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  1. Bozzy

    Fractured Worlds [Final Release/Idgames]

    Insane Gazebo is involved. Im guessing this is crazy amounts of slaughter then? :p I.E id have no chance of beating lmao
  2. Bozzy

    Malevolence Episode 1 (9 maps Boom Compatible)

    Just finished this really enjoyed it :) is a sequel planned? as the ending seems to be big sequel bait :p
  3. Bozzy

    After Doom (seven maps )

    Really enjoying this so far but stuck on Inferno City cant for the life of me figure out where im meant to go. I have the red and yellow keys, unlocked the area with a megasphere in the middle and now i cant find anything to do to progress not sure if anyone has beaten this map and knows what im missing? Turns out im blind as a bot and spotted the red skull key now lmao
  4. Really liked World's End, map 29 that was creative and something i'd never seen before. For me that was the highlight. Just finished the megawad really good stuff :)
  5. either way seems i cant progress guess ill noclip my way up for now :p and download the latest version when i finish the wad lol.
  6. yeah thats what i thought but it doesnt take my high enough to go anywhere, its like this when i go up, only gets me this high
  7. Me again sorry lol im still on the older version as im not a pistol starter and dont want to start again, in this older version was there a problem with map 28 at the part screenshotted? i cant find a way to progress at all. looks like a switch in the lower water area thats blocked by a fence and the only lift that lowers on the left of the screenshot doesnt take you high enough to go anywhere. Wondering if im dumb missing something or if its a bug in this version thats fixed in a later one?
  8. ill have to go back to the level to get what you mean, i was just trying to activate the switch to access the red skull key guess i misunderstood the task somewhere, ill go back and play around on that level and see if i get what you mean later on. Its too big brain for my small pea brain lol
  9. Took me a while to understand what you meant by that step but yes i got the map finished thank you, and sorry for posting a bug that's already fixed my bad. I had to cheat to get the yellow skull key on Map 15 after an hour thats the 1 part i couldnt figure out :p but im really bad at finding secrets so think thats on me lmao
  10. I downloaded it from here on the weekend, the version i got is "27.06" well thats what the file says, is this the wrong one? also how do i finish map 19?? i've got the blue key pressed the blue key switch, killed all enemies and im really struggling to find any other switches to press but these bars are still here. cant find whatever it is i missed for the life of me (hoping i dont have an old version and its a fixed bug lol)
  11. Here to report a Bug. Playing on GZDoom if it matters. If you strafe jump to the window shown on map 15 and make it through the window it throws you back into the past (im assuming the gimmick of this map is past isnt destroyed and future is if i've interpreted this right lol) then you fall through the floor of the map into a room where imps destined to teleport in at some point are stored.
  12. Loving Delta Touch so far btw still getting use to setting things up though, i have things almost how i like them but im wondering if there is a way to set the controls for GZDoom in it so i can set the hud size increase/decrease buttons/controls, as you need to zoom it out to use the alternative HUD. if this isnt possible ill use the basic Doom HUD but id rather be able to change this.

    1. Bozzy


      Nevermind i found a way :)

    2. beloko


      Ok great :)

  13. Bozzy

    Doom II XBLA Now Released!

    i find a controller about 50 times easier for doom. cause its so much easier to strafe and turn with joysticks than a keyboard (although mouse and keyboard works on source ports, on the original using a keyboard was annoying as hell) 360 controller is perfect for doom in my eyes hence why i use it.
  14. Bozzy

    Doom II XBLA Now Released!

    I bought doom 2 on XBLA last night and have been playing it through on UV, the music is slower but the gameplay is EXACTLY the same its a perfect port, for you guys who like a challenge you will love it, having played UV doom 2 on pc multiple times i can safely say it is ALOT harder on 360 but not too hard. alot more monsters and tougher ones. the port is perfect in my eyes, same speed, more difficult. Well perfect excluding 1 thing. DAMN 4:3 RESOLUTION, my widescreen tv has to suffer with big black spaces to the sides. p.s. i havent touched the new episode yet as im playing it from beginning to end on UV so i cant comment on it. my verdict 9/10 for port 100% worth buying. the 1 mark was lost due to 4:3 resolution fail. EDIT: to Ragnor my HDTV playing it its actually brighter than on my pc and much more visible so looks like your having bad luck with it.
  15. Bozzy

    What Makes A Good Pwad

    look all im saying is that it doesnt appeal to me and if we dont have the right to like what we want then whats the point may aswell be robots or sheep.