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  1. I can't speak for Zetta, but I know that some [if not most] of my maps will have beginnings like Hell's Cauldron or The Siege II. But then again, I do have a map where there are some very well laid traps about. Once you think you're safe, the shit hits the fan. I didnt think Plutonia 2 was too hard, however the wad hardly reminded me of the original. Besides the textures, it felt like a whole different adventure to me.
  2. Yeah, we just decided to switch back to the original name. Hell's Last Stand has a nice ring to it, anyway. We'll keep you guys updated on progress. We'll also let you know whether or not we hear from Yonatan o_O
  3. I'll put it this way then Myk. If A) We get a reply from Donner saying he does not want us to use the Hell Revealed name or B) He does not reply by the time the project is finished and ready for release, we will drop the name. Until one of those two things happens, this is Hell Revealed 3. I have a strong feeling, though, that Donner doesn't give a shit about the Doom community [or for that matter, HR] anymore. I feel he passed the torch on to Chroz when he allowed him to make Hell Revealed 2. However, I will keep an open mind about this and if he wishes us to not use the name, I will respect his wishes. As we said, we aren't using this name to get our project popular - we are attempting to continue the legacy. I apologize for getting upset.
  4. Can you people read? We are working on asking him! Sometimes I wonder if I am shouting on deaf ears in this community. THE HORSE IS DEAD I'm seriously getting pissed about this. You don't need to continually tell us "OMG IF YOU DONT HAVE PERMISSION FROM DONNER YOU CANT USE THE NAME" Okay, maybe you haven't figured it out yet but the guy seems to be out of contact at the moment. As Pottus, Zetta and I have said at least three times already, WE HAVE SENT E-MAILS. If you're here to complain about the name because we haven't received permission from Donner to use the HR name YET, go get your panties in a bunch somewhere else. If you're here to possibly lend a helpful suggestion and better the project, or better yet attempt to sign up to help, then please, continue posting.
  5. Before someone else comes and posts in here, let me say one thing - We are in the process of attempting to get ahold of Yonatan. We are in the process of trying to get OFFICIAL RIGHTS to use the HELL REVEALED name. Why continue to beat the dead horse? You've all made your points. We understand them and we are acting upon them. We have sent e-mails to several different accounts connected with Yonatan. The horse is dead, fellas; the horse is dead. Also. You have the right to think what you want, but this is the last thing we are trying to do. We are all lovers of the Hell Revealed series and we would like to continue the legacy that is Hell Revealed.