can you please tell me why you need source code? If you saw the game you should know that is the same like Doom Classic. So why you need sources?
  3. Dark Yoda

    Doom iPhone: base.iPack

    id released source code for updated version of doom classic (2.1), it also contains ipack utility. http://download.zenimax.com/idsoftware/src/doomclassic_ios_v21_src.zip
  4. Oh, John forgot to mail you. Bad, bad Carmack no cookies for you! Are you serious?
  5. Dark Yoda

    Doom iPhone: base.iPack

    You need to rebuild the binary
  6. Dark Yoda

    Doom iPhone: base.iPack

    There is code to unpack iPack directly in doom classic source code, obviously :) So you can easily write unpacker by yourself. We lost our version of unpacker, but you can use our packer: https://github.com/TermiT/mkpack
  7. Dark Yoda

    HacX now available for iPhone and iPad

    I have one idea how to find Strife right owners: just put the port to AppStore and I'm sure they will come. But I don't want any troubles :)
  8. Dark Yoda

    HacX now available for iPhone and iPad

    Yeah, I know about this, but someone still paying for domain name...
  9. Dark Yoda

    HacX now available for iPhone and iPad

    hello, sorry about source code, I'll will provide source code as soon as posible. One question: Is anyone know how to contact with Strife team? I've tried to mail info@rogue-ent.com, but nobody reply me back :( I think it will be wonderful to port Strife to iPad and iPhone.
  10. Dark Yoda

    My Archvile

  11. Dark Yoda

    Freedoom on iPad

    We ported Doom Classic to iPad and released it as Doomsday: Hellraiser HD with WAD, which based on Freedoom project. Sources: http://github.com/TermiT/Doomsday--Hellraiser WAD build tools: http://github.com/TermiT/Doomsday--Hellraiser-resources iPack file maker: http://github.com/TermiT/mkpack Our UI graphics (bsd license): http://dl.dropbox.com/u/1400234/doomsday/resources.zip Links to music and other stuff: http://doomsday.generalarcade.com/ Thank you, guys. If you had an iPad and you want try this game for free pm me. If you had some questions how to build it from sources or something else just pm me.
  12. Dark Yoda

    Attempt to build freedoom wad with finished map...

    I changed freedoom build config to merge Ultimate freedoom content with freedoom 2. So I go SSG in ultimate doom, but doom2 monster doesn't spawn, despite the fact that all the sprites of the monsters found in resulting WAD. Maybe I made a mess of something in the config file?..
  13. I'm trying to build freedoom wad with finished maps based on Ultimate Free Doom. I tested it in prboom: all works nice, but some monsters doesn't spawn. (chaingunner, revenant, spider, etc...) Can someone explain what am I doing wrong? WAD and build configs: http://dl.getdropbox.com/u/1400234/prboom.zip